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And His Heart Betrayed

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She met a man, And eventually liked him. He didn't seem to notice much of her, busy in his world and also he was no less an arrogant and coldhearted. And he also happened to be her bodyguard. They grew closer and closer... Which was prohibited, both legally and some other more important reasons she didn't know. Until she realized he had awful secrets to reveal, Of the past and of the present, that connects both of them in a way she never wanted to be connected and hopefully nor does He. Follow the journey of these two into an epic romance, filled with greatest of love, passion, mystery and drama, unfortunately the past.

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1

Sometimes, you have your whole objectives sorted out bit by bit, Your whole life planned and thought out. Your motives clear, your mind fixed. But then, The nature interfares, stating that It always has the upper hand and thus, It crumples your life. The own heart betrays the mind, the body and the own soul becomes raged with No. The same thing happened with him, And His Heart Betrayed.
Year 2005
Sitting on his heavy bike, He was driving to the most sacred location for him. The roads were clear and desolate surrounded by trees as he travelled on a rough road.

Soon enought he stops the bike, on the side, in the middle of nowhere. He gets off, turning the key on the bike and locking it. He made his way on a small path to a very known location for him. A few minutes and he reached a small area, surrounded by trees A grave with a white stone in sight. It was covered with dry leaves that fell from above. Almost evening was the time, as the birds chirped around, going to their nests to rest, and he was here.

His father finally resting in peace. He intook a breath not disturbing his posture, his forehead creased, eyeing the stone.

"Hecter Dwight,

A father and a husband,

Murdered brutally,"

These were the lines written on the stone of the grave hiding in the deep forest. A big secret probably.

He walks near the grave and sit on the concrete next to it.

He sits and thinks for a while. Then he opens his mouth to say something but stop. It happens twice, as he gags like a fish, think whether or not to say something, but eventually he did,

"I don't know if this after life myths are real or not," he says in a low voice, frowning, as if talking to himself, "But if they are, and you can hear me. You probably know what I have in mind, I don't care if...If You want this or not...But I want this. And no one...Can stop me,"

He then stares into the void, his eyes zoning out, and face crippling more of rage and pain. As if he is dwelling into the events of the past. Events that might be filled with agony.

A bird, out if nowhere, flew into his view and it broke the spell.

"Mom is fine, By the way," He smiles, whispering.

Realizing he was just not talking to anyone but air, and his father might not even be here, He stops smiling and again maintains his posture.

It's rare he ever let go of himself, Or even lose the compact look he carries around himself. This is how he has learned to be or the years have taught him to be. The aura he carries around, and thus, No one messes with him. It's good for his job too.

A job he had to put years to attain.
Sitting there for a while and thinking about his past live, He feels the sun setting. And that was the time to go.

He walked back to the track he came from. His hand reaching his back and pulling out a gun he hid there, always. It's for safty. Ofcourse. And to kill if needed, which happens quite often in his work.

As a hit man and combatant, of the highest rank, working with the Russian-American Dealers.

Drug dealers.

A position he strived really hard to get, To achieve his ultimate goal. Well, He is going to, In a few days.

He was now riding back to the city, The sun had set and it was dark. Although the moon, which had just started to appear, was full and white, illuminating his passage.

Soon enough he entered the city where now the street lights were glowing. The roads were wet, as it had rained few hours ago. Seattle with it's huge buildings yet abandoned near the forests.

Not long, he heard some screams and yells, of a women. Instinctively he turned his attention to it and moved his bike towards the source.

'What could be wrong? Will the women be alright? Probably a kidnapping or sexual assault going on,' He thought as he sped up towards the source.

He didn't have time for all this but still a good deed before his big job could bring some good luck. So, he pulled out his gun from his back yet again whilst controlling the bike with the other hand.

Just as the scene came in his view, he slowed his bike and stared in front, hiding the gun back into his pants.

"Help! Excuse me, Mr...," Yelled the women.

He rolled his eyes, Moving the bike near the girl and the dogs that were barking at her, while she was trying to jump on the trunk of her car.

Street dogs!

He got off and picked up a few stones from the side and hurled the those at the dogs.

He, never wanting to hit them directly, so with his good aim, hit the grounds next to them, to scare them away.

Whinning, the dogs ran away. Sighing, He then eyed the girl, who was now getting off the car, looking funny. She got off and looked at him.

The girl had long brunette hairs, white skin, glowing in the night, red cheek and big doe brown eyes. She was wearing a viridian green top and brown pants, with high boots.

Looked like she was returning from a party.

Yet again rolling his eyes, he turned and walked back to his bike.

"Hey! Mr.,"

She called behind him but he didn't stop.

"I am talking to you, Black Shirt!"

She yelled again running behind him.

Squinting his eyes he stopped to look behind and as he turned the girl bumped into him.

"What the fu...," She balanced herself, and took some steps back.

"I need your help!"

"The dogs won't come back!" He said.

She was surprised by his voice, So deep and raspy. Although he was wearing a helmet and she couldn't see much of his face but the body he carried around, it was hot, she could see the muscles flex as he moved his arm.

Breaking from the charm, she said, "No, no, no, not the dogs, I...My tyre got punctured, Can you change it?"

"I don't have time!"

She frowned. That was rude.

"It won't take that long, I am alone and I need to get back home, please, My phone is dead too," She pleads making a puppy face. That always works on his dad and his uncle so it can work on this guy too.

"You realize, I am a stranger," He said. Is this a trick question, she thought.


"And you are telling me all this, An invitation to easily kidnap or probably kill you,"

Her eyes widen, Not in her wildest dreams she can thought of getting killed and standing in front of his, and him saying this so easily makes a shiver ran down her spine.

"I...I just need help!" She says.

"Besides, if you were a bad person, you wouldn't have saved me from the dogs,"

He looks at the girl who is constantly annoying her.

"I am getting late, Miss. So, if you will excuse me,"
He turns.

"I have never seen a person this rude," she whined.

But she decided in her mind that if anyone is going to change the tyre of her car, it will be him, no matter what.

He sits on his bike, but the girl had other plans.

She pulled out the key from his bike, hiding it in her hand.

"Are you a kid?" He said calmly.

"Change my tyre and you can have it," She had a smirk on her face.

He gets off his bike, swinging his leg over it with a charm.

"Give it back,"

"Change the tyre,"

She is just being so annoying. And he was in no mood to argue with her.

So, in a blink of a second, he pulls her arm, swirls her around, pulling her hand behind her back and squeeze thus she loosens the key and he grabs it.

She yelped in pain,

"What the hell, What is your problem?" She turned to face him and frowned.

"Learn to behave!" He said.

'If not this than that,' She thought. And pulled at his arm.

"Please, If I had another option I would have never forced you, But there is no one in sight, I am alone and My father would be worried at home, He really cares for me,"

Something clicked in his mind and he found himself agreeing to her. Probably the thought of her father getting distressed.

"You have a spare tyre?" He said. The girl smiled brightly.

"Yes," she said.

He moved his hand to helmet and removed it, his muscles flexed as he did.

As he removed it, she intook a deep breath.

'Oh Dear Lord!' She thought.

Damn! He is devilishly handsome. Dark hairs with soft curls, disheveled due to helmet, with contrasting dark blue eyes, long lashes, and a chiseled jaw covered with light stubble.

One that could be felt rough if touched with hand.

This should be illegal as soon as possible, she thought.

Thank god, she convinced him to help her, atleast she saw this face she would never forget.

He, ignoring her gape mouth, moved to the car. It was an Audi RS6

"Ummm....my name's Eleanor," she told him.

He ignored her and opened the trunk and pulled out the tyre, taking it to the flat tyre in the front. The he comes back and grabs the lug wrench and Jack from the car.

"What's your name?" She asked again. Still no reply.

Eleanor keeps on looking at him, and his muscles with clench and relax.

He clunches down and loosens the wheel nuts, he then lifts the car with the jack and removes the nuts from the wheel. Then replaced with the new one.

He then went to place the tyre back in the trunk and closed it.

The nut from the vibration of the car slipped on the road and came running down. He saw as Eleanor stepped on it and she was about to slip when she grabbed him. He tried to catch her and balance himself at the same time but she slipped due to her heels and slippery road and fell in the mud puddle.

He sighed, grabbed the nut from the ground which caused her to slip, and walked by her side and continued what he was doing, grabbing the nuts and tightening it to the wheel.

She, sitting in the mud, looked at her clothes all dirty. And hurried herself up. She was now boiling with anger.

He, instead of grabbing me and saving me from falling, didn't even helped me up from this puddle.

"No one taught you any manners right! You! I grabbed you for help but you didn't helped me, instead let me fell. And then you didn't even had the mere politeness to offer me a hand. First I had a fight with my best friend on her birthday, cause she invited the person I hate the most, her brother. And then my car had to get a flat tyre. Then you twisted my hand, being the ill-mannered pig you are, it's still hurting and now because of your inattentiveness, this nut slipped and then I slipped. After all this stupid things You did, YOU DIDN'T HAD THE COURTESY TO HELP ME UP, YOU CORN FACED CARROT,"

Corn faced Carrot?! He thought as he was done with his job.

He stood up.

"Oh You don't even have anything to say now? She said, her face red from all the yelling she did.

"Were you talking to me?" He said, now turning his attention to her.

She, now getting more vexed, stomped her foot to the ground.

"Ughhhh I hate you!"

"My pleasure,"

Just as she was about to yell something, A car came from the corner and stopped in front of them.

The Guy, as he eyed the car, his expressions changed.

"Vitalee Interprises"

It was written on the car plate.

'What are these people doing here?' He thought as his forhead creased more and more. He clenched his hands.

A man black got out.

"Miss Vitalee," He called out eyeing the guy.

"Mr. Vitalee is worried for you, Your car was stopped on this desolate road for an half an hour, Are you okay?"

"How do you know my car was parked here, Uncle?"

"Trackers!" He answered.

"Oh, Actually my tire got punctured and this guy helped me change it,"

"Now get inside, Miss. I need to get you home," He said.

She sat in the car with her dirty clothes, pulled out her tongue at him, whilst The man closed the door and turned his attention to him.

"You need money,"

Rolling his eyes, he walked away from the car to his bike and sat on it, and rode away.
These people, what else could be expected from them but money always wandering in their minds.

Soon enough, he reached back to his apartment. It was a rather smaller one. A lounge, leading to a small bedroom with attached washroom, and a kitchen, along with a mini balcony.

He liked it small and cozy. Minimalist furniture and warm lights.

He sat on the sofa, closing his eyes and taking in a deep breath.

This was all a facade, he thought. No one knows how much wealth he has and stores and his businesses and mansions. Yet again he has to be undercover, to complete the mission he has assigned.
Hola, How do you like the 1st chapter of 'AND HIS HEART BETRAYED' The updates will be scheduled as one update in 8 days. I hope you guys like it and do leave a comment.

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