My Escort

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Chapter Eleven: The Arrival

Once again I found myself in the early hours of the morning assessing my figure in front of the mirror. But this time I was in a bikini. It worried me how my confidence had slipped since leaving my sister. She always told me I was beautiful. But without her here to remind me of that, I had forgotten.

Light knocking began at my door, catching me by surprise. I panicked, covering myself as if someone had seen. I found my purple bathrobe hanging on the wall and wrapped it around me. The clock on my wall stated that it was only five-thirty in the morning. I skipped over to the eyehole on the door and was greeted by a well-dressed Damon.

“You do realize it is five-thirty in the morning,” I said in mock anger when I opened the door to him. I crossed my arms self-consciously. My body was still hot and damp from my shower only minutes before.

“I wasn’t sure if you were still going to make the effort to come, so I took precautionary measures,” Damon said with a light smile. “I am surprised though; I thought you would have the coffee ready for me by now.” His smile lingered. His cologne was powerful and alluring, I noticed, as he walked past me. I closed the door behind him and headed for the coffee machine to make us both a hazelnut coffee.

“You cannot really be like this first thing in the morning as well,” I said, sweeping my hair in the air to indicate his charismatic personality. I crossed my arms over my chest as I waited against the counter.

“I am just naturally charming,” he flirted. “And besides I couldn’t get much sleep last night anyway, I was worried I offended you in some way, so mostly this bright smile is because I am delirious with sleep-deprivation.”

I kept my composure and swallowed the lump in my throat. “You think you are having a hard time sleeping, try being in my shoes. I have to meet your sister.”

“She’s fine, and she would be so disappointed in me if I didn’t complete my mission of bringing you to her.” He took a seat on my comfortable couch.

I walked over to him then presented him with his coffee. I took a seat across from him and crossed my legs, self-consciously pulling at the material that covered my legs. “You do realize how weird this is, don’t you? Taking me somewhere without telling me what for, or why,” I calmly stated.

I was slightly surprised by myself that I wasn’t demanding more information from him. Usually if something was not within my control, I would not partake in it. But a small glimmer of curiosity in me had been aroused.

“Ah, but life is so much more interesting with small surprises,” he taunted as sipped his hazelnut coffee. “Have you even packed yet?”

My pointed look assured him that I had not. I was so confused by yesterday that when I got home, I couldn’t let myself trust that today would still happen.

“You’re hopeless. Well, where are your bags? I will help you pack. You will need to bring your laptop as well.” He clasped his hands onto his legs as he stood, his coffee mug already empty on my glass coffee table.

“Well, aren’t you bossy,” I squinted at him through one eye.

“No more than you. You just hate it because I might be even more set in my ways than you,” he smiled cockily. “Now hurry, our flight leaves in two hours.” Damon collected Pudding in his arm and scratched under his neck.

“Flight?” I demanded, almost exposing myself as I whipped my leg over my knee in shock. I sat up straighter, my eyes wide. I wished I could be a lot more collected around him, like I was around everyone else. But every step toward Damon, or in the same direction as him, seemed to have me on the edge of my seat. I was excited by what was happening, but terrified at the same time.

“Everything is a surprise,” Damon said, smiling at Pudding.

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