Breath of Fresh Air

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Chapter Eighteen

Warning: Sexual Content ahead

Chapter Eighteen-

Once her body stills, the entire room comes back into focus. The temperature of the water is beginning to chill. I realize we must have accidentally turned the cold water up higher. Stepping back, I slip out of her, gently allowing her legs to fall down. There’s a tiny breathless smile on her face, eyes closed that makes my heart pound even harder. My wet fingers cup her cheeks, caressing the skin underneath her eyes. Her lips curve up just a bit at my touch before her gorgeous brown eyes open.

There’s a bit of light in her irises as she stares at me. Licking my lips, I reach forward, pressing a kiss to her forehead.

“How about we get cleaned up?” I offer her when I step back. Her arms fall from her chest as she takes my hands. Pulling her under the spray of water, she willingly hands over the reigns to me. Looking around the tub, I find the shampoo and the soap. Her blonde hair is soft in my hands as I lather in the shampoo. A sigh comes from her lips as I massage her scalp, pressing a kiss to her shoulders from behind her.

Tilting her head back, the shampoo slides down her body, running down the drain. As water pours down her chest, drops drip from the peaks of her breast. With her eyes close, I dip my mouth down, taking the nipple into my mouth again. Tasting her skin, her breasts is unlike anything. I know now that I’ve tasted her once, I’ll never get tired of her uniqueness. She moans, her hands gripping strands of my hair which only encourages me to suck harder. I grin against her skin before dropping her nipple from my teeth. Her head tilts at me, but I can see the disappointment in her eyes.

Wrapping my arms around her slick body, I give her a sincere smile. “Let me get cleaned up next, then I promise you, I will take very good care of you.” Her cheeks darken at my words and smirk but she merely steps aside. This time, she grabs the shampoo from my hand twisting her finger around. Showing her my back, she lathers the shampoo, massaging into my scalp. I groan, eyes falling shut as I lean into her soothing touch. When she finishes, she drags me into the water allowing me to wash out the shampoo. Once the shampoo is gone from both of us, I proceed to soap up her entire body teasing her peaks, her hip bones, including her opening and clit.

My hand comes away when Brooke’s head falls back in pleasure. She glares at me, though, when I stand to give her a cheeky smile. Then it’s only fair that it’s her turn. She doesn’t waste a moment, either, soaping my entire body and shyly taking my arousal in her hand. She teases me so easily, gripping me gently in her palm, and moving up and down slowly. I gasp, thrusting into her hand with a groan. Then like magic, her hand disappears.

I stare at her in shock. She merely grins at me, pushing my chest and body into the water again. I sputter, instinctively grab her wrist and pull her into my soapy chest. The water washes away the soap as our mouths connect once again. This time, she’s bolder, tongue slipping into my mouth. She sucks on my bottom lip first before my tongue, making me hard once again. All I want to do is push her against the wall and bury myself inside her heat again. Dragging my mouth away from hers, I reach down turning off the water. She steps back as I open the door of the shower spotting the towels where I left them. I step out grabbing the one top for Brooke as she follows me out. Water drips down her body outline her curves and swell of her breasts. It just makes me want her all over again.

Immediately I drape the towel around her shoulders, drying her hair first. She giggles at my treatment but then sighs as the towel slides down her body. Pressing a bit harder, the texture of the towel hardens her pebble peaks.

“Please, Ford!” she groans as I step back, smirk on my face. The sight of her so full of pent up lust makes me a little smug. I grab the last towel drying myself off and shaking my head when she tries to do it instead. She dries herself off the rest of the way as I dry off, tossing both towels to the floor. She gasps when I pull her into my arms, stealing her breath once again.

“I’m not done with you yet,” I mumble against her lips. Grabbing her thighs, she immediately jumps on me, her legs around my waist. Holding her against my chest, I leave wet kisses down her chin, along her neck as I maneuver us into the room. We fall down on the bed, a giggle comes from her, turning into a moan as our lower halves brush.

I lift on my elbows, looking down at Brooke’s face. Brushing strands of hair from her face, my thumb caresses her cheek. I enjoy so much the blush that rises to her cheeks. “You are so beautiful.” The blush darkens further and I smile at her. “You’ll believe me one day. For now, you’re all mine.”

Instead of kissing her lips, I kiss around her mouth. My tongue leaves a wet trail down her neck, over her breasts. Hovering over her body, I get a better view of her curves than in the shower. Her breasts are heaving, tender nipples pink from my ministrations in the shower. Barely brushing my fingers over her peaks, she groans, arching her hips into the air. My mouth finds purchase on her hips bones. Instantly, she’s vocal, her fingers in my hair body arching into my touch. My fingers slide down her body, teasing her entrance.

“Don’t tease, Ford. Please.” She begs, her voice lusty and needy.

“I promise. You have to tell me what you want, though, Brooke.” My lips turn upward, as my finger finally presses in, twisting around inside her. “Do you want this?” I increase the tempo of my finger, winking at her as she writhes on the bed. Grabbing her hand, I place her hand on my cock, enjoying how her fingers instantly wrap around me. “Or this?” I immediately begin to thrust in her hands enjoying almost too much the warmth of her hand.

Her eyes roll back into her head as my thumb joins my thrusting fingers. Leaning over her head, my lips at her ear, “Or do you want something else? Something you’re scared to ask for?” I trail my tongue around her ear, mimicking her lustful desires.

“Please, Ford.” Her hand leaves my hardness, grips the back of my neck dragging me from her ear. “Don’t make me beg, please.”

I smirk at her, “Show me, baby. What do you want me to do?”

A fire blazes in her eyes at my words. Her hand grips tighter, pushing my head down to her crotch. “Don’t tease me anymore, Ford. Taste me.”

I suck in a breath of her pussy, groaning as it makes my mouth water. Everything about Brooke Baker makes me hard all over. “Yes, mam. Your wish is my command.” Her grip on my neck loosens as I push apart the petal lips of her pussy. My thumb teases her clit for a moment and she moans before I pull it away. One last smile to her and I bury my face into her pussy. No more teasing, no more wasting time.

My tongue travels into her pussy seeking out her sweet nectar as my thumb brushes her clit. She tastes better than my wildest dreams, straight from the source. Sucking on the side of her lips, she moans, humping my face. I enjoy every single second, ignoring just how hard I’ve become watching her writhe on the bed. When I stop sucking on that part, I trade places with my thumb brushing that bundle of nerves with my tongue before taking it into my mouth. My fingers thrust in and out of her opening in time with my tongue sucking on her bundle of nerves.

“Oh, Ford!” she moans loudly. “I’m-” she cuts herself off as her mouth opens in a silent scream before her entire body shakes on the bed. My tongue slides down to her opening lapping up everything she has to offer. Her taste is magnificent and she just keeps coming, falling over the cliff continuously. Just before she completely comes down, I pull away, rubbing her clit with my thumb watching as her body shakes along the sheets. Gripping myself in my fist, I press my cock at her entrance once again and push in.

Her eyes open as she comes down from her orgasm. “Ford!” she moans, gripping my shoulders as I bury myself to the hilt inside her warmth. “I-I don’t think,” she pauses as I shift inside her, “I can come again. It’s too much.” Her breath is ragged, but her lower half arches into me again as if she can’t help herself.

“Are you sure?” I pull out as if I’m going to abide by her wishes. Her eyes flutter and I try to maintain my own groan. Shaking her head, she tightens her fingers, digging her nails into my shoulder. She looks into my eyes, her brown ones clouding with lust, I push myself back inside her.

“Oh, god!” she pushes her chest into mine, her leg sliding around my waist. She clings to me as I continue my slow thrusts. She narrows her gaze at me and suddenly, uses her leg and body to turn me over.

I gasp huffing as I lay underneath Brooke on the bed. She hovers above me, fingers on my chest as she once again pushes herself down over me. My fingers grip her hips, hissing between my teeth. “Brooke,” I groan, hissing at her as she wiggles her ass.

“Told you not to tease.” She moans between every word, her eyes humorous. I decide to let her have some fun, enjoy the ride on top. My hands grab her head, strong against the back of her neck, forcing our mouths together. Her bottom half moves up and down creating a nice tender motion. As my tongue evades her mouth, she moans at the taste of herself. The combination is erotic to us both heightening the lust between us. While she kisses me and moves, I suddenly thrust hard once inside her, seeing stars myself.

“Fuck, Brooke. I’m going shoot inside you again. Do you want that?” I moan in her ear. Her back arches as she pushes to sit up. She surprises me back leaning back on her arms, pushing her breasts out as she increases the tempo.

“Come inside of me, Ashford. Fill me up. Come with me.” My eyes trace down her glorious body enjoying how she pleasures us both. It’s no longer about us separately, but about us together. My hand moves to the front of her pussy, locating the bundle of nerves.

“Let’s come together.” One hand on her hip and the other manipulating her clit, I thrust harder as she drops down bringing us both to the edge. Her eyes open wide, looks down at me, and once again, we come together. I shoot deep inside her the moment the walls of her pussy tighten even more around my cock. Her warmth surrounds me, prolonging both our decent back to earth.

As I finally finish, Brooke’s body drops down on my chest, both of us spent.


Some time later, I’m woken by a vibrating cell phone. My eyes strain to open, staring up at the white ceiling of our hotel room. It takes a moment to actually remember where I am. When I try to move, something holds me back and I look down. Brooke is sleeping peacefully next to me, her arm thrown over my bare chest. Her breasts rise and fall with her every breath. She looks even more beautiful sleeping in my arms. My arm is underneath her pillow, her arms and legs thrown over my own body. Somehow, she’s under the sheet completely while only my legs join her.

The phone vibrates again taking my attention. I sigh, gently and slowly sliding my arm from underneath her head. Pressing a tender kiss to her forehead, I ease my legs over the edge of the bed grabbing the shaking phone. The caller ID reads BOSS in bold black letters. My heart pounds. The ID is for Julio, but he isn’t calling, he’s sent a text message.

I told Brooke that Julio owes me, I knew to expect something from him, but I also know where his loyalties lie. Pushing up from the bed, I glance toward Brooke who hasn’t moved an inch. Pressing a button on the phone, I head into the bathroom hoping to find my clothes.

Meet me. Come alone. Address included. Trust me.

Julio’s messages are always cryptic, but I know he won’t hurt me. Julio owes me for saving his life and he hasn’t paid that debt. I’ve got questions for him, only he holds the answers. The address included is local telling me he’s in town with the rest of them. Makes me wonder who all is in town, but that’s what this is about. Julio is giving me a life line at the moment. Brooke will probably kill me for leaving her like this, but I’m not taking another chance with her. I love her too damn much to put her in harm’s way again. Dropping the shirt over my head, I check my pockets for my keys before entering the bedroom. Brooke sighs in her sleep as I grab my jacket and look through my bag.

I decide to leave the duffle bag. If I don’t leave it, Brooke will think I’ve left her and that’s the last thing I want her to think. Grabbing a piece of paper, I leave a small note in case she wakes so she won’t worry. I smile at her from the door, images from earlier in the day flash in my head. I’m the world’s luckiest guy to have gotten her. Yet, I know I don’t deserve her, she deserves so much more than me. It’s because of her that I want to fight against them and because of her I’m taking this risk to meet Julio. With a tiny sigh, I quietly slip out the door pulling it close behind me.

The rain is slower now, gently pinging against the roof of the truck. Sliding in the truck, I shiver just a bit from the drop of temperature. Guilt eats away at me as I start the engine and leave the hotel heading in the direction for the address. I vaguely know where the location is but I’m not exactly familiar with the area. As I raise the volume on the radio, a familiar song comes on and it makes me grin. “Sister Christian” plays once again on the same station only making me think of Brooke. Everything we’ve shared in the past six hours rises goosebumps on my skin. I never knew it could be like this with a woman. It makes me understand myself a bit more. I was scared in high school so I ruined it because even then I knew I’m not good enough for her.

The truck pulls into a back rough alley behind a bunch of ruined warehouses. I spot a dark blue almost black car sitting in the middle of an open space. The windshield is covered with rain drops telling me they’ve been here awhile. I wonder how long he’s messaging me before I saw the recent message. I come to a stop just as the headlights blink once. Putting the truck in park, I wait for the back door to open. He doesn’t disappoint, but instead of the back door it’s the front passenger door that opens. The rain is practically nothing more than a mist now as I step out of the truck after turning off the engine. Julio steps out in a knockoff suit, but there is no cigar between his fingers as usual. I hardly ever see Julio in this kind of environment.

“Hey kid,” he says, Spanish accent lower than usual. “How you been?”

I give him a dead look. He doesn’t say or do a damn thing. I decide to play along for a moment. “Fine. Would be better if some people weren’t shooting down motel rooms I was in or backstabbing me into getting me arrested.” I give him a blank stare, knowing somehow that’s he’s responsible for my getting caught.

He looks away, toward the ground. He’s silent for the longest time before he looks back at me. When he does, I see the regret and pain in his eyes. For the first time in a long time, Julio seems conflicted. I like to think that I’m the cause of that but I can’t know for sure.

“I shouldn’t be here,” he sighs, shoulders shrugging for a moment, “but you know me.” He gives a small grin because we do know each other.

“You owe me.” The words are simple not taken out of context. He knows I would never have used this against him on another occasion. I told him time and again I did it because he was my friend, not just because he was my boss.

“Told you one day you’d care about that.” The smirk on his face doesn’t reach his eyes. When he looks down, he continues speaking. “You’re right. I feel responsible for what happened.” He looks back up, and I see the openness in his irises. “When you told me you wanted to leave, I was a little worried. Getting out isn’t easy and the only way to really do it is to get trust from the main guys. They have to know you won’t squeal. Unfortunately, I didn’t take into account how much Alonzo had taken to you in my club. My bragging about you didn’t help, I guess. Honestly, I thought I was helping you, in case you wanted to go deeper, higher in the ranks. I should have known. The moment I mentioned the girl, I knew you weren’t the type to go this for the long haul.”

When he mentions Alonzo, I realize how deep this has gone. Alonzo is the main boss, Julio’s boss, everyone’s boss. He doesn’t take kindly to snitches or runners.

“When the shipment couldn’t be taken the correct way, I couldn’t speak against Alonzo’s suggestion to bring you in. It wasn’t my idea. I never would have done it in the first place because that shit is dark. Since you’d never done it before you wouldn’t know what to look for and not get caught. I think it was always Alonzo’s intention, get you caught, put in jail and you couldn’t squeal.” Julio shakes his head, suddenly glances behind him toward the car with a sigh. When he looks back at me, I swallow from the pain.

“I thought I was doing this because I owed you, Ashford, but I think it’s more than that. Listen to me very carefully, this is the most I can do for you right now. Alonzo Saldivar is in town with his group, his body guards, and his hired guns. You probably saw and heard Jesus at the motel.” Julio slowly and hesitantly thumbs toward the car out of view of the windshield. It’s then I realize Jesus is in the car. Jesus is Alonzo’s top man, he’s always with him as part of his main protection. Every time Alonzo was in Julio’s clubs, Jesus was right there next to him. Unfortunately I know from experience why Alonzo has him on the pay roll, easily manipulated but with strong anger problems and he’s loyal to Alonzo almost to a fault.

I just nod trying not to show anything on my face. It makes me wonder why Julio is doing this with Jesus. “I manage to get them to trust me. You have at most twelve hours to sort your affairs. At the end of twelve hours, you have to turn yourself over to them. Alonzo trusts me and the fact that Jesus made a public spectacle at the motel is a problem he has to fix. The last thing they want is to hurt another person not on their target list. They agreed to this, of you turning yourself over them to spare your girl’s life.”

My eyes are wide at this new information. I know I should accept it because Brooke will be safe. If this is a deal straight from Alonzo, Jesus can’t touch me for twelve hours. Probably the reason he’s hiding behind the tinted windshield of the car.

“Why are you really doing this, Julio?” I whisper kicking at the ground. “We both know the risk you’re taking.”

Julio sighs when I glance back at him. “Maybe I want something better for you. I remember my girl from high school, the one who I let get away. If I had a chance with her, gotten her mixed in this, I would do anything to protect her. I’m trying to give you a chance here. Either you turn yourself over or you run from them with the twelve hours. It’s your choice, Ashford. I’m giving you this choice.” The water welling in his eyes tells me more than I’ll ever know. The risk that Julio is putting for me is the first time he’s ever done this.

I step closer to him, not able to help myself. My arms wrap around him, surprising him. Despite everything in the past few years, Julio is the first person I’ve bonded with so much. He’s been a father figure for me and a best friend. “Thank you, Julio.”

It takes a moment before Julio’s arms wrap around my back. “Don’t mention it, kid.” We hug for a few minutes before pulling away. Julio pats my neck, forcing our foreheads together. “You’ve been like the son I’ve never had, Ashford. Please, take care of yourself. Do what your heart tells you.”

I hug him again, almost afraid to let him go. We were once boss and employee but now are family. When I pull away, Julio steps back, gives me a tight smile on his dark face, and turns around disappearing into the car.

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