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Shadows of the moon

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Sarah Hauxurst, a single mother of 2, is no stranger to the paranormal. Haunted by dreams of a life back when the gods mingled with man. She may have been a princess but she was also to be the next goddess Selene... until the memories end that has haunted her since she was a small child. She was determined to be better, to be stronger this time. Sam Greenwitch started his little ghost hunting show as a way to escape his own ghost. A beautiful woman who seems so desperate for him to hear her, to stay with her but fades away every time he tries to say or do anything to let her know he's there. But this new Halloween episode has got his ghost even more bold. Is he closer to her secrets finally?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

She sat in her bedroom combing her long lite red hair. Nanny ran in visibly flustered, "He's here, he's back! Hurry, finish with that, let me." She said not meaning to sound harsh.

"It's alright Nanny, he'll still be there in a few minutes." Selene said with a laugh.

Nanny fused with her hair, tying it up so it feel to her knees not the flour. After that was satisfactory she looked Selene up and down, tugged her dress a little to the right, "perfect" she mermered to herself, and finally let her ward free.

It wasn't lady like to run but she couldn't help herself, she hadn't seen him in almost a mounth, her heart was pounding in her head and in her throat. Half way down the main stairs one of the footmen coughed and she slowed. He smiled as she passed and turned the corner to mother's study. The door was open a crack, not only mother, and Endymion's voices coming from beyond.

"But your majesty," Mal, the leader of Endymion's knights, was saying. "The leader of the uprising seems to have a power we have never encountered before."

"General," this time it was mother that spoke, "you have never seen what this kingdom is capable of. My people and I have powers too. So dose Selene, though she has yet to discover them. Though I hoped she would not have to be forced into finding it, Endymion dear, you need to help her. My love..."

Selene leaned closer trying to hear. 'What are they talking about', she thought. It went dark, her head pounding. "Selene, Selene, Selene..."


"Selene! Selene! Selene! Open the door!"

Sarah opened one eye to see the red numbers that read 6:38am. "Selene I need to pee!"

"Padrik stop." Sarah said.

"Mom I gotta pee and Selene won't get out." He whined.

"Selene out now! It's too early for this."

"Momma he's won't leave me alone!"

"Mom she's leaning on the door!"

"STOP! Selene off the door, Padrik stand still and be patient."

Life never seemed to go as she imagined, her dreams did little to help, always the same dreams over and over. He was always helping her there, making things simple, or making her feel... she sivered with the hint of pleasure the memory invoked.

"Why can't I ever get him out of my mind?" Sarah asked herself. "He's not real no matter how much I want him to be, not here."

She had thought in her younger years that he was real, she was the Princess Selene, and he was here somewhere. That he would come and save her from the family that didn't understand her. At one time she even thought she had found him, but obviously James hadn't been him or she wouldn't be raising two kids on her own. He wasn't real, not in the here and now.

Sarah decided not to even try to get more sleep, it was futile. So she rummaged around in her room till breakfast time, which ment an omlet for Padrik and waffels for Selene. They never made it easy for her, unless she was sick.

As they finnished eating Sarah's mom, Nancy, pulled up to take the kids to school. Beep beep, ment Sarah needed to come out too.

"Hey ma what's goin on?"

"There's somthing going on at the old hotel. I think it's gonna be big, theres four large vans with what look like movie people runnin around um and a crew cleanin it." Nancy said mater of fact, she was a big gosip.

"I'll see it when I go on my run in an hour. I'll see you for lunch later?"

"No, sorry sweets, gotta go to Sac this afternoon. Which reminds me, you'll need to get the kids today."

"Alright, thanks ma, see you later."

The next six hours were used to straighten up the house, a jog around town while the laundry ran, folding and puting away said laundry. She saw the vans two of which held the logo of her favorite paranormal investigation group. Which ment they would be having the live halloween episode here this year. How cool that would be to see the old hotel on tv and maybe convence the owners, later, to let her and her friends investigate it too.


Sam Greenwitch awoke with a lerch, a sweaty miss. His nightmares kept gitting worse the closer halloween got. He drug himself out of bed and into an almost scalding shower. The dream running through his head so he couldn't remember wether or not he had washed his hair. After three shampoos, he didnt care anymore and climbed out. A figure in the mirror had him frozen. "Dymion, I can't live without you!" And she plunged the sword in her chest.

"NOO!" Sam screemed as he wiped the mirror to revail his own pale petrified face stareing back as him. "I can't take this much longer, it's gonna kill me."

His team was jokeing over the continental breakfast when Sam walked in.

"Hey boss you look like the walking dead. People will think we've got a full body aperition the moment we come on." Phil jested to lighten the grimm look on Sam's face. Which earned him a glance full of daggers.

Sam ate in silence, he had had a feeling that they should come a few days early just to get a feel of the place. But now all he wanted to do was leave. 'What if this place is why the dreams have gotten worse?' He thought. 'Maybe this is where it happened, where she's calling to you from.' He tried to dround the thoughts with his mp3s but to no avail. So he dreged back up to his room to brood.

Standing at his window he watched the world go by, seeming like he wasn't a part of it. His heart thumped faster when he saw a redhead run by with a side glance at the vans and a smile he could just make out from the distance. 'What was that?' He stood smileing, confused from the serge of enotions out of no where. Who was she? What had caused that? More questions he may never have answers to.


The phone rang call id read Alissa Mosca. "Hey lil sis what's goin on?"

"Not much," Alissa's voice was soft and child like though she was just 11 mounths Sarah's junior. "What are you doing for halloween?"

"I was just going to take the kids around and watch dreamie Sam investigate our hotel live. Why?"

"Mom's holding her usual halloween party. Which she won't let me NOT come to, so I convenced her to let me bring a friend. Please say you can. Please, please!"

"Lissy I can't say yes, not yet, I'll have to see if mom can watch the kids and I don't know. She might have plans..."

"Wate a sec. Did you say Sam is investigating our hotel? OUR HOTEL, our hotel? You meen our must investigate old as the city it's self hotel?"

"Yes, that hotel. I saw the vans myself just an hour ago. Two A.M.P. vans and two vans I'm guessing are production crew and equipment."

"EEEEEE! So awesome! We gotta go see if we can get an autograph or tour of their equipment or something. I want to touch him." Sarah, suprised she could hear after Alissa's blood curdleing scream, couldn't help but laugh at the last.

"Sure you don't want to jump him while your at it? I'm shure he gets propositioned all the time from crazy fans like you."

"You know you'd like to too."

"But here the diffrence, I made my mistake in men long ago and I don't plan on repeating it any time soon."

"Hunny, not all men are like James. You've gotta open up sooner or later, mama wouldn't have wanted this."

And there was her little reminder of her dream world. Alissa has had similar dreams but she was Selene's sister, Selena. Alissa alone knew the real reason why Sarah had named her daughter Selene.

"Sissy I can't think about that, every time I do I want to go back and change it all." Sarah began to cry.

"Just hold on, I'll come over."

She was there in three minutes. And walked right in, like always nothing seperated them. Sitting beside Sarah, she wraped her arms around her and cried too. "We've got to be stronger sissy, mama knew we could find each other and be happy. We just have to fight harder for it this time round."

"But I'm not strong enough. I couldn't live without him then how am I saposed to now?" She said gasping unable to stop crying. "How am I saposed to find him now, it's not like he's got a sign hanging from his neck saying prince fucking charming. If he was even sent here like us. Maybe he wasn't just to punnish me for what I did."

"Killing yourself shouldn't cause you to loose your soulmate forever. Besides, you are strong enough now, look what you've done so far." Lissy paused and gestured to the house and pictures of the kids. "One mistake in a man changed your life, now you are stronger than you ever were."

"He ither isn't alive or he's so far away I'll never find him. Besides I've got a great life here now." She dried her tears and calmed her voice.

"Really, then why are you crying about the past hun? Theres something missing, you know that. Now lets clean us up and go see what those para-studs are doing at our hotel."

Sarah laughed at her sister, seeing why she could never be upset around her. 'It was real and I just have to live knowing what I did. It is my punishment.'

Fourty five minutes later Alissa was finally satisfied with how they both looked, having made Sarah change three times. And borrowing a pair of kick ass boots that went three quarters of the way up to her mini skirt.

"Where did you get these? Can I have them? I want them soo bad."

Sarah responded in step, "They were given to me, no you can't, and wahh their mine."


By the time they got to the hotel Alissa was wishing she hadn't borrowed the kick ass boots, no mater how hot they were. Sarah knowing what Alissa was thinking couldn't help but smile. She stoped short when she looked up ahead of them. There he was, his presence on tv was captivating but in person it was over powering. "Lissy they're busy lets come back later." She said her heart pounding in her ears.

"Are you crazy, I didn't walk all this way to turn around and have my feet kick my own ass for not giting anything out of it." Alissa said clearly flustered, with a wince of pain in her voice.

"Then take off those boots, please, can we go?"

"Not if this life depended on it." The look she shot Sarah had her giggleing, made her forget about who was infront of them, and what he was doing to her.

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