By Jannet Smith All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Scifi


“Don’t you ever do that again,” He whispered as we lay in the dark. “I could have killed you, you know that?”

“But you didn’t,” I responded softly. “I knew you wouldn’t.”

“There’s no way you could have known that. I’m a monster. You don’t know the things I’m capable of.”

“I don’t need to in order to know that you would never hurt me. Not intentionally.” He sighed. He would never believe that, this I knew, but I trusted him—wholeheartedly, I trusted him. I trusted that he’d never hurt me intentionally. I could see it in his eyes. I could hear it in his words; he cared too much to let that happen.

I stared at him through the darkness. The moon from the window behind me illuminated the room, making his skin and the walls behind him glowed a blue color I had no name for, but it made him look even more beautiful and until now I didn’t think that was possible.

He raised up, propping his head up on his arm, and staring into my eyes. I could feel his stare, it was like his eyes were staring through to my soul. The thought of having someone peer through me and into my soul sent chills down my spine and raised bumps upon my skin.

“What are you thinking about?” Julian asked me softly. I smiled in response.

“I was admiring how beautiful you are,” I admitted in whispers. He chuckled, though it was so low, I was almost certain I’d heard nothing at all.

“Oh, Bria, you, you are something, you know that?” He asked, his tone held his amusement.

“I’m something?” I asked. I think I’m more amused now than he was. “What is that supposed to mean?”

“I mean, you look at me like I’m next to godliness or something.” I smile.

“That’s because you are. At least in my eyes, you are.” He paused for a few moments as he looked me in the eyes. He peered into them as if he were looking for any kind of trace that I was lying, which I wasn’t. In my eyes a god is what he was. He was crazy strong, handsome as could be, and his eyes were hypnotic. There was just something about him and it drove me wild in more ways than one.

Julian’s brows furrowed and he put a finger to his lips motioning for me to remain quiet. He turned his head slightly right as if he were listening to something. A crash came from downstairs followed shortly another as he got up.

It sounded like someone was being thrown against the walls. Justin eyes widened

“Fuck!” he exclaimed and he was down the stairs before I’d even had time to blink. I got up, I heard another crash, followed by a loud, animalistic roar. The roar must have come from Jake. I fumbled down the steps. I only seen blurs before I witness Jake being thrown against the wall then fell against the large, wooden entertainment center, crushing it into splinters. For a brief moment I was thankful my flat screen television hadn’t arrived yet.

Jake was up on his feet before I’d even had time to finish my thought, A tall, slim, blonde stood between him and Julian, who was crouched low. Both Jake, and Julian had their teeth bared. I looked between the two of them.

The blonde woman stalked toward me after slinging Eliza into the splinters.

“Bitch!” I yelled. It wasn’t until the blonde bitch was on top of me pinning me to the hardwood floor that I realized the pain in my head from the impact. I groaned, she placed her hand around my neck and leaned forward. She inhaled deeply and placed her lips against mine. I furrowed my brows and my eyes widened in response. This was not what I had expected.

I felt weaker as she lingered, but it hadn’t lasted long. Julian had her on the ground before my eyes had time to grasp what was happening. Jake gripped one arm as Justin gripped the other. She shoved them off and out of the window she went.

I turned my attention to Eliza, who had been slung into the pile of splinters. I crawled toward her, every limb in my body aching and burning with each movement. I lifted her. Her breathing was shallow. She coughed, blood spirted from her mouth, pouring down her chin. It was then that I realized one of the larger splinters of the entertainment center had pierced through her. I pulled it out and tossed it to the floor.

“Eliza, no,” I choked, tears falling from my eyes, “Stay with me, please.” I sniffled.

“Bri,” she choked out. I smoothed her auburn locks from her face, away from the blood that stained part of her hair. I hugged her. “Don’t cry.” She weakly, wiped away my tears. “It doesn’t hurt.” Her words were whispers and I knew she would be gone and it wasn’t going to be very long. Julian joined me at my right and placed a comforting hand on my shoulder.

“I-I can’t do this,” Jake murmured. He left the room, but my eyes didn’t leave Eliza. She blinked slowly,

“You can’t leave me,” I whispered as I felt her body go limp in my arms. I didn’t want to believe she was gone. She couldn’t be. She shouldn’t be. It should have been me, I’d rather it had been me. Eliza had done nothing wrong. I didn’t know who that bitch was but I intended to make her pay for this.

“Bri,” Julian said softly. I ignored him and held my friend closer. “Bri,” He repeated. “She’s gone.” I wiped away my tears and I sniffled.

“What do we tell the police?” I asked.

“We don’t know what happened we were upstairs in the midst of an intimate moment with the music playing. Your bedroom door was locked. We heard a crash and came downstairs. Eliza was on the floor when we got down here. She said someone broke in. She couldn’t give us a name or description before she died.” I nodded, wiping away more tears with the back of my blood-stained hands. I was sure I had blood all over my face, but at this moment I didn’t care. Julian called the police.

When the police arrived, Julian gave them the story. The story that was made up, but in this world, I guess that’s how things worked. It wasn’t fair that she had to give up her life for this world. She didn’t ask to be in this world. I dragged her in and now she’s gone. She’s gone and that is my fault.

I felt Jake’s hand on my shoulder. I placed my hand over his in reaction. Julian strode over to me, his hand outstretched for me to take. I sniffled.

“Let’s get you cleaned up,” He murmured softly. I nodded slowly, taking his hand and he helped me to my feet. I followed him to the bathroom. “We’ll get you showered and changed and then—” I cut him off.

“I just watched one of my best friends die,” I began, “what I need is a very long distraction.” A devilish smiled played upon his lips. I liked to think in the short time I’ve known and fallen in love with him that I knew this man very well, and I did, sort of. But right now, I was completely unsure of what he’d had in mind. Until he pressed me against the wall and kissed me, that is.

My lips responded immediately and I pressed myself closer to him. Maybe it was wrong to be completely consumed with desire after you experience a tramatic experience and maybe it was normal, but right now I didn’t care. All I cared about at this moment was his lips against my lips and his body pressed against mine. All I cared about was the desire that overwhelmed me, that overwhelmed my body.

I suddenly became aware of the wetness between my legs, my rising heartbeat, and my breathing that had quickened as we kissed. This man was a drug to me. He was pure ecstasy and I was captivated by this drug; the drug that was Julian. I wanted him in a way I’d never wanted anyone. If I was perfectly honest, it scared me but at the same time I was never more excited—in more ways than just one—and completely terrified all at the same time.

He pressed me against the wall and kissed down my jaw. I moaned as I felt a blot of electricity and desire that was sent from his kiss directly between my legs and down to my wetness, creating and even bigger river than had been there before. I was putty in Julian’s hands and I was perfectly okay with that. He was a creature of the night—a monster as he called himself—but to me, he was a man, the only man, that could fill my every desire.

He pressed me against the white tiles of my bathroom wall as he kissed me. I pressed my eyes tightly closed as his lips tore at mine as if he were a man eating the first meal he’d had in months. So much desire in one kiss that anyone else would have had to break away for a second, but I didn’t I had no urge to this kiss filled a craving in me I hadn’t known I had and my, oh, my, was it fulfilling, but still I craved more.

I pressed myself closer, so close if there were any space between us, even the tiniest creature in this crazy, bizarre world couldn’t find it. I broke away briefly, but only long enough to catch a breath. He pulled me and I followed as instructed by his motions. I heard the pitter-patter of the shower, only milliseconds before I felt the heat of the water as the tiny droplets hit my hair and seeped to my scalp.

He pressed me against the cool tiles once more before lifting me, my legs wrapping tightly around him in immediate response. I gasped abruptly as he entered me slowly, allowing me to stretch to his width. I moaned loudly as he moved in and out of me slowly, pleasure taking over my body, his every inch filling me completely, and taking every thought and emotion I felt from previous events away with every thrust.

I felt his teeth graze against my skin as he trusted against me, harder this time and I groaned. Pure pleasure washed over me as he continued to thrust. The pleasure got stronger and the thrusts came faster as I started to climb. He pressed his lips against mine, higher and higher I climbed until I reached my climax, my nails digging into his skin, he groaned softly against my lips to the sudden feeling, but even then, he didn’t stop. My nails in his skin only made the thrust get harder, made them faster. My groans got louder and even louder with every thrust.

By now I was sure the entire neighborhood knew what we were doing, but at this moment I didn’t care. He had me climbing again, my groans became screams as he quickened the pace. Higher and higher I continued to climb. I reached my pique for the second time with a loud groan as he reached his, my legs trembling against him. I felt the pulsation of his penis inside me and suddenly I was exhausted. I didn’t even have the energy to wash myself off.

“oh, my god,” I whispered, breathlessly. He remained inside me for a moment longer before speaking.

“Can you stand?” He asked. I nodded.

“I believe so,” I murmured softly. He slowly lifted me off of him and set me on my feet, his arms not leaving my side until he was sure I could stand on my own, which I was, but only briefly. My legs began to give out as he caught me, with a chuckle.

“What?” I asked, humor filling my tone.

“Nothing.” He smiled. I didn’t press further. I didn’t have the energy. “Are you alright now?”

“I should be. Am I allowed to ask a question?”

“A question about what?”

“You. What you are.”

“No, not technically, but I’m not supposed to be here or feel what I feel either, but I am, so ask me.” I inhaled deeply.

“With all that blood, how did you not go crazy?” Her chuckled.

“You have watched too many vampire shows and movies. It doesn’t work like that. The blood has a smell, yes, but I can control my urges. Unless I happen to have went a while without feeding and get a taste of blood. Then it’s much harder to do.”

“Oh. Since you told me that does that mean you don’t care about breaking rules?”

“If breaking rules by telling you about me keeps you safe from me, then no. I couldn’t care less about those stupid rules.” I smiled. “Just promise me that you won’t put yourself into unnecessary danger like breaking and entering.” I stifled a laugh, which was odd because one of my best friends had just been murdered, but with Julian, I didn’t feel any pain. It’s like every problem in the world vanished when he put his arms around me.

“How do you do that?” I asked.

“Do what?” He furrowed his brows and I tangled my finger into his tousled wet hair.

“Make me forget about every problem I have in the world with a simple touch.”

“I wasn’t aware that I did that.” I smiled.

“Well, you do and right now, I’m thankful for that. If it was for that then I would still be drenched in blood right now and bawling my eyes out. And I hate feeling that way, so thank you.” He smiled.

When we went back downstairs my entire living room was surrounded by the entire local precinct. An officer strode toward us.

“Can anyone tell us what happened in here?” He asked.

“We already told the other officer what happened,” Justin said. “Someone broke in and nobody really knows what happened, but if you don’t mind she just lost a close friend she doesn’t need this right now.” The officer nodded.

“Just doing my job,” he replied before walking back to the crime scene.

“Let’s get out of here,” I said, my emotions starting to hit me again. “I can’t be here right now.

“I know just the place. Let’s go.”

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