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Maxim “Hermes” Jackson Hermes has always been one for the party, and he would do everything for his brothers in the MC, especially getting the correct information. He was a navy seal alongside his Elite brothers, who had founded the Outlaws Guardian Protectors MC after their last mission overseas in Iraq. Hermes became the Secretary of the MC, and he was in charge of making sure everything was being followed and that the outsiders will not become a problem with the MC. One day, he met a young man working in the local bookstore, and he wanted to know who this little beauty was. He used his connections to locate the young man, so he could get to know him and hopefully make that little beauty his. Landon “Prince” Marian Landon has been through enough in his past that he is done with finding the right guy after dealing with his psychotic ex-boyfriend, who tried to murder him after he came home later than he should have from college. Landon moved the year after he dealt with his ex and made him go to prison for life after he had tried to kill him out of jealousy and rage. He lived in Warson woods for about two years now, and he became close friends with Sienna Hampton as they both met in college this following year for event planning. When he found out that her husband was the MC President of the outlaws here in Warson Woods.

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Prologue – Landon

It has been two years since I moved to Warson Woods to help my aunt with her bookstore here. I was busy putting away the new boxes of books today when I noticed that a few motorbikes were parling at the café down the street.

I squinted my eyes to see my friend Angel getting off behind one of the bikers wearing a leather cut. I could not pinpoint what I saw on the back of the amount, but I know that a local biker club lives here and works with the sheriff of Warson Woods.

I don’t believe they are bad people like most biker gangs I know of from my late father, who used to be a part of a 1% biker gang back in New York City. I left New York because I wanted to forget as I needed to stay in the past with my old life. I quickly shook my head and continued to work my shift helping customers, stocking the shelves, and cleaning around the small bookstore.

“Hey, Landon!” I stopped what I was doing. I walked over to angel and gave her a hug in greeting. I gave Angel a small smile, waving at her when I noticed she had two other tall, massive men.

“Hey girl, what are you doing here?” I said calmly, ignoring one of the men. I could feel his eyes on me.

“I’m doing good, and I wanted to come over and say hello as my husband had to leave with a few of his men down to Kansas City for some business.” Angel said with a huge smile on her face.

I smiled at her and shook my head, knowing how overly excited she could be even from the smallest of things. “Oh, before I forget! Here are my two brothers-in-law, Hermes and Ares.” I gave both men a nod and a small smile. Turning away from them, I went behind the counter to get the two textbooks I knew Angel needed for class.

“Here, Angel, these are the new books we need for class.” I told her, handing them over to one of the men I believe was Hermes. I tried not to check him out, as I knew I didn’t want another man in my life after what happened to me two years ago. I am still healing and afraid of what could happen if I even try to be with anyone.

My ex had ruined my self-esteem, self-preservation, and my mind, which is still trying to put itself back from the psychological damage he had done to me over the years. Therapy is helping me overcome it, but not my need to be with another, even though all I ever want is to be loved and cherished.

“You, alright?” the deep voice broke me out of my deep thought, and before I knew it, my face was blushing red under the tan complexion I got from my mother’s side of the family, being part Korean.

“Y-Yeah, I’m alright.” I spoke softly, looking the man in the eyes. I could not stop but enjoy how his strong, sharp jawline, round brown eyes holding amusement behind them with a smirk on his face.

“Angel, I will see you tomorrow in class.” I yelled behind me, giving her a wave of my hand, ignoring the idiot, handsome biker still following me into the bookstore’s back room. I glared at him, turned around, and walked away from the handsome biker I had just met long ago.

“Can I help you?” I said, turning around to face him, crossing my arms and giving him an annoyed look raising one of my blonde eyebrows at him in question.

“Yeah, I wondered if you would like to grab some coffee with me when you’re off work?” He spoke, trapping me against the wall, with his arms caging me in by my head. I looked up at him, with my hands placed on his chest to try and push him off of me.

“Look, I’m not interested. I am not looking to find anyone or any trouble. So, can you please let me go and leave me alone?” I said softly, looking him straight in the eyes. What I saw scared me a little bit, but I knew he would not hurt me for some reason.

“We will see, little prince, but I will not give up on getting to know you more.” He said to me, kissing my forehead and leaving me in the backroom with a blush on my face. I slid down the wall, sitting on the floor with a dazed look, wondering what he meant by not giving up and wanting to get to know me.

After a few more hours, I finally got off the floor and finished closing the bookstore as it was almost seven in the evening. I finished everything on time. Locking up the bookstore, I saw Hermes sitting on his motorbike in front of the bookstore with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

“Well, hello, little Prince. Why don’t I drive you home?” Hermes said, getting off his parked bike and putting out his smoke under his combat boots. I was able to get a good look at him, and the first thing I noticed was that he was huge, almost like a giant compared to my petite frame of 5’4. I was annoyed but excited to see him again, which scared me even more.

“Why are you here?” I said to him. As he came over to me, kissing my forehead once again.

“I am here. As I told you, I will not give up, even when you turned me down.” Hermes said, placing his hand on my cheek, rubbing his thumb against my skin, with his dark eyes softened, staring at me with such warmth. My eyes widened slightly, knowing that this big biker would not give up as quickly as I had hoped.

I let out a small sigh and gave him a nod of my head, knowing that I was lost for words and unsure what to make of this. I saw his face light up with a large smile, and I could not help but feel this warm feeling in my chest seeing his handsome face lighten up from me saying yes.

“Alright, prince, let’s get you on my bike, and we can get you home safely.” Hermes said as he lifted me in his arms and carried me towards his bike, where he placed me on the back seat with his helmet placed on my head.

Hermes went on quickly, kicking up the kickstand and reeving the bike. I quickly wrapped my arms around his tight waist as he took off into traffic, heading towards my small apartment I could only afford as my aunt could not let me stay with her.

I am twenty-one now, and my aunt has taken care of me for the last few years since I was kicked out of my parent’s home when I was sixteen for coming out to them about my sexual preferences. That was when I met my ex on my nineteen birthdays at a gay bar that was legal for nineteen and older back in New York City.

He was nice at first, but things started to change over the last year of our relationship. He had begun to change how I was doing something, controlling what I was doing, slapping me when I didn’t make dinner right or to his liking.

Then the worst had happened, one night on our second anniversary, he came home from work with another young man on his arm, and I was heartbroken that he would cheat on me with another.

But when I told him off for cheating on me with another, he got angry and started to beat me. He had almost killed me that night if I had not run out of the small two-bedroom apartment and screamed for help, where two bikers who were a part of the 1% Dragon Warriors MC that my father had been a part of for a few years.

They saw me and had helped me to the hospital, knowing who I was as they knew my late father. If they had not seen me, I was sure I would die that night from my ex, who wanted me dead after two years of his torment and psychological abuse.

“Little one, we are here.” Hermes whispered as he picked me off his bike and put me down on my feet. I shook my head to rid of my past thoughts, taking off the helmet and letting my shaggy dirty blonde hair free from its confinement under the helmet.

“Thank you, Hermes.” I said to him, giving him a small smile. Hermes gave me a look in his dark eyes that I could not figure out, yet it did not scare me as I had thought.

“You’re welcome little one. Why don’t you head inside, and I will text you when I return home?” Hermes told me that he took my cell to add his number and called his phone to have my number.

I walked away from this giant, kind man, yet I felt guarded around him, even though he had yet to harm me. Once I made it inside, I heard his Harley take off down the street.

I got ready for bed with a sigh, not caring to make dinner as I was exhausted from today’s events and from dealing with a biker who had decided to enter my life and change it.

I grabbed my phone and placed it on the charger next to my bed on the nightstand when I saw it light up with a text on my phone. I shook my head, smiling when I read his text. I quickly put it down after sending him one back.

After checking that my apartment was locked up and closing my eyes, I laid down in my bed under my covers. I let sleep take over, dreaming about the biker I met today and how my life would change. Not sure if it is going to be a good thing or not, but what I do know is I’m not going to let fear control me or let my ex control my life no more.


The following day, I woke up to my phone going off. I picked up my phone to see a few texts from my aunt and one from Hermes. I got out of my bed with a groan rubbing my hand over my eyes to wake up.


Good morning, Prince!

I hope you have slept well, and I wanted to let you know I won’t be able to have my phone for a few hours as work needs me. I will see you later, and we can order in when I come over around 6?

See you soon,

Ps. Let me know what you like to eat and what allergies you might have?



I slept fine last night, and I understand that you will be busy with work. I don’t have any allergies, and I will eat anything. I will see you at six as I have class till one today to see you later tonight.

Be safe!

I texted Hermes back and went to get ready for my classes today, as we would be entering into our big project with a partner. I hope Angel and I can pair up, as we both have similar tastes and interests that will work well with planning events and parties.

I left my apartment and headed off to campus to start my day and hoping that my letting Hermes come over for dinner and hanging out would not bite me in the ass. As I left my apartment, locking my door behind me, I left the area and made my way towards the local college a few minutes from my place. “Landon!” Angel yelled for me, waving me over to her.

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