College and Woodland

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Chapter 15

I Believe in a Thing Called Love- Darkness


"Hello Miss Baker. It's me Stacey, your best friend. I am calling in regards to your inquiry about the timing of my arrival to our residence. I am happy to inform you that I will BE THERE TONIGHT! You better be ready Bia!! Love you, Bye."

It's the weekend of my twenty first birthday. I have survived two whole months with Charlie and Josh by myself and I am pretty proud. I haven't made any more alcohol fueled advances towards Josh, thank god. The three of us have found a happy medium of living in the same space. I rarely see Jess and Raina around any more, even though Grounded comes over after their shows nearly every Friday night. Sammie and Charlie are officially dating now and spent most of their time at her house by the lake. Which has left Josh and I more than enough time alone together in the house. My attraction to him hasn't waned, it's worse than ever, but I keep to myself when it's just us.

Stace and Max have a surprise party planned for my birthday. Well I have promised Max I will still act surprised, even though he can't keep a secret to save his life. I have a suspicion my roommates have their hands in the planning more than they let on. When Stace arrives tonight we are going to dinner together at our favorite Chinese place then who knows what the night will have in store for me. Grounded is playing so I am sure I will be having my first drink there. I made a point to actually drive my car to work this morning so I could get myself a "birthday outfit" at the thrift store downtown. I am now the proud owner of a little black dress that even Stacey will approve of.


"I will be there a little after six, what time are you guys going on stage?" Stace says.

"We usually take stage around nine." I answer into the phone while trying to pack up a box of decorations and hide them before Ray gets home.

"Alright, I will have her there by like eight forty-five then, so she won't really have time to see you or Charlie before hand." Stace states calmly. I am anything but calm. Stace, Max, Charlie and I have been planning this birthday surprise for a week. Ray knows we are having a party for her but she doesn't know it's going to be tonight during our show. I came up with the plan for my "grand gesture" after the episode with Ray's ex in the store. I am going on stage tonight with the specific goal of making Ray mine. The excitement and fear is a heady conbination. I am basically going to pour my heart out to Ray and see what happens. This kind of this is very much not me, in fact Charlie and Karl have asked me several times throughout the last week who the hell has replaced the old Josh.

"Sounds good. Later." I hang up before she can say anything else. I might be showing my softer side for Ray but I'm still an asshole.

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