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I Dreamt About The Lonely Star

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Feronne broke up with her boyfriend over 7 years, she decided to go outside of the country to have peace of mind so she stayed in her old house. A night came when the man appeared in her, she met the man who is not existing as he told her that he came from the sky and he is the lonely star in the night, they shared their moments for a short time and they fell in love to each other. The man named, Hana Byeol means One Star, he is lonely like Feronne, they both know after Feronne woke up they both forget their memories and especially their feelings for each other. Feronne woke up in the morning without remembering her dreams, she went to Korea and he met the man she bumped. The man she bumped is the person she met in her dreams, and at the same time, that guy also dreams about her. They met again but this time, in reality.

Romance / Drama
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I Dreamt About The Lonely Star

I Dreamt About the Lonely Star

There are things we can’t avoid quarrelling with our partner especially if you don’t trust each other, like us

“Feronne, how many times I would tell you that she’s married! she’s married and you have nothing to be jealous of!” He shouted in front of my face, this is our biggest and worst fight, and this is my first time seeing him shouting at me, I never know his side behaviour

“You hugged her! I saw you both hug each other!”

“Feronne, she lost her husband! do you know the feeling of losing your loved ones?”

“It is not you who lost a wife!, why do you have to hug her and really in front of me?!, how many times do I have to hold back my feelings? how many times do I not think of things that will ruin our relationship?” I asked him

“What will you feel if one day I’m not on your side anymore?” he asked me back

“Ricko that’s not what I think!”

I doubt myself and him, I don’t know where I believe, Sometimes I think too much, Sometimes I act like a child, but does he know how I feel?

“Then don’t be so immature, it’s just a comfort hug!”

No, he didn’t...

“Let’s cool off, give me some space, I’m tired” after I said that, I left and I went back to my house

I want to rest, I’m tired physically and emotionally. I can’t believe what I’ve heard, I tried to understand him yet he doesn’t even want to try to understand my feelings too.


While I’m in the taxi, I received a message coming from him

[Let’s break up]

He ended it, he ended our relationship for over 7 years, how can he do that. I want to go back and beg for him to be with me, but I’m not worthy to give him a chance, he doesn’t deserve me and I don’t deserve him, we both don’t deserve each other, 7 years for me to realize that we’re not destined.

“Ma’am?” the driver is waiting for my response, I guess I’m already here “We’re already here”

“Thank you”

It’s been a year since I lived here, this is my Grandma’s house that already belongs to me since she died together with my family, I lost my family, I lost my lover, I’m the only one left. My loneliness is killing me every day and it has gotten worse since Ricko left me.

I will not stay longer here, I want to go outside the country, I want a peace of mind

After I can get inside, I immediately book a ticket, why not right? it sounds fun


Afternoon, I have already prepared the bedroom for me to get rest since a lot happened a while ago, I want to rest for a while, but I’m still thinking about our break-up, does he really get this so for, do we have to broke up?

7 years of relationship, it’s not worth begging for another chance. Maybe this is really our fate that we really not meant to each other, Maybe... One day I can find the best man for me.

I’m lying at my own bed, I’m staring, I was looking up where it had a mirror and I could see the star “Why it’s only one star” I asked myself while staring at the one star in the sky

“Feronne, I’m home” I heard someone is calling my name outside, I stood up and I found nothing “Feronne, where are you” his voice is so deep that makes me feel goosebumps, I tried to answer him as I walk down on the stair “W-where are you?”

I went down but I saw no one, “I’m preparing our dinner, please come here” I heard a voice coming from the kitchen and I walk there and I saw someone standing behind while preparing the Noodles

“W-who are you” I said, he suddenly faced me where I was standing “Feronne!” he said, he turned off the gas stove and he walk towards me “I missed you” he said and he hugs me, I find it weird because first, I don’t know him, he might be a killer or a thief. But at the same time, I find his hug unrealistic, his presence is cold and at the same time it becomes warm and I find it comfortable “W-who are you” I asked again and he parted away

“That’s not funny! I’m your lover!” he said while pouting his mouth and I find it cute, so I hug him again, it feels like he’s my lover, I can feel it “I’m just kidding”

“Are you hungry? I’m sorry I came home late, I can’t find myself” he said as he crossed his arm, I don’t know what he was saying “What do you mean?” I asked, “I don’t remember anything, by the way, I’m hungry, let’s eat!”


“Are you okay?” The guy asked me while we were lying in the bed, I keep thinking about his appearance, why he appeared to be my lover, I don’t even know him “Who are you”

“Why you keep asking m--” I cut him “You’re lying” he sighed and he look up into the sky “I’m the one-star” I looked up and realize that the one star is gone “I’m the lost and lonely star, I saw you looking at me that’s why I came after you” he got up and faced me “I like your eyes, It’s like a winter snow eye, and I like your lips too, it’s sexy and kissable--”

I got up “Are you a pervert star?” I can’t believe from what he said, he’s really defining me “No, It’s a fact, everyone thinks that” well yes, he’s right, everyone talks about my eyes being white grey

“Hana Byeol, that’s my name” what kind of name is that? “Is that your name?”

“Yes, and I’m appearing in someone’s dream, I want to give you happiness and love,” He said while his eyes are twinkling like a star, he’s definitely a star, I love his black eyes too, and his big hands

“Then you’re in my dream right now?” he nodded, I lay down again and he did the same “I’m lonely too, I have no one in my life, they left me alone, and I’m scared, Will I be gone too?”

“You fool, you’re not, I want to love as a human too, is it fun?” He asked me and he smiled “But I want to become a star like you,” I said “I want to live like a star, and be happy”

“I’m not happy being like this, but since I met you here, let’s go out and explore the world with you, it sounds good right, I want to be with you” he said as he stood up and he lends his hand, I take his hand and we both went out


“I’ll take you to your favourite restaurant” he said while we were walking outside “How did you know?!” how did he know that, no one knows my favourite things, places “I’m a Star” he said and he brings me to the house and he opened the door and we both teleported to another place

“This can’t be!” I can’t believe he bring me here to my favourite restaurant, It’s been 6 years since I came here, our first anniversary happened here “Feronne don’t think too much! let’s enjoy the food, one Kare-Kare and Pork Sisig and for me, I want Cassava Cake, for the drinks, 1 water and 1 Ice Amerikano” He knows even my favourite foods and drinks, I almost forgot that this guy in front of me is not human “Why you came after me?, why me?” I asked him while we were waiting for the food

He stared straight into my eyes, I can see now his face, he’s handsome, do really Stars got good appearance? It’s so unfair!

“I like you”

I dropped my jaw, this guy was insane, what was he thinking?! “Y-you” I can’t speak, my heart is throbbing so fast “Y-You’re k-kidding right?” I looked away, so I can breathe properly

“Yes, I don’t do jokes, how can a star joke around” I can feel that he’s staring at me, this man is crazy!

“Stop looking at me, It’s uncomfortable--”

“But I want to look at your face” he cut my words off “I like you, and I’m honest, no need to answer me back, I don’t exist” I stared at him, his eyes now are not sparkling and twinkling anymore but only sadness. A star like him wants to live like me as a human, and a star like him only lives in imagination and dreams but not in reality. I understand his feelings now makes me feel sad “Then, let’s make it real” I said but his expression didn’t change

“I don’t exist” he sighed “I’m only a star who came far away, I have no long memory to keep, the moment you wake up, we both forgot our memories in our dream, so we can’t make it real and this is not real”

“Why did you confess?”

“Because this is what I felt for you, I’m scared if you wake up, I’ll forget you and you will forget me, and this feeling” he touched his chest “will forget you”

So, after I woke up, we will forget each other, but why do I remember some dreams that I dreamt before “I can remember dreams, it’s possible to know you after I wake up”

He sighed again, I know, he does not exist in reality, I want to see him after I woke up, I want to see him again

“Here’s your order, please pay after at the counter”

He smiled at me, it was sincere and genuinely


“DO WE REALLY HAVE TO GO HERE?!” this Star guy brings me to her at the top of the building “It’s fun right?” The guy asked as he laughed, No! “No!!! It’s not!! let’s go down! I want to go down”

“No, don’t be afraid, I’m here, trust me” he held my hands and we both sit on the roof “Don’t move, or I will push you,” I said

“You can’t, I’m a star!” he said confidently, this man is crazy as always “crazy star”

“This, I found this somewhere, while we’re walking” He showed the necklace, it’s a one-star around the circle “Keep this”

“It’s so beautiful” he put the necklace on me and we both stared to the sky

“Look, you can see only a moon, no stars in the sky” I looked up and I only see the moon, It’s so bright but the person beside me is brighter than the moon “The moon is so bright, but you can’t see any kind of different stars,” he said as he lookup. I faced him, “but you’re the brightest” he faced me and we both stared to each other, his eyes again are sparkling and twinkling the part where I loved “I can see the star, it’s right beside me”

“I like you too, and this is what I felt” he smiles as his response, we both know we can’t be to each other, we both know that this feelings will get away tomorrow, or later “I want to see you again,” I said as my tears fell down on my cheeks “I want to see you again tomorrow, right after this dream, I want you to visit my dream again but not as a stranger again, Hana Byeol”

He stroked my cheeks as he wipe my tears “I want to, and I’m scared that it might happen later after you wake up, but I’ll try my best to visit you in your dreams, Just look at the lonely star in the sky, It’s me” he hugged me and I hugged him back, I don’t want to let go in his arms

“Just look at me, only me,” he said as his voice broke “I’m looking at you, only you Byeol” We both feel that I’m going to wake up “If things don’t work out, I want you to live happily, please live and be happy” He’s the person who gives me so much love, He’s still a person to me even though he’s just a star keep showing at night, he’s still a person to me that I want to love with

I closed my eyes until I felt a light presence, He’s gone

“Hana Byeol” I said while my eyes are still closed “Hana Byeol” I heard no response, He’s really gone, and I started to burst out. In the short time, I have been with him, I learnt what love is, it’s not measured by how years you’ve been with the person, It’s a genuine and sincere love he gave, and I learnt not all stays forever.

*She’s dreaming, she’s dreaming*

*A night thick with moonlight*

*It’s our only time together*

*She’s dreaming, she’s dreaming*

*You’re asleep in me*

*I can’t help but smile*

*I’m just looking at you, because*

*In the morning, as if nothing happened*

*You’ll wake up*

“Agh!!!” I stood up, my phone keeps alarming “7:30 am?!” my flight, I quickly went to the bathroom and I found myself in the mirror “Why my eyes are so fluffy, I remember I did the skincare right”


“Wahh!!” this place is so beautiful, I can’t wait for my future without Ricko. Ricko is done, I want to enjoy myself again. After I woke up, I feel happy, and I can’t feel the pain from what Ricko did. But something is missing, my heart is beating fast “This is because of the alarm” I sighed “Yeah, the alarm”

“Here’s your key ma’am, Welcome to Bright Hotel again,” the Korean woman said, the name of this hotel is unique and it’s literally bright because the inside of the hotel is so bright---full of light and chandeliers

I went to the elevator so I could go to my room, someone bumped into my shoulder, it hurts and the guy who bumped into me is so tall and his books are completely everywhere “I’m sorry, I didn’t see you coming” I said and helped him pick his books. As I picked up the books, there was a necklace inside of them. “Star?” the necklace is so beautiful and shiny

“Are you done looking at my books and... my necklace?” I got back my senses, the necklace is so beautiful and I think I’ve seen it before

“S-sorry, here, I’m sorry again for bumping you” I bowed and wait for him to answer, I faced him again and his eyes are sparkling, it shines on me and his smile is like a sunflower that blooms in a day. This person is familiar to me and It seems I met him before, my heart is beating so fast, I can hear my own heartbeat

“It’s okay, Ms. Feronne, I’m glad that I met you again. But this time I met you again in real life”

The End of I Dreamt

Feronne and Byeol meet again but in the reality, they both dreamt each other in coincidence.

Notes: Thank you very much for reading \○/

AUTHOR BY: @sstfar
Start: March, 2022
End: April 19, 2022

(Idea by the song of Exo, She’s Dreaming)


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