College and Woodland

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Chapter 8

Thirty Seconds to Mars- The Kill


I wake up at seven sharp Monday morning. I peek down the stairs into the kitchen and see, like the two previous mornings, both guys are talking in the kitchen preparing breakfast in nothing but their underwear. There is only so much bare male skin a woman can take before she loses all self control.This morning I am going to test their limits a little, it’s what Stace would do. Before making my appearance I change from my gym short and t-shirt sleeping ensemble to my cutest pair of black and pink polka-dot boy short underwear with matching bra and cami combo. I take a look at myself in the long mirror on the back of my door. I had to do this every night before taking stage as Cherry (a character I played last year who was a prostitute) it obviously is not in my nature to walk around barely dressed. Cherry was a persona I had created for the stage. She had absolutely no problem with it. I felt myself slip into Cherry’s mindset. Smiling to myself I made my way down the stairs.

“Morning Guys!” I crow confidently as I take the last step down into the kitchen.

Neither of them turn around at the sound of me entering. When I grab my bowl of cocoa pebbles from Josh and he looks up at me for the first time, he drops the box of cereal he is holding. Charlie swings around and by the look on his face he is nearly having a heart attack.

“What in the hell are you wearing?” This comes from Josh, because Charlie still hasn’t picked his lower jaw off the floor yet.

“What?" I croon looking down at my inappropriate outfit and smiling to myself. “I thought I was over dressed before, breakfast attire is underwear here right?”

Josh seems to be catching on, while Charlie is still holding his spatula in the air and not holding his mouth closed. Josh snatches the spatula from Charlie’s hand and hits him with it.

“No, absolutely not. Go upstairs and put some goddamned clothes on Ray. You”, to Charlie who is rubbing his arm still gaping at me. “Shut your mouth and go back to cooking your sponge shit.”

“Aww come on Josh I have a shirt on and you act like you haven’t seen a woman with boy shorts on before. I know for a fact Jess and Raina run around wearing nothing even close to being as tame as this.” I turn to Charlie and push his mouth closed with my middle finger.

“See, Charlie doesn’t mind. Do ya?” Even I cannot believe how into this character I am.

“Ugh…. Clothes naked….Breakfast. I am making.” He turns back to the stove giving his head a firm shake. If this was a cartoon I am sure I would hear a rattle sound with the movement.

Josh looks me up and down one last time. Then he comes barreling across the kitchen, scoops me up over his shoulder and stomps out.

“Put me down Josh this isn’t funny.” I’m screaming hitting him in the back and kicking my legs trying to get out of his grip all the way up the stairs till we were inside my bedroom. He throws me down on my bed so hard I bounce a little. Considering this bed is tiny and lifted four feet in the air I am lucky I am not injured. My character Cherry is officially gone and Ray with all my insecurities is back full force.

“Ugff. Really Josh, I might be smaller than you but I don’t need to be manhandled.” I try and cover myself a little, the cami has shifted from being thrown over his shoulder and I am in dangerous “nip slip” territory.

He surprises me by climbing up on the bed with me and pinning me under his warm (still mostly nude) body. The move is aggressive but I have no fear of him hurting me. His eyes aren't predatory but soft. They eat up every part of my exposed body. His hands land on either side of my head effectively caging me in under him.

“You can’t do that ever again, you hear me Ray?” He pushes through clenched teeth. I try bringing my hands to his chest to push him off of me a little. I should be scared. With what happened with Mark and then Karl last night I should feel threatened. I don't, not even a twinge of fear.I might not know Josh all that well but I trust him. I can feel his hardness rubbing up against my upper thighs creating a flurry of butterflies in my belly and drenching my panties.

“I can live with you and be around your sweet body only if I don’t EVER have to see it. I am barely controlling myself here.” He meets my eyes again the fire in his stare makes my heart beat in double time.

“I’m… I didn’t mean. Josh?” He continues looking down at me with his weight conveniently mounted over my scantily clad lower half. Judging by his reaction this will probably be my one and only chance at being in this position with Josh. He will never let his guard down again after this. All or nothing, I lay myself out for the taking and see if he is as interested as he appears to be.

“I can get dressed, if you really want me to, but…” I open my thighs slightly and rotate my hips against his groin.“You think you are the only one suffering here?” For the record I have never said ANYTHING like this in my life. Not without putting on a character. I am a little surprised the words came out of my mouth and not just random noises.

The heat in his eyes goes from hot, to nuclear. Before I know what is happening his full lips are against mine. His kiss is pressure and sweetness, like he is still holding himself back from consuming me whole. I tease my tongue out and caress his bottom lip inviting myself into the warmth of his mouth. My hands make their way from his chest up to his long dark hair. No longer wanting the space they provided between us.The strands are silky between my fingers. He brings one of his hands from it’s spot next to my head down my cheek in a soft caress. It continues it’s way down my neck, to my collarbone and across the pebbled peak of my breast. A low growl accompanies his tongue as it dances with mine. Our hips grind up against each other and my wetness dampens the front of his tented boxers. His now obviously swollen cock pressing against my drenched panties. He moves his mouth to my neck and up to my earlobe. Biting the rim gently.

“God Ray, you’re killing me.” His husky voice vibrates in my ear and a gasp springs from my lips. I have never had this kind of reaction with a guy before. Mark had to seriously work the foreplay to even get me half this turned on. He continues working his way down from my neck to the tops of my breasts. Peppering my skin with nips and laves of his tongue. My hands make their way from his hair to his ass.I pull him closer to me. His cock has made its way out of his boxers and is now rubbing precum to the fabric covering where I want him most. I look down between us to see if he is truly as large as he feels against me and I catch a glint of metal.

Holy Shitoley! Josh has more piercings in his cock than he has in his ears (which was saying something). I can feel the hard nubs of the piercings rubbing against my clit through the thin piece of material. This is heaven. If he keeps this up I am going to come undone before we really do anything. He pushes against me harder and I am so close now just a few more strokes and I will explode.

“Josh, please, don’t stop.” I plea. My voice doesn’t even sound like me.

My words seem to snap him back to the present. He stops so abruptly. I let out a little whimper. He pulls himself up and off of my body. A shiver rises over me from the absence of his warmth and the orgasm I was chasing. He closes his eyes and turns away from me; like it is hard for him to see me in the state he had been enjoying seconds before. I can see him building the barrier again. He is turning back into the guy who can’t be in the same room with me. Not the guy who put my drunk ass to bed two nights ago. Realizing he is showing me everything he has to offer a girl, he stuffs his scarily decorated cock back in his boxers. The stiff organ doesn’t really fit, and I can still see the the top piercing peaking out the waistband. Not that I am staring at his crotch. Okay I am totally staring. Again a noise of want escapes my lips. What the actual fuck is going on with me? I have never wanted any kind of sexual attention like I want it now. Only with Josh.

“I’m sorry Ray. Shit, I won’t be this guy.” He lets out a long breath, turns and leaves my room in two quick steps, slamming the door behind him. Seconds later his door down the hall slams and angry loud music starts up in its wake.

I lay there for what seems like forever running over what just happened in my head. I thought it would be funny. I feel safe here. I knew I was pushing the limits with my little scheme this morning but that was not the reaction I had at all imagined. Now I had one roommate mad at me because I sexually tempted him. Another probably wouldn’t talk to me after I paraded around the house practically naked in front of him. And I was sexually frustrated, hungry, and alone in my closet of a bedroom. All without the option of venting to my absent best friend.

“Well fuck me…”


I slam my door shut and lock it behind me not to keep anyone out but to keep myself inside. Throwing myself in my bed I cover my eyes and relive the last ten minutes. Ray coming down the stairs.

God what was she wearing?

What was she thinking? What was I thinking?

Ugh now that I let a little of this tension growing inside of me out, how am I going to act around her? How can I possibly go downstairs and eat breakfast and act like nothing had just happened? How could I speak around her without confessing my stark raving mad need to feel her body under mine again?

Speaking of my body, my traitorous dick is still rock hard and peeking it’s way out of the top of my pants. Holy shit, she saw me. How could I have been so careless? I was moments from indulging in my fantasy and plunging myself into her. I hadn’t even realized it.

I get up off my bed and grab a dirty t shirt from the laundry basket in the corner. Wiping the bead of precum from my pierced dick and shoving the monster back into the cage of my boxers. I find a semi clean pair of cargo shorts on the floor and put those on too.

Pacing the floor the images run through my head again. Ray coming down the stairs, her voice had given no hint of the mischief she planned. Charlie’s shocked face. The way he had looked her up and down hungrily. My irrational reaction. Ray’s father and friends trusted us. Me. I looked her father dead in the eyes and told him I would look after her this summer.That as long as she lived under my roof I promised she would be safe. Taken care of.

Then she comes waltzing downstairs in fucking amazing lingerie and my head freaking explodes. Then my dick took over and started calling all the shots. I am so fucking lucky the way she moaned my name snapped me out of my extreme carelessness. That surprises me, what brought me back. She moaned my name and looked me in the eyes while I was touching her. It struck something inside me, she was handing herself over to me. Willingly, although misguidedly.

The stereo switches over to another CD, I must have been in here for awhile. Maybe it’s safe to come out now. I have to get to the shop but that is the furthest thing from my mind. The most pressing issue right now is getting out of the house undetected. I can’t face Ray, or Charlie right now. Ray for the obvious control problem and Charlie because I don’t want to hear the big fat “I told you so” from his punk ass. Yes he is smart and he must be a lot more perceptive than even Max thought. Even with the pure caveman ruling my mind while leaving the kitchen, I did catch the smirk he threw my way. He is going to be insufferable now.

I turn the radio down to a dull roar so I can hear the sounds of the house. I can’t hear any movement from the room sharing a wall with mine which means either Ray is off to her day job or she is downstairs. I open my door slowly so it doesn’t make a sound. I can still smell the remnants of breakfast wafting up from downstairs but I hear no voices or movement. I close my door again and grab everything I will need from my room to go to work and then to the gym. Maybe I will have dinner at Dad’s. Anything to stay away from the house until Ray has left for work tonight. With careful steps I make my way downstairs. Nobody is down here and Charlie was nice enough to wrap eggs and sausage in a tortilla so I can eat my breakfast on the run. Which is what I am doing now. Running, both literally and figuratively.

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