Hidden Feelings

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A story about two people who can't stand each other. But when they have to live together for one whole week to take care of some children. They discover the feelings in between them. This is a tale about a family. Mr. and Mrs. D'Angelo go on their second honeymoon. Who is too watch the kids but Mrs. D'Angelo's sister and the Mr. D'Angelo's best friends. What's the catch nothing but the fact they can't stand each other. What happens when their trip must be longer because of a large Idaho storm. Can they deal without the lists? The planned atmosphere? Will they survive? Or is it all for nothing?

Romance / Drama
Lisa van der Wilt
4.2 10 reviews
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Our story begins in the small town of Bayside Valley, Idaho. It’s a tale of romance, hatred, children and when two parents leave their kids with people and the mess it creates. The story begins when a man Carlo D’Angelo met a woman named Rebecca Stark in high school. High school sweethearts got married at 18 and at the age of 22, she conceived their very first child. Eva Rose D’Angelo was what they named her.

Time passed and Eva was a beautiful girl and so far had been very easy with child-rearing Eva and was doing very well at the age of 28 when Rebecca got pregnant with their second child. A boy this time though. They decided his name would have some modern and old fashioned charm. James Louis D’Angelo.

A few more years with two children was quite difficult but they grew adjusted and finding out she was pregnant again with her third was even more surprising but they still loved it all the same and now James had a brother. Jason Sam D’Angelo was the third child. And they really thought they were done.

At 37, she conceived her final daughter, Essie Victoria D’Angelo the last of the D’Angelo clan. Time had flown and before she knew it, the wedding anniversary came. Right around her 38th birthday and too celebrate they got remarried and they were planning to go and celebrate the honeymoon.

But who would they leave the children with?

Well in Rebecca’s childhood, she was not an only child she was a sister to her younger sister who was the age of 26. Her sister Rosa, Rosa was very different compared to her sister. Rosa was not married. Rosa didn’t have any children of her own.

While it couldn’t just be young, naïve Rosa could it? Rebecca’s husband decided that there should be a man to help. And that would be the neighbor that he was friends with. He really liked hanging out with Luke Adams who was recently turned 30 he was single but he was a very good guy with the kids… most of the time.

They both agreed and they decided it would be the best fit when they went for their honeymoon in Paris. It was a plan and now it leads the story on to where it all began.

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