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Chapter 26: York

My parents wanted me to get an education and so at the beginning of September, I attended York University. It was the first university that would accept me and I didn’t think it would hurt going back to school, especially a new school and meeting new friends.

The first day was O.K., as it was just meets and greets. I had only decided to take three courses, as last year had been so overwhelming apparently. But I was done arguing with my parents about what had happened in Kelowna. A new year was ahead of me and I was excited.

Thankfully, I was able to take three courses because of my “mental breakdown”. I was now part of the Counselling & Disabilities Services at York because of what had happened in Kelowna and also because I had been diagnosed with A.D.D.

Walsh had recommended I see a psychologist just to see if I in fact did have some sort of disability that would allow my school year to be more enjoyable. Well, I had A.D.D. and when Dr. Jaxon Steacle diagnosed me, he told me that many people had it and so there was not much to worry about. Thankfully, I didn’t have to take any pills (still would not take Seroquel), as Dr. Steacle believed that my A.D.D. wasn’t gravely serious and besides, it was up to me to decide if I wanted to take pills. Even my mom didn’t object with Steacle, which I found to be quite shocking. But I thanked the man and walked out of the testing room.

And now that I was at York, I wondered what would happen now. What kind of journey would Alice send me on? Over the summer, there hadn’t been much activity. I had seen some red cars, gone to some restaurants thanks to some notes (it was odd that all the handwriting seemed to be done by the same person), but nothing that extreme. Nothing like Kelowna.

But I had developed this idea that wherever I went, I would bring along my iPod. My red iPod (seemed I really liked the colour red even when my actual favourite colour was blue) and the first song that played the minute I stood outside Vari Hall was “Parachute” by Train. It was a song from a different playlist. A different life. But it still suited this one. I smiled as I walked into the circular hall. What would the new school year bring?

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