Breath of Fresh Air

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Chapter Seventeen

Warning: Sexual Content ahead

Chapter Seventeen -

The rain continues coming down all around and on us. I barely notice the temperature. The only thing on my mind is the taste of Brooke’s tongue in my mouth. Her body feels warm under my hand as my fingers slip underneath her coat. She immediately moves into me, into my touch. It suddenly feels electrified being this close to her in the cool rain. Of all the kisses, of all the women, not a single one has ever made me feel this way.

As I step closer to her, I hear a door slam shut somewhere nearby. The sound makes me flinch and Brooke to gasp. Instantly, I pull away as her hand gently presses against my chest. Our breathing has gone ragged and Brooke’s cheeks no doubt reflect mine as flushed as they are.

“We should get inside.” We’re still so close so my whisper is easily heard over the rain. Brooke shyly looks down with a small nod. My fingers linger over her hip underneath her coat before pulling away. I catch her shiver, but I’m not sure if me or the rain is the cause.

Taking her hand, I step away pulling her alongside me. Without her body heat, the temperature of the rain begins to set in. Quickening my pace, I get us under the awning away from the rain. I immediately shake off, a shiver racking my body. Brooke smiles up at me as she pulls her hair out, twisting it to release water. A few pieces of hair are sticking to her face giving her an almost drowned rat appearance. My eyes drift down to her lips which are still full and plump.

Shaking my head, I tear my gaze forcing myself to turn away from Brooke. It’s nearly impossible, almost painful, but I manage to put the key from my pocket into the lock. Biting my lip, I step in ahead of Brooke allowing her to shut the door. My shirt is beginning to stick to my chest as I leave the duffle bag on the small table.

Upon entering the room, there’s a static charge between us. The bag firmly left on the table, Brooke is oddly silent. Glancing at her from the corner of my eye, my lips purse. Her hair is ringing wet and she’s shivering just a little bit. Immediately an idea pops in my head, but it’s risky and I’m not sure whether or not to actually risk it.

Stepping back, I begin to kick off my shoes shaking out my damp hair. Brooke gasps as I wink at her. “Don’t know about you, but I desperately need a shower.”

Brooke’s eyes widen as I walk past her. Flipping on lights as I go, I lift my shirt over my head at the doorway of the bathroom. Without looking behind me, I step inside the large bathroom. The sight surprises me for a moment. There’s a walk-in shower sitting dead center with the toilet across the room. I catch my reflection in the mirror to see my short dark hair sticking to my face from the rain water. My gray eyes stare back at me from the mirror but appear almost smoky. Pulling away, I move towards the shower, opening the door and sticking my hand in to start the water.

Immediately the water sprays down and I tilt the knob toward the red dial. Turning toward the door, I can hear Brooke moving around the room but makes no effort to come into the bathroom. I sigh, shrug it off. Leaving the door open I allow the hot water to fill the room with steam. Back facing the door, unhook my belt before pushing off my jeans which are a bit loose enough without unbuttoning them. Both my boxers and pants pool at my feet before I kick them away turning toward the rack with towels. Thankfully there are plenty of soft white towels with thin tiny dark blue ribbons wrapped around them. Grabbing one, I drop it on the sink counter before stepping into the shower, door wide open.

My throat tightens as I think about offering her to join me. She knows how I feel now. I guess it’s up to her to decide what she wants. This time, I can’t make these decisions for her. She knows everything now, everything I’ve gotten involved in for the past year. I’ve told her everything, more than my own mother knows. I can’t make Brooke love me or want me in the same way I desperately want her.

Burying my face into the hot stream of water, I rub my palms over my forehead and down my cheeks. Dipping even further, I allow the water to soak my hair, and down my back. My fingers rub at the tension between my shoulders hoping to relieve the stress building. I step back out of the water, looking up at the ceiling not sure whether I’m hoping it will open up to swallow me or fall on top of me. My wet hands run down my face once more blowing out a breath toward the water. Just as my eyes open, I hear the door open behind me and fingers hesitantly touch my wet back.

“Don’t turn around yet,” she whispers, her fingers trailing over my skin. “If you turn around, I think I might lose my nerve.”

I chuckle. “You have way more nerve than you think. Remember this morning?” As much as they shouldn’t, my lips curve into a smirk at the memory. “You could have been a lot more freaked out with bullets flying past your head. I thought you were more calm than even I was.”

“Yeah, right.” She makes this sound in the back of her throat. The combination of her voice and touch, plus knowing she’s naked behind me, has me hard within minutes. I let the silence fall over me trying to figure out if I should think of something else or let it all happen. Her hand continues moving along my back, drifting higher. All I want to do is turn around, take her in my arms, and drown myself in her. Not just her lips or her body, but her entire being. Brooke makes me want to be more with her. With her, I’m more than I’ve ever thought possible. I want to be with her in a way that even I can’t tell where she begins and I end.

“Brooke,” I gasp, my heart pounding in my chest at her closeness. Lust and desire mingle hot in my throat almost to the point I can barely stand it. I’ve wanted her for so long and the urge to take her in my arms is overwhelming.

“I’m right here, Ford.” Her voice is closer than before, her breath almost fanning my neck. She isn’t pressing her body against met, but it’s enough to make my cock bulge. At this point there was a need to have her with me always. If I could survive this, I want her with me forever. Her fingers slide over my skin and I suck in a breath as I feel her step closer. The hot water streams between us, finally ravishing her skin as well. She was trembling as she stepped closer, her hands sliding around my sides, over my shoulders.

Pressing her body against my back, skin to skin, her trembling body covers mine. I’m as hard as I have ever been. Only she can make me this way.

“Brooke, please. I-” Her lips on my skin cut me off as I release a ragged breath. She leaves open mouth kisses along my upper back, around the edge of my shoulder blades. My hand reaches out to hold myself against the tile wall. I can feel her breasts against my lower back, nipples lightly scratching at the skin.

“What do you want, Ford?” her voice is low, just a bit higher than a whisper.

“Only you, Brooke. Only ever you.” I hope she can hear the desperation in my voice. It’s only ever been her. I was an idiot in high school. No way in hell was I ready for love back then, but now I’m ready to grasp her both hands.

“I’m scared,” she suddenly admits which breaks my concentration. I want to turn, but she tightens her arms around me. “The craziest thing, despite everything you’ve put me through, I know you’re being honest.” She pauses, lying her head on my shoulder, letting the water coat her face and hair. I can feel her blonde hair slick against my arm almost to my elbow. “You’re all I’ve ever wanted. I’ve only been with one person, someone I regret being with. You’ve been with...” the way she trails off makes me feel like a jerk. “Anyway, I can’t please you in the same way.”

My eyes narrow and I don’t even care anymore about not turning around. Grabbing her hands, I pull her arms from my body twisting around, surprising her. Without looking from her face, I pull her into my arms, my mouth immediately seeking hers. She moans at my touch and how quickly I have her. Water pours down over our faces, down our noses, and merged mouths. She presses herself even closer to me as our lips move. The rain has given her an almost damp scent and taste that I will never get over. Suddenly my favorite kiss is a rain kiss and suddenly I know, one day in the future, I will have her in the rain together. I keep my mouth as tender as possible, tucking her into my arms, showing her without words how I care.

Breaking the kiss, I pull her bottom lip between my teeth nipping. Her eyes widen as she looks at me, her chest heaving, forcing her breasts further against my own chest. “You please me more than anyone ever has.” I shift my hips, brushing my arousal against her leg. Her breath hitches, looking at me under bashful eyes. “All you, baby. Always you.”

My hand trails up her back, cupping her chin in my palms. “Can I love you, Brooke? I promise you, I’m not the same person I was and by the time I’m done, you’ll forget all about your first.”

She looks at me, her cheeks flush from arousal and heat of the water. “I wish you were my first.” My eyes are wide as she smirks at me, lifting her own hand in a burst of confidence. “I want you, Ford. Have me.” Our mouths connect quickly once again as I drag her under the water as I step out. Maneuvering us, her back is against the wall, water cascading down her front. She gasps, sputters as my mouth leaves her luscious succulent lips sliding down her wet neck.

“Oh,” she moans as my mouth latches onto her neck. Now that I have her under my mouth, she tastes better than I could ever imagine. Her skin is soft, succulent as if it were made for my hands alone. She’s so responsive, arching her body into me. My teeth joins my tongue nipping along her neck, marking her as my own. When I pull back, I nod at my handiwork before continuing down toward her shoulder. Meeting her eyes as I turn my head, there’s a tight smile on her damp face. My hand reaches up to push strands of hair from her face and shoulder. She shivers either from my touch or the water which is still plenty warm.

Still holding her, my gaze drifts down to admire and take in her gorgeous figure. She’s unlike any woman I’ve ever been with. Her body is perfect, just the right amount of curves that I adore, breasts that fit in the palm of my hand.

“So beautiful,” I murmur, loud enough for her to hear. Dipping my head, the water cascades over my head as I take her nipple between my teeth. Immediately she moans, fingers threading into my hair. My lips curve into a smirk as I use my hand to push her breast into my mouth further. Her skin is delicious on my tongue, and I suck even harder on her sensitive peak. She tugs on the strands of my hair as I switch breasts, hoping that neither feel left out. Her body fits against mine perfectly, as if we were made for each other.

When I pull away from her chest, we gaze at each other. Her ample breasts heave up and down with ragged breaths. Brooke stares at me this time, a newfound confidence in her eyes. The sight makes me even harder, my arousal bobs against her leg. Instantly a fire burns in her eyes as she gasps at the feeling.

I smirk at her, allowing my hands to drift down her sides. I watch her eyes flutter as she leans even further against the tile. My hand grips her thigh dragging it to my hip opening her trimmed pussy to me. I hear her suck in a breath as I step closer, sliding my hand over her opening.

“How do you like it, Brooke?” I whisper into her ear, hovering my finger around her entrance. “Slow and steady,” I allow my finger to slowly press into her causing her to whimper her hands pulling me tighter against her. “Hard and fast?” I end it in a question as I move my finger in and out of her quickly, adding my thumb to her sensitive clit.

“Please,” she moans, her fingers gripping the back strands of my hair.

I grin back at her, slowing my movements. “What do you want, Brooke? You want to come on my hand or my cock?” She shivers at my language.

“I need to come.” When her brown eyes open again, “Have me, Ford. Please!”

I slip my fingers from her wet core sucking them between my lips. Her eyes are reflective, showing her arousal deep in her irises. My eyes roll back at the taste of her sweetness on my tongue. No other woman has her taste and I know, before the day is over, I will have a taste from her source.

“Delicious.” I lick the remaining wetness from my fingers before the shower can wash it away. Her cheeks darken, but her arousal is bright and fierce. “Now,” I reach down to grip my hardness, nearly hissing between my teeth as I smear the precum, “are you on birth control?”

Suddenly a smirk spreads over her lips. Biting her lip, she nods allowing the smirk to widen. “Been on it since middle school. Mom was insistent.”

I allow her words to wash over me as I move closer to her. Her warmth nearly sears into me despite the water. “I can’t wait.” I look into her eyes, cupping her cheeks as I drop my dick between her legs. “I need you, now, in the shower. You deserve so much more and I promise you will feel like a princess from here on out.”

“Just fuck me already, Ford!” she moans, smirk on her lips as she presses her lips against mine. Her tongue slips into my mouth in my moment of surprise. I groan against her lips and body when she suddenly sucks on my tongue. It’s hot and has me even harder against her.

My hand falls down, grips my hardness as I move into position. She hasn’t noticed my movements, concentrating on kissing the very breath from my lungs. Once I line up, I angle my hips, pushing past her barrier. Together, we moan in sync gasping in each other’s mouth. Pulling away, her head falls back against the cool tile behind her head. I continue to push in, my head falling into her neck as the sensations crawl up my spine. She’s so tight, so warm that I can barely stand it. I’ve never felt this way with any other woman.

“Damn, Ford,” she gasps, her arms wrapping around my neck.

I chuckle, pressing a kiss to her neck once I’m fully encased inside her heat. “Took the words right out of my mouth.” I rest inside her, sliding my tongue over her skin, letting her get adjusted. It’s hard as hell not to move, her tightness and warmth crawling up my dick.

“Move, please!” She groans, wiggling her hips to make me move.

I gasp, my eyes falling shut as I begin to move. Pulling almost all the way out, I immediately push back in. The slow pace works wonders, I can barely hold off, but I know I can. Brooke’s brown eyes look down the ceiling as her luscious mouth, tongue wedge between her teeth. The sight made it even harder to concentrate on not shooting my load too soon. She was gorgeous, more than I ever deserve. Her hands squeeze around my neck as she rakes the hard peaks of her nipples over my chest.

As the walls of her pussy grip my cock, I pull out before slamming back in, pushing her shoulders into the tile. She moans louder as I continue the hard and fast pace. Her breasts begin to bounce with my thrusts. The sensations are stronger this way. My hand grips her chin, dragging her gaze to meet mine. The lust is shining brightly in Brooke’s eyes, she’s almost a different person. Dropping her chin, I smirk at her as I grab her breast. While she watches, I nip, slurp, and tug on the hard nipple of her breast as I continue my brutal pace.

“Oh,” she moans, leg squeezing my hip. Out the corner of my eye, I see her struggling with her free leg, trying to control everything. Dropping her breast, I grab the thigh of her free leg immediately pulling her to my hip where she wraps her legs around my waist. Instantly we moan together again at the new angle. My cock is moving even deeper now, surrounded by her wetness and warmth. “I’m so close.”

Sliding my hand down her body, I seek out her clit. Thumb rubbing her bundle of nerves, she immediately whispers my name. It’s so low on her breath that I barely catch it, but it’s there. My eyes fall shut as I fell my body growing closer. Fighting against my own release, I enjoy watching the pleasure play out on her face. Her back kept her enough against the wall as I balance her weight with my hips. My hands clasp her hips, pulling her into one hard thrust as I press against her clit even harder.

I want to watch her orgasm, but my own takes me by surprise. We came hard together, fueling each other’s climax. I growl into her body as mine flinches, she continues to jerk in my arms head thrown back in a silent scream.

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