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What Love Is

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Leroi Owen Bright, the prime ministers son, is one very complicated human being. He could say the say thing about Sofia Charmings, the daughter of the right hand to the duke. This doesn't stop them from loving each other.

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Chapter 1|| Anger and Immaturities

“And what? You want me to tell you that you did a great job? You mean to say I am weak?” He spat, walking faster down the steps.

“Leroi! Wait, that’s not what I meant!” Sofia stumbled trying to catch up.

“Save it Sofie, you’ll need all the energy for the next time you decide to barge into my business.” He said in a sarcastic voice, making no attempt to slow down.

The night was young and the breeze cool. The pathways of stairs were lined with flower bushes and lamps, the soft wind blew ever so gently against the leaves. It was quiet. Well, except for the angry teenager who was rushing to a place he didn’t even know of, and the guilty girl (by Leroi’s standing) who had been in a great mood just minutes earlier. There were no houses, but a river, a bridge, stairs, and a lamp-lit empty cobble stone road. Their footsteps echoed the empty pathways.

“Could you just-” she flicked a piece of mud off her boots with a disgusted look before continuing, “slow down!? I was just trying to help!” She hissed getting frustrated with his frustration.

“Help how?” He said sharply finally stopping to turn. He glared at her as she walked forward.

“He was messing with you, I stepped in. Now tell me, what is so bad about that, you had to run out on me like you’d done?” She rolled her eyes, as she took her final steps being inches away from him.

“I could’ve handled it myself. I can take care of myself!” He furrowed his eyebrows. His voice was sharp and annoyed.

She rolled her eyes yet again. “Yeah, you made that very clear when you were being held against a wall by the collar.” She crossed her arms, looking straight into his eyes.

“Tsk,” he clicked his teeth and turned his back to her.

“Are you serious?” She snapped. “I’m so done with you. I literally- I hate you! You and your stupid anger issues!” She stormed off the other way.

“What- you don’t get to be mad at me! I’m mad at you!” He yelled from the distance.


The rain fell softly later that evening, the lamp light was on as Sofia tucked into a good book on ontology, philosophy of mind.

‘As for the wind, memories play by-’

Sofia heard two thuds on the circular window. She knew who it was, but her bitterness from an hour ago hadn’t worn off. She continued, ignoring the interruption.

A peaceful state of mind, crucial for more than-′

"I know you heard that.” Leroi said, his voice muffled through the sound of rain and the thick glass of the window.

She sighed looking up from her book, straight at him. He was soaked, his wet chestnut hair stuck to his forehead as his caramel eyes looked back at her through the window. His face was calmer, the anger he felt an hour ago had finally subsided.

Sofia rolled off the bed, but sat on the edge. She glared at him.

A moment of silence passed as the two looked at each other.

“It’s cold..” Leroi said with a shiver, confusion evident in his voice.

Sofie rolled her eyes.

“Hah! Are you really still mad about that? Look, I was mad, I’m sorry.” Though the deliverance of the apology was absolutely horrible, it was genuine. Sofia knew this, but of course, no. He needed to say it right for her to accept it.

She huffed lifting her legs up on the bed again. He was going to apologize correctly or stay out there all night.

“Why do you have to be so complicated?” He asked bluntly, his breath fogging the window. “Why are girls so complicated.”

“I could say the exact same thing for you.” She replied but that was all she’d let him have.


A hard side fist fell against the glass of the window,




“Oh would you stop that!” Sofia said looking up from her book. Her eyes had been glaring so much in the past hour, they hurt.

“Not until you let me in,” he said nonchalantly, his face was blank but there was a hint of enjoyment.








By now, veins were popping out her forehead. She threw the book at the window with as much might as she could muster up. Unsure of her goal, whether it was to break the window or the book, she just wanted the noise to stop.

Leroi flinched backwards with the sudden action, the book had hit the window with a loud thud. Almost falling off the ledge he uninvitedly placed himself on, he pressed his body to the window in hopes to not fall, which created another loud noise.

“What in the world Sofi!? I could have fallen!”

She crossed her arms and pouted her lips, all too proud to back down by guilt. “Not my fault you’re a scardy cat.”

“You really care so little for my well being-”

“Sofia, darling is everything okay in there?” Sofias mother called from down the hall.

Both flinched as their wide eyes looked to the door then to each other.

Sofia flailed her hands motioning Leroi to go, and by all means use the door like any normal human would if he still wanted to see her. She closed the sheer white curtains of the window.

“Yes mother!” She said nervously.

Leroi, in a panic, had fallen off the ledge into a crowd of bushes. His poet shirt now stained with dirt and leaves, his overcoats left arm seam had ripped, and his trousers didn’t offer much comfort.

“My back hurts.” He groaned to no one but himself.

Sofia’s mother had peaked her head into the room. She looked at her daughter, then the window, then to the book sprawled on the floor, and back to her daughter who was standing in the middle of the room stiffly. “And you are positive?”

“Ha, what?” Sofia questioned.

“You’re sure that you are okay?” She lifted one eyebrow. “It sounded like you were fighting off a thief.” She stepped in the room, her movements animated to match the story.

“I what? What are you on about?”

“It wouldn’t be too unbelievable. You’ve always been one to stand your ground.” She said looking around.

“I was simply..” she fidgeted with her fingers trying to find an excuse. “And what if I was?” She puffed.

“Well, I wouldn’t be surprised. Did they run off?”

“Yes, and they proved to be a worthy opponent.” She held her hand to her chest as her lip curled into a slight smile.

“Did you catch who?”

“Why, non other than the prime ministers son.”

“Must have been intense.”

“Yes, yes. T’was indeed.”

Her mother chuckled as she turned to the door, “Alright, mighty hero, prepare yourself for dinner. I’m sure Cinthia will notify you.”

“Okay,” she went near the window where the book sat still on the floor. “Is father home?” She picked up the book, checking it for any tears or bends.

“He will be, by dinner at least.”

With that, Mrs. Charmings left the room. Sofia rushed to the window opening it. She stuck her head out allowing her a clear veiw of the garden and pathway. Leroi was nowhere to be seen.

I guess he left.

A tinge of guilt hit her, but she shook it off. Of course she had wanted him to stay, but she had to much pride to admit that.

The only noises were the sounds coming from the utensils coliding with the plates, the uniform sounds of chewing, and the faint clitter clatter of pots and pans being washed in the kitchen. The silence, although not unusual for this family at the dinner table after the incedint two years ago, was unbearable today.

“Sofia darling,” Her father, mister Charmings, cleared his throat. “I must know, how are you getting along with the son of the prime minister son?” A mischievous grin tugged at his lips.

Her mother turned her focus, immediately interested.

Sofia almost spat out the remains in her mouth. She swallowed and cleared her throat. “Whatever do you mean?”

He looked at her amused, “I was wondering if maybe I had been mistaken.” He gently cut a peice of the steak with the knife and fork. “After seeing,” he placed the piece of steak in his mouth, chewing very slowly. The wait was agonizing. “him sprinting from the gardens.”

Sofia stiffined in her seat, her mother leaned as if that would help her hear more clearly.

“I wondered, ‘a thief!? Who could be so foolish? And in this rain..’.” He put the knife and fork down, locking his fingers together and placing his hands under his chin. “But then I saw the boys face, why, he was practically running towards me!” He chuckled. “My, he looked horrendous. Did you man handle him?”

“Huh? Why would I?” Sofia said averting her gaze, though the question was genuine, she failed at sounding believable.

“Come to think of it,” her mother started, “I did hear strange noises coming from your room earlier, Sofia.”

What are they getting at?

“You and that boy seem to be close.” Miss Charmings added with a playful look.

“Darling, isn’t she almost of age to marry?” Her father asked resting his hands on the table.

“Oh yes!” Her mother clapped, all giddy. “I’m sure one suiter..”

“Is all it will take.” Her father finished. They watched her, trying to hold in their laughter.

She sat, as red as a tomato. It was true, she wanted to marry him. Leroi Owen Bright. Ever since the first day she met him, they’ve only grown closer since. His pearly white smile always made her day, his laugh was nowhere near perfect but she found it downright adorable. She loved the way his hair looked golden in the sunlight, and how you could tell how he was feeling just by looking in his eyes. He was very pleasing to look at, but most of all she loved his kindness, his honesty, his humor, his compassion. She hoped he felt the same, though she was almost certain he did.

But I mustn’t forget, I hate him.

“Whatever you think, is wrong.” She huffed trying to fight back the blush that had spread across her face.

“Whatever do you mean?” Her mother imitated her to which her father could not help but laugh.

Safia was embarrassed. She couldn’t stay here any longer and take this torment. She got up from her seat, and made her way to the open doors. “My deepest apologies mother, father, I do not feel to well. Please excuse me.”

They looked at each other, then at her, “you may be excused.” Her father allowed.

“But please do send our greetings to the prime ministers son, when you see him again.” Her mother added.

“Ah, yes, I’m guessing that will be soon.” Her father put in.

“Ugh!” Sofia stomped out the dinning hall, steam threatening to exit through her ears. She hated being teased like this.

Why can’t anyone talk civilized? I don’t like him!

She stopped to think, but quickly scurried up the stairs.

Well I do.. but- no I hate him!

“Milady.. is everything alright?” Cinthia, one of the house maids asked. She seemed to have just finished dusting the railing as ordered earlier.

“Yes,” she stated simply, not wanting to elaborate on her stresses. “Could you fix me a hot bath, I would also appreciate it if Lucinda were to make me a hot tea.”

“Of course milady, right away.” She curtsied.

Sofia gave her a gentle smile before nodding and moving along.

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