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In Your Dreams

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*Book 2 of the Dream series When Emma moved into her father's house she meets the kids from up the street Addie and Hunter, the trio quickly become inseparable and are attached to the hip as the years go on. As they get older, history repeats itself with Emma falling for her best friend Hunter, just like her mother did with her father, the only difference is Hunter starts to reciprocate her feelings, but something is always in the way whenever he wants to tell her. Just when they think they have a chance to be together, fate has other plans, and it takes an unfortunate circumstance to bring Hunter back into her life, giving them a second chance neither of them thought was possible.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

We've been flirting like crazy these past few months. Every little tease and touch has been leading up to this moment.

It all started in the pool with us wrestling, except it quickly became Intense with not so innocent touching and groping turning us both on.

We took one look at each other and knew this was going to happen.

We got out of the pool grabbing our towels, going to the bathroom. He turns on the water, making sure it's the perfect temperature, then dropping his shorts leaving him naked for my feasting eyes.

My eyes automatically drop to his erection, still surprised by the size for someone his age.

This is nothing out of the ordinary with us showering together, but the desire shown in both our eyes is something new and dangerous.

He steps up to me, loosening the strings to my bikini top, letting it fall to the ground then pulling the strings on my bottoms. I step out of my bottoms, then step into the shower. He follows behind me, pressing his front to my back.

I grab the shampoo and start lathering up my hair while I turn around and see him doing the same.

We take turns standing under the water, rinsing our hair. We're both silent the whole time knowing nothing needs to be said.

After I finish rinsing he starts soaping up his body and paying extra attention to his dick, groaning with each stroke. I reach forward, grabbing his length stroking up and down, making him throw his head back with pleasure.

I do this for a few minutes until he stops me, grabbing my body wash and circling his finger in the air, telling me to turn around.

He steps up to me again, pressing his front to my back, reaching around and lathering up my body.

He starts at my stomach, working his way up my breasts, paying extra attention to them, then pinching my nipples making me moan and more liquid heat drip out of me.

He moves his way down my body, towards the back of me. I grab the body wash and soap up in-between my legs knowing he won't do that since he did once and he was too rough

I soap up my front while he soaps up my back, paying attention to my butt.

After I'm all clean I grab the shower head and rince off my body, he keeps rubbing my ass and getting between my cheeks, but not before pressing a finger to my back door.

I turn around immediately raising and eyebrow silently telling him it's not going to happen for the 100th time.

We rinse off and stand there under the spray. He plasters his front to my back letting me feel his erection. He moves he hands around me, groping my breasts.

Getting turned on, I grab his hand and move it to my center, letting him feel what he does to me. He slides his fingers through my wetness, moving to my heat, running a finger around my entrance.

"Do you want to?" He whispered.

"Yes" I whispered back.

He retreats his hand, grabbing his length and rubs it against my entrance. I stick out my butt out, giving him better access except he's too tall and has to bend down.

He moves back and goes to lay down on the tub floor. I turn around and go down on the floor, straddling him.

I sit directly on his shaft rocking back and forth letting him feel how much I want him. He grabs my hips lifting me up to hover over him. He grabs his length and I slowly try to sink down on him, but my resistance isn't letting me.

"You have to relax, I can feel you clinching" He said.

"I'm sorry, it hurts."

"I know it hurts, but you're making it worse" He said.

"Why don't we try this on my bed where it's more comfortable?"

"Ok" He said.

I get up and out of the shower and he follows, I hand him a towel and we open the door to my bedroom.

He tosses the towel in the hamper and grabs one of my pillows propping himself up.

He lays there, spread of for me. I dry off and get on the bed, straddling him again.

He grabs his dick and holds my hips over it. I try to slowly drop down on it, but once again my resistance isn't letting me. I take several deep breaths and slowly sink down onto him.

It starts to hurt as his head is stretching me, so I continue to take more deep breaths. Just as his head stretches my innocence completely, we hear a car door slam. We both look at each other wide eyed.

I scramble off of him, getting up and going to the window to see my mom bringing in groceries.

He gets off the bed and rushes to the bathroom to change, but not before I see some blood on the tip of his dick. Well I guess he took half my virginity.

I get dressed and he's out of the bathroom fully clothes and we go down stairs acting like we didn't just attempt to lose our virginities together.

"Emma?" A voice asked.

"Ems?" The person said in a deep voice.

"Princess wake up, you'll be late for school" The voice said.

Knowing that voice I open my eyes and see the guy who's been plaguing my dreams since the summer.

"Good morning Hunt" I said smiling at him.

"Morning princess" He said giving me butterflies.

He gets on the bed and layes down next to me, tossing my basketball in the air.

I take notice to what he's wearing, and damn does he look good. He has a new haircut and clothes.

"New look I see."

He always wore athlete clothing all the time unless for special occasions, so his new style really looks good on him.
He's wearing a black T shirt with tan cargo shorts, dark grey vans, with his hair gelled to the side.
"Yeah, I'm trying something new since this year I'm the quarterback and I'm going to be on every girls radar, so I gotta look good" He said with a smirk, making my stomach drop.
Yeah if you haven't already figured it out, I'm in love with my best friend.
When I was 5, Hunter and his sister Addie moved into the neighborhood. We all became close immediately and our parents had gotten close as well. I have always been closer to Hunter than his sister, but they're both my best friends.

Hunter and I have had almost all our firsts together. We almost lost our virginities at the beginning of the summer.

After that day we never had a chance to try again since Hunter went away for football camp and he was gone for the whole summer. He actually got back 2 days ago.

All this started after he came back from spring break. It was a few weeks after his 16th birthday when he went to California to visit his grandparents. When he came back he flirted with me nonstop and he said he might like me and I said I had feelings for him, and you'd think the next step was to start dating and explore these feelings right? nope we went right into sexual shit.

It wasn't what I was expecting, but I was in love with him so I wasn't going to turn down an opportunity for us to be intimate together. When it started he asked me to give him a hand job and you would think he'd do something for me in return, but he didn't, all he did was touch my boobs.

I tried to kiss him and give him hints that I wanted him to kiss me, but either he didn't get my hints or he just didn't want to. I was disappointed, but the guy I loved showed me some interest, so I went along with everything.

I'm not sure if we'll pick up where we left off, but I still have some hope.

"What time is it?"

"7" He said.

"Shit I better get ready" I said jumping out of bed and going to take a shower.

"You want some company?" He asked smirking.

I ignored him, but flipped him off.

I too my shower and got ready for school, did my makeup simple and just blowdried my hair since I have natural beachy waves like my mom.

I go back into my room and put my shoes on.

"Damn princess you look nice" He said making me blush. Getting compliments from him is not a usual thing, so I'll take what I can get.

"Thanks. Why don't we go eat some breakfast."

"Ok, but I have a question for you" He said stopping me in my tracks.

Oh boy.

"What's up?"

"What were you dreaming about because you were moaning like crazy" He said smirking.

Oh nothing just dreaming about how we almost lost our virginities again like I have for the past 3 months.

"None of your business."

"Was it me, were you dreaming about riding my dick?" He asked grabbing his dick.

"Nope, just having sex with a random person in my dream" I said trying to convince him.

"Yeah, ok" He said not convinced.

Rolling my eyes I got the rest of my things and went down stairs, but not before getting my ass smacked.

I spin around to look at Hunter.

"I had to" He shrugged walking past me to go down stairs.

We made our way down stairs and into the kitchen to eat some breakfast.

"Morning sweet pea" Dad said coming over to kiss my head.

That's my dad, well technically he's my step dad. Him and my mom have been best friends since they were 16, but after highschool they lost touch and my mom had me. When I was 4 mom and Josh reconnected and started dating not long after and as soon as he met me, even before they started dating, he treated me as if I was his own. They have such a cute story, and I have a great example for love to look up to.

"Morning Coach" Hunter said.

"Morning kid, don't you have your own house to eat breakfast at?" Dad asked.

"Yeah, but I like your house better" Hunter smirked.

Those two go back and forth all the time, my parents love Hunter and Addie since they're best friends with their parents and vice versa.

"You ready for practice?" Dad asked.

"Yeah I'm ready, football camp kicked my ass, but I'm confident I'll keep my spot" Hunter said.

"From what your dad showed me, you've definitely improved" Dad said.

"Thanks" Hunter said.

"Hey I'm gonna go brush my teeth then we'll get going" I said to Hunter.

"Ok" He said.

I go brush my teeth and make sure I have everything, once I'm good we head to school.

I watch Hunter practice sometimes after school, so on those days, we carpool.
We get to school and meet up with Addie, then grab our schedules. I have no classes with Hunter, but I have home economics and lunch with Addie, so it's not so bad.
We go our separate ways after we leave the office. My classes are pretty good, I have my friend Alex in most of them. I've known him since freshman year and we talk all the time and flirt, but there's no real intent behind the flirting.

I only saw Hunter in-between 3rd period, but that's it.

After school is over I go to the football field to watch Hunter practice.

The first day didn't go so bad except for hearing all the girls starting to notice Him now that he's the varsity quarterback.

I take a seat on the bleachers and see the guys are just warming up. Dad blows the whistle and everyone heads off in different directions. I noticed Hunter running plays with a few guys. He calls a play and throws to one of his receivers down the field.

Now I know you probably think I'm just saying this because I'm in love with him, but I'm not, the guy is a really good player and he knows how to throw.

As I'm watching practice, dad comes over to the bleachers.

He leans down to kiss the crown of my head "Hey sweet pea how was school?" He asked.

"Good, I like all my classes and I have my favorite teacher for home economics this year."

"That's good. How do you think your boy is doing?" He asked lookout at Hunter.

"Dad" I whined.

"What you think I don't know? I'm a dad, it's my job to know" He said.

"Whatever just don't say it too loud."

"Ok. I have to get back to coaching them" He said.



Dad blows the whistle signaling practice is over, all the boys start walking off the field and I see Hunter making his way towards me. He's holding his helmet in one hand and cleats in the other, drenched in sweat.
When we're only a few feet away he gets a gleam in his blue eyes and a sinister smile on his face, dropping his things and makes his way towards me, arms stretched out.

Oh no.

"Come here princess. I need a hug" He said.

I start to back up, moving away from him.

"No you don't" I said continuing to back up.

"Yes I do" He said getting closer.

Before I can even make a run for it, he already got me wrapped up in a sweaty bear hug. Normally I love his bear hugs, but not this time.

He rubs his sweat all over me and then flips me over so I'm over his shoulder, upside down.

"Hunter James Thompson! Put me down right now!" I said smacking his nice ass.

Ok, maybe this isn't so bad with the view I have, especially in his football pants.

"Thompson put my daughter down!" Dad yelled.

"Sorry coach!" He yelled back.

He stops and puts me back on the ground. When I stand back up I look at him, and he has this stupid cute grin on his face.

I go right up to him, smacking his chest "you asshole, now I'm covered in your sweat" I huffed.

"Sorry I wanted a hug" He shrugged.

"Well I didn't and now I need to change" I said after smelling myself.

"You'll have to wait until home because I need to shower" He smirked, running towards the locker room.


I got to the girls locker room and go to my gym locker to get my perfume, so I don't smell like sweat. Once I'm satisfied that I don't smell anymore, I go to the car and wait for Hunter to come out.

He comes out 10 minutes later. He puts his stuff in my trunk since he knows I don't like having that smell directly in my car, and gets into the car. He's just in a pair of gym shorts and slides, his usual after practice attire.

We get back and I drop him off and go home for dinner.

"Hey honey how was school?" Mom asked taking the lasagna out of the oven.

"Good, I have Addie in home economics and lunch, but I have nothing with Hunter."

"That's sucks, but at least you'll see him in the hallway" She said.

"Yeah true, hey I'm gonna go change before dinner because Hunter thought it was a great idea to give me a hug after practice."

She laughed. "Ok honey."

After changing into a pair of Nike shorts and a t shirt, I go downstairs and start making my plate.

I sit down at the table in-between my brother Ace and my sister Charlotte. Mom and dad asked all of us kids about our day and we all talked during dinner, I love our family dinners and I wouldn't change a thing.

After dinner I wash my plate and help put stuff away. My phone vibrates, so I check to see who it is.

Hunter texted me, asking if I wanna hangout, I told him yes and said I'd be there in a few.
It's nice out and the sun is still up, so I'll walk to his house considering it's only a few houses up the street.

When I get there I see he's playing basketball.

Basketball is my favorite sport, when I was a kid I saw a video of my mom playing back in highschool and I was addicted to the sport ever since. I'm pretty good considering I take after my mom and I've been the varsity shooting guard since my sophomore year.


"Hey, wanna play horse?" He asked.

"Yeah get ready to lose."

He smirked "we'll see about that."

He makes a 3 pointer and I make it, he does a layup and I do the same. He goes to do a dunk which he knows I can't do, so I get an H.

"Asshole, you know I can't dunk."

"I know that's why I did it" He smirked.

He makes some shots and misses some and I do the same. We go backs and for until we're neck and neck with us both having S, so one of us is going to have to lose sooner or later, he misses his shot and now it's my turn.

Time to win this thing.

I go for a 3 and sink it, hitting nothing but net. He takes the shot and misses, Making me the winner.

"Told you I would kick your ass."

He rolled his eyes "yeah yeah, you beat me."

"Never underestimate me."

"Whatever. You wanna go get some ice cream?" He asked.

"Yeah, that sounds really good."

"Ok let me go get my keys" He said.


He comes back out a few minutes later.

"Ok let's go" He said.

We get to DQ and luckily there's not a line, so we get our ice cream right away. He gets a strawberry cheesecake blizzard and I get a cup of vanilla soft-serve with M&Ms and caramel. We grab our Ice cream and sit at one of the picnic tables.

"So how'd your first day go?"

"Pretty good, I got my favorite teachers again so I can't complain" He said taking a bite of his blizzard.

"Yeah same here."

We talk more about school and football and just random stuff. This is what I love about our friendship, it just comes easy and we're having a good time together whether we're doing something or just sitting in silence.

We throw out our stuff and leave. When we get to my house I tell him thanks and I'll see him tomorrow, but he stops me.

He reaches over the center console and hugs me.

There's those electric shocks again.

I wrap my arms around him, just enjoying his embrace.

"You ok?"

"Yeah I'm ok, I just missed you, I missed hanging out with you this summer when I was at the camp" He said.

"Me too Hunt, me too."

And it's times like this where it's hard not to fall for him.

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