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The Bike Ride

Chapter 29: The Bike Ride

It was early September and so it hadn’t become frigid cold yet. On Tuesday, I didn’t have class so I decided to bike to the waterfront. I hadn’t biked since two summers ago because Alice’s adventure took up a lot of my time and biking I hadn’t really thought of. But now that it was fall and I felt that Alice and I were drifting apart (metaphysically), I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to start biking again.

So I grabbed my Trek out of the garage, strapped on my helmet, and proceeded to bike down Yonge Street. It was seven in the morning so there were barely any cars on the road. I had packed for the ride with a CLIF Bar stuffed in my neon orange jacket and a water bottle in the holder on my bike. The clouds were threatening rain, but I ignored them as I passed Lawrence Avenue and continued southward.

As I passed Rosedale, “Hold On” by Wilson Philips began blasting from my headphones, but I hadn’t chosen the song; it had just come with the Genius playlist that iTunes, or more correctly, Alice chose for me. But again, I was really trying to move on from Alice and was trying to believe her little adventure less and less no matter how many red cars I saw.

Since I had hit Rosedale, love songs had begun playing and although I was trying to move on from Alice, I was beginning to doubt myself. I decided to visit my high school because it was the time in my life where I felt myself and everything didn’t feel like it was falling a part in front of me.

When I got there, I noticed the building right away. The same grey and rusted red that had been harbouring me for four years was still standing. I parked my bike by the black gate, locked it up, and proceeded to walk around the now faded track. As I walked on the number 2 track, I thought back to the times in Gym class when we had to do the twenty-minute run. I always felt I was about to spit out my lungs or that they were going to explode from too much air after the run.

I smiled as “Kiss on My List” by Hall & Oates began playing. Maybe Alice was gone, because the music was different. There seemed to be fewer songs that seemed to hide secrets and just showcase love. But there could also be secrets in love and that’s what this whole journey was formed from, right? Love. It really was the same story but the music had changed. And a part of me wanted to keep going on this crazy journey, but I knew I could have an actual mental breakdown because of it.

But then something happened on the way back from my ride. After I reached the waterfront and watched the boats for a bit, I headed back and decided to take Jarvis Street rather than Yonge Street as it was bordering nine A.M. and I knew the traffic would be disastrous especially for a biker.

But as I approached the corner of Jarvis and Dundas Street East, I noticed this red Dodge truck. I thought the red truck was a sign, but I was wrong. The vehicle came speeding down Jarvis Street about to head through the red light. I had moments to react. Like James Bond, I quickly hopped off my bike and balanced my bike on the road before driving it forward. Once I let go of the seat, I ran west down Dundas Street East as the truck hit the incoming bike—no passengers or pedestrians were injured by the motorized object as the truck stopped dead in the middle of the intersection.

As I ran, I grinned. I’m a badass, but a badass who protects the law.

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