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The outsiders

Chapter 41: The outsiders

When the plane landed, a taxicab was waiting for me outside the Arrivals gate. Like in Kelowna, I thought. Except I hadn’t asked to go to Kelowna, I had asked to go to Edmonton and I still wasn’t sure why. I opened the cab’s passenger door and sat beside the cabdriver as if I had ordered the car ahead of time.

“New Norway?” asked the cabdriver.

Huh?” I said as we started driving.

“Oh, is that not where you want to go?” said the cabdriver now looking a little bit worried that he had picked up the wrong passenger.

“No, no. That’s where I’m going,” I said a bit sceptical.

New Norway. Man, Canada had strange names for places. But it didn’t take that long to get there. And when we pulled up to a very dusty looking house that had a muddy red Dodge truck parked in front of it, the cabdriver let me out.

“It ends soon,” he told me as he refused any cash I flashed in his face. I just waved to the man as he drove back the way we had come.

Great, now what? I thought as I stood in the dust. And that’s when a blue Mini Cooper Convertible pulled up behind the truck. And guess who was behind the wheel? Alice Sterling.

She got out of her car and approached me. “I want to know your story.”

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