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The Plane Ride

Chapter 40: The Plane Ride

“Kid, wake up,” said the bus driver as he shook me awake.

I opened my eyes to see the kind brown eyes of an aging man. His smile seemed to speak the love he had lived with. “The Finish Line” by Train was playing and then he said it, “Here we are at the finish line. Now, go get her.”

I rubbed my eyes and looked out the bus window. The bus had parked itself in front of the Pearson Airport and we were parked just outside the Departures section.


“You understand perfectly,” the bus driver said finishing my sentence. “Now, get out of my bus. I actually have to go back to Finch Station.”

Soon, I was off the bus and watching the sixty drive away. Standing outside the Departures door, I knew what I had to do.

“I guess this is it,” I said out loud and headed through the Departures doors.

“Jet Lag” by Simple Plan began playing as I walked up to the Air Canada counter. But then I stopped. Yes, “Jet Lag” was playing and yes, in the music video Simple Plan performed in front of the Air Canada counter. But not all the signs had to be so literal.

“Sorry,” I said tapping the counter. “Wrong airline.” And then I walked up to the WestJet counter. “Hi, I would like to buy a ticket to—”

“Edmonton?” asked the cashier.

Edmonton! Why Edmonton?! “Yes,” I said hesitantly. “One ticket to Edmonton, please.” What’s in Edmonton?

“One-way or round-trip?”

“One-way, please.” But she never asked me to pay.

“Here you go,” she said after she had printed my ticket. “Have a great flight.”

I nodded as if it was customary for me to receive free plane tickets. “You have yourself a great day,” I grinned.

“You as well, Art.”

I didn’t even look back when she said my name, just kept on walking through.

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