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Midnight Rayne

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Her father's most well guarded secret. Hidden from her own pack. Living life in the shadows. Only heir to the Alpha King. No one knew Midnight Rayne even existed. Now after seventeen years of being kept a secret Midnight is finally introduced to her pack as their future leader. What she didn't know is that she's been being hunted since birth, and her only hope of stopping a psychopath from getting his hands on her is to embrace the full scope of her powers. Midnight is the only living tribrid; she is part werewolf, witch, and vampire. Did I mention she has three mates? Not only does Midnight have to run a Kingdom, she also has to navigate a polyamorous relationship.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

I’m lying on the floor, bloody, bruised, and broken. My whole body is aching, begging for relief.

‘Get up’

‘Who’s there?’

‘I’ll explain later. Now get up!’

I push myself up and force myself to stand, but I’m pushed back down. The last thing I remember was walking down the hallway on my first day of high school. Until today I’ve been homeschooled. It was easier to train that way. I had to beg my parents to let me come to the high school our pack goes to on neutral territory. I wanted the high school experience. The school is open to all; Humans, werewolves, vampires, witches/warlocks. Everything was going great, until some asshole pushed me down the stairs. I was getting to know the school, my teachers, most of the people seemed nice. I wanted to observe the kids my age. There was one guy that caught my attention, but I don’t think he was a student. He was at the main office talking to who I assume is the principal. He was probably the most gorgeous man I’ve ever laid eyes on, Shawn Patrick Williams, future Beta. I’ve never actually met him, though I have dreamed about it. And when he looked at me I swear I was aroused. He was perfect, and he smiled at me. Why was I so excited about that? I wanted to see what I had missed while I’ve been on house arrest. I can still remember my father saying it was for my own protection. No one knew who I was here. I wouldn’t have been caught off guard but i was lost and distracted trying to follow the most intoxicating smell I’ve ever come across. I was so close to finding it when someone pulled a dark bag over my head, next thing I know I feel two hands on my back and I’m falling down two flights of concrete stairs. As soon as I hit the floor I’m being kicked by multiple people. A high pitched nasally voice starts speaking.

“You shouldn’t be here bitch!”


“We don’t want you here!”


“Go back to wherever you come from. This is my school!”

That’s it, I’ve had enough. When I felt the next kick I was ready. I grabbed her foot and twisted until I heard a very satisfying snap. Then came the screaming.

“You fucking bitch!” I think she’s crying. “You broke my ankle you slut!”

Sound of shuffling and running.

“Finally,” I pull the covering off and just lay back on the floor.

“Are you okay?”

I snap up into a defensive position. I don’t know if this person is going to hurt me, or at least try to. I won’t be taken by surprise again. Then I smell it. The same fragrance that I was following earlier, and for some reason I felt calmer. I can tell by the look in her eyes that she’s not a threat. She’s freaking beautiful.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” she says holding her hands up. “I heard a commotion and I wanted to help.”

I can’t help but stare at her. Who is this gorgeous creature? She has long black hair with purple streaks running through it. She has great taste. She has beautifully tanned skin, dark full hair with natural curls, wide nose that suits her perfectly, round cheeks, and big full lips that I want to nibble on. God she’d look so beautiful underneath me.

‘Where is this coming from?’ Starfire says, she’s my wolf.

‘I have no idea, but do you see this goddess’ I say

‘Since when are you into chicks? I thought you had the hots for Williams?’

‘Shut up’ I block her out.

“My name is Aroha. I was in your position two years ago when I first shifted here from Samoa,” she says holding her hand out to help me up.

“I’ve heard your name before. Your parents are friends of my father.” I smiled. For some reason I feel like I can trust her. Her eyes widened at the information.

“You know me? How?” She asked, “I would remember if we had met.”

“No one knows me. I’ve been away for the last couple of years, training. I got sent to my grandparents after my first shift. My dad said his father was the best Alpha this pack had ever seen and I should train from the best.”


“You’re Midnight Rayne?” She gasped, “I didn’t expect--”

“A girl?”

“Yeah! I mean...Sorry.” She lowered her gaze. No. I don’t want her to bow to me.

“Future Alpha,” I corrected her. “Please, don’t bow to me. I’m not in charge yet.”


“No buts. Until I take the title we are equals,” I say.

“Actually we’re not,” She says. “I’m a witch, but my family is loyal to your father. Your kingdom.”

“How about friends?” I say, “After the day I’ve had I could really use one.”

“I’d like that,” She looks down at her watch. “Shit. I’m late for class. We should hang out sometime.”

And just like that she’s gone and I’m left feeling heartbroken for some reason.

‘You’ll see her again. She’s very important to you.’

‘Okay, it’s later. Who are you?’

‘I’m Selene.’

My wolf’s name is Starfire. Who are you?’

‘She’s the moon goddess bozo!’

‘Now she speaks. Where were you when I was pushed down the stairs and getting my ass kicked?’

‘It was two kicks and you’re an Alpha. If you can’t handle a couple of mean girls how are you going to handle a kingdom.’

‘Whatever, where have you been?’

‘With her’

‘I will speak to Midnight now. Shift and Starfire will take you home while we talk’

‘I can’t’

‘You can’t shift? That’s impossible.’

‘I can shift. I’m just not supposed to. My father doesn’t want the pack to see my wolf until I receive my title. She’s different.’

‘Oh I know.’

‘He says I’m in danger. Is that true?’

‘Yes, my child. That’s why I’m here. Go somewhere we can speak privately, and quickly. We have much to discuss.’

‘How will i contact you?’

‘Close your eyes and think of me. I’m always with you.’

I walk outside, not caring that I still have class this afternoon. I walk up to my monster Jeep Wrangler and head home.

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