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Homeward Bound

Chapter 19: Homeward Bound

I was in that ward for a week before I was allowed to leave. U.O.K.’s reading week had just begun Valentine’s Day, but now it was ending and my dad was not allowing me back in the school. He was able to gather all my things I needed for the big journey home and he was able to fit it all in my black MEC bag. Dr. Window told me that the moment I left the province, my Mental Health Act charge would be dropped.

I hadn’t spoken much the whole week I had been in the ward and Alice’s artistic journey didn’t seem to be so prevalent in the hospital. I wondered if she had really issued a restraining order on me or maybe she was just keeping her distance so I could get better. Was it possible that she actually thought I needed this ward to get better?

“Are you all packed?” asked my dad as he came into my room while I was buttoning up a red buttoned-down shirt.

“Yep,” I replied.

“Great. I’m just going to wash my hands.” I nodded as he headed towards the bathroom. But soon he was coming out and he didn’t look happy. “Art, did you write this on the bathroom wall?” At first I was confused, but then realized what he was talking about when he pointed to my writing. “I’m so happy you’re coming home.”

It was hard trying to hide Alice’s game in front of my dad, but there was barely anything to discover when I boarded the WestJet flight to Toronto. Sure, there were some girls with blue eyes and some other brown haired girls. Some girls even had brown hair and blue eyes, but besides that I didn’t see much. And as the plane took off from the ground, I wondered if I was leaving Alice and the entire art experience behind.

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