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Red Queen

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Ana was an IPS officer. She was a quick witted, she was no doubt the definition of perfection.She was assigned to arrest the most wanted Mafia, Ryder. She had to go as an undercover, a simple girl a maid. But as William Shakespeare drew cupid blind, so there were no boundaries in their. Even if Emily tried best to be professional, but still circumstances made them fall in love madly.The ruthless Mafia, who killed thousands turned as a incarnation of God for her.

Romance / Action
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"you people are literal meaning of useless"the head officer shouted"you could not even get a information about that fuckin Ryder"

"Sir we tried our best, but he has 24×7 tight security and surveillance, when we went there we were at our best hiding places , he killed our 17 constables ruthlessly"one of the constable said who was injured severely.

"Yes, sir he is a devil"another constable"he has an addiction of killing people, we three somehow saved our lives, still he shot my right leg"

"We can't atleast sit silently now , we have to make a plan yeah and it's backups too"head officer said"call her"

The peon went to call Ana Williams, yes she is most award winning, intelligent and has succeeded mostly in all her cases. She can handle severe cases.

But this case is going out of hand.Ryder does not spare anyone who wants to cause damage to him. He gives them the most painful death.

Ana entered

Everyone stared at her and why not she was a breathtaking view.

"You people can't do anything , but yeah you are professional at staring and checking her"the head officer yelled"and yes Ana have your seat please"

Ana saluted him and took her seat opposite to head officer.

"Ana you must have heard about Ryder"Head officer asked

"Yes, Ryder Dobrev, killed 36 constables , 24 officers. Has a illegal dealing of weapons and much more across the world. Has 20 penthouses,one in each developing countries. Has his branches internationally. Most youngest and ruthless Mafia known about age of 28" Ana told in one breath

"See fools this is known as gathering of information, "sir yelled at the constables

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