College and Woodland

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Chapter 13

Hootie and the Blowfish- Let Her Cry


“Charlie something is seriously wrong, she hasn’t talked to either of us for over a week.” I run my hands through my hair for the hundredth time today. I knew the Fourth of July party was a disaster for Ray but shit this is not good. Even I know that and I know nothing about chicks. Beyond nothing.

“How do you know she isn’t just really busy with work and stuff. She does have two jobs Josh, it’s not uncommon for us not to see each other for a week. ”

“Max called me this afternoon and he hasn’t heard from her in a couple days either. I know she's here but what the hell are we supposed to do?”

“Why are you asking me? Call Stace maybe she has some insight.” Finally he gives me an idea I can use. I pull out my cell only to realize I don’t have Stace’s number. So I grab Charlie’s phone from his hand. it rings twice before Stace picks up

“Hey Blondie talk to me.”

“Do you really call Charlie, Blondie?” I look at him cringing from the other side of the kitchen.

“Yea and I call you TDF what of it?” What the hell does TDF stand for? I think the question but she answers it anyway.

“Tall Dark and Fuckable. You’re welcome.” She almost sounds smug. I am moving off of this very untouchable subject.

“Yea whatever, have you talked to Ray in the last week.”

“No actually she has been avoiding my calls. Max gave me the low down on the fourth.”She got drunk I took her home I don't know what Max and Stace are referring to. Maybe the morning after when she fell into my arms naked but I managed to control myself enough to walk away?

“You embarrassed her, rejected her, and then bailed. Not really helping her situation at all.” Whoa what? Rejected her? "Listen I don't know you, like at all. But from what Charlie tells me you are a decent enough guy. I am sure you have no idea that Ray is like ridiculously crushing on you. Lets face it your a guy." I stop her right there.

" I did not reject her. She is just way too young for me." Stace huffs from the other end of the phone. Charlie who has been silently watching me from the other side of the kitchen gives me a look and mouths "you have explaining to do".

"Yea, whatever. So what do you need from me Mr. Rochetser?" I roll my eyes. I am sure that is reference to something but I have no idea what.

"Can you tell me how to fix this?"

"How bad is it? Is she just ignoring everyone or is there chick flicks and crying involved?" I look over to Charlie.

"Hold on Stace I will call you back." I close out the call and walk past my cousin heading up the stairs and quietly as I can. He is hot in my heels.

"Are we spying on her now?"

"I will explain in a minute just stay downstairs." He gives me a dirty look and turns back to the kitchen. It's still early in the evening but I know she doesn't work tonight because she posted her schedule on the fridge. I press my ear against the door. I can hear English accented voices. I pick out the names Ms. Austin and Mr. Lefroy. Having what I think I need I walk back downstairs and gesture for Charlie to follow me out to the garage. I dial Stace as soon as we are out of earshot of the house and put the call on speaker so Charlie can help. She answers after one ring.

"Whats the sitch?"

"Who are Mr Lefroy and Ms. Austin?" I ask. Charlie looks and me with the same puzzled face I must be wearing.

"Well you really did crush her little heart didn't ya TDF?"

"You know that based purely on character names in the movie she is watching?" Is there a manual for women between the ages of 19 and 30 I can read?

"She is watching Becoming Jane. Story of how Jane Austin became a spinster after the man she loves rejects her and marries a different girl for money." Ouch.

"Okay so you know how bad it is... how do I fix it?" Charlie just crosses his arms and shakes his head.

"That depends on you." She answers cryptically.

"Depends on me how?"

"This can go one of two ways. Now I am only getting information second hand from Blondie and Max, but everyone seems to think you have an interest in Ray."


"Don't interrupt I am preaching here." I shut my mouth with a snap. "You however claim that you are too old for her and would like to keep your distance romantically. Which by the way I think is complete bullshit, but I digress. You have to decide if you want her or not then act accordingly." I shift my weight. How is she making me nervous through the damn phone? "If you decide she is in fact too young for you and have no interest in pursuing anything with her then stop all, more than friendly, contact. Say hello be cordial but do not interact with her more than you have to. It will be easier for her to move on that way." She takes a deep breath, like she is annoyed. Charlie is leaning against the corner of the garage pissing himself laughing.

"If however you decide to pull your head out of your ass and realize six years is not that big of a difference in age. It's not like you are all that freaking mature TD, I mean you are calling me for advice on women." Charlie breaks into another round of laughing. I think I see tears running down his face. "IF you man up, and want to pursue her. Then you will have to make a grand gesture to get her over the whole rejection thing." I can only take so much of getting my ass chewed. I grunt and agreement and hang up the call. Charlie takes a couple deep breaths and grabs the phone out of my hands.

"We should go for a drive and you can tell me everything about what happened on the fourth. Then I can help you with that grand gesture." He says while walking to his car.

"What makes you think I am going to choose that option?"

"Umm I know you. I have never seen you look at a single woman the way you look at Ray. Also if she didn't matter to you you wouldn't care how old she is, you would have fucked her already." Talk about a slap of reality.

"What can I say?" I know I haven't had any real relationships but... oh who am I kidding he's right. "Drive on Charles." I get in the passenger side.


Max: If you don't call me back in the next 5 min I am coming over there and dragging your ass out

I know I have been wallowing for far too long if Max is threatening me now. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to avoid him just outside of work, but I have kept to myself when we have shifts together too. I dial his number and wait for the scolding I am going to get.

"It's about damn time."

"I know, sorry it's just been a busy couple of weeks. I had double shifts at the box office and The Moon four days last week, and the week before that I had a lingering headache from the fourth still."

"You were not hungover for a week Ray. You were hiding." I close down my computer and look around my room for a tank top to put on. I thought living in a n older house would be awesome until the heat of the summer fully hit and I realized not having air conditioning is a bitch. I have been living in workout shorts and sports bras the last week. Which is fine because besides work I haven't left my room for more than a couple minutes.

"Anyhoo I will be over there in about an hour to pick you up for the beach."

"When did I agree to this?"

"Right now when i said i was picking you up. It's 90 degrees outside and your day off from both jobs you are coming to the beach with me for some fun in the sun." I sigh. That sounds really nice.

"And if you're a good little girl Papa Max will even get you an ice cream cone." I know he is just trying to pull me out of my funk but that is the biggest selling point of this endeavor.

"I'll see you in an hour."

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