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His Forbidden Fruit

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His silver eyes bore into mine, rage burning through his stare as I smirked, proud at teeth mark I had left on his neck. There you go! Marked mine! As it should be! He closed his eyes and his nose flared, as if trying to let out all the irritation with that very exhalation. "Rose, have you lost it?" My professor barked at me as I innocently stared back. "I love you and I want you, I need you." I replied without even blinking. ******************************* Love or Obsession? That thin layer of string didn’t bother me anymore. All I knew was I needed those pair of silver eyes raking over me with desire as my ones does on him. He was a mystery that I desperately wanted to solve, as much as I wanted to be his favorite gadget to play with. From the day my professor Mr. Ezekiel Oswald radiated his warmth on me, my fantasy started. And I'm adamant to turn this fantasy into reality. "Forbidden Fruit" that's what he called me. Then be it! I'll be that one forbidden fruit which would drive him insane to take a bite.

Romance / Erotica
A.A Sky
Age Rating:

Mary Rose: The Sassy Weirdo

"Mary Elizabeth Rose, what do you think you are doing?" my mom squints her eyes as I bite my tongue.

Why do I always get caught again?

I turn around, still tip-toed as I try to plaster the most innocent smile I can afford, on my face.

"Going to school, mum." I reply innocently.

"Leave the car keys, you aren’t allowed to drive yet. " she speaks in a casual manner.

Nodding my head in defeat like the good daughter I am, I do so. I wouldn’t want her to freeze my credit cards again. Why even try being a rebel when you know you can't win?

Even my dad, who runs an empire by himself with hundreds of branches all over the world, can't talk back to her ; then I'm just a puny little nobody.

Who cares though?

I'll be leaving for University in a few days, so *shrugs* tolerating for a few days isn’t that big of a deal.
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