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"Don't you ever touch me. Only Julian has the right to touch me," Augustus Riviero gritted out, full of distaste, as he pushed the man with tear-filled eyes out of his way. "I am Julian, Master August," he whispered and clutched his chest when excruciating pain pierced through. A confusing and perplexing emotion for Julian Russo. *** Ever since he was five years old, Julian Russo swore to serve only one master in his lifetime, and that person is Augustus Riviero, the heir of the Riviero clan, one of the branch family of the Morelli's. Julian was the one who took care of Augustus since he was a baby, even after Augustus assumed the position as the head of their family, Julian was there. Theirs was an unbreakable bond. It was more than being a servant and a master relationship. However, one tragic accident happened to Julian, and that heartbreaking accident caused the strong bond of the two to fall apart.

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Riviero’s Residence,
a few years ago

“Julian, that baby the Mistress is holding will be your master,” the head butler of the family informed the five-year-old Julian who was staring at the Mistress cradling her newborn baby. “You will protect him with your life, and you only exist to serve him.”

It may be harsh from an outsider’s point of view, but not for Julian. He has seen his father doing a great job of serving the master of the family. It’s their main reason for existence; to make sure that the masters of the Riviero family will be guided well even until after they assumed their position.

It has been the Russo family’s role for a few generations, and Julian can’t wait to do his job. After all, his father has been training Julian since last year, starting by proper manners and etiquette. It was not hard for Julian because of his above-average intelligence which made his father proud.

The Mistress chuckled when she heard the conversation. “Oh come on, Joe, stop being so uptight,” she playfully admonished the head butler, making Joe smile.

“Hello, little Julian. Do you want to see baby August?” Julian glanced at his father, and when Joe ruffled Julian’s hair, the boy grinned.

“Go on. He’s your master, after all.”

What his father said made Julian’s eyes sparkle and a warm feeling blossomed in his chest. “My master,” Julian breathed out and turned his attention to the yawning baby.

Julian slowly walked towards his master and was instantly entranced when his master’s piercing gray eyes with a fleck of blue pierced through Julian. It’s as if Julian was struck by lightning, as he promised himself that he will do anything to make his master, Augustus Riviero, happy.

“Oh my,” the Mistress exclaimed. “I have never seen Baby August crack a smile. He must like you so much, Julian,” she added, making the boy smile and Joe chuckle.

“Hello, Master August. My name is Julian, and I will do my best to make you happy,” Julian said with a smile and glanced at the Mistress, asking permission to touch his master.

“Go on. Looks like he is fond of you.”

Julian nodded excitedly and carefully touched his master’s tiny hands, then let out a soft gasp when August grabbed Julian’s index finger.

“Master!” Baby August yawned and his grip on Julian’s finger tightened.

This is one of the best moments of Julian’s life; the moment where Augustus accepted Julian as his attendant.

Seven years later
Riviero’s Residence, Lakeside

“Master! Your English tutor reported to me that you skipped your class again,” Julian called out to his young master and sat beside the boy who was throwing pebbles on the lake.

Augustus turned and the piercing gray eyes looked straight into Julian. Even Julian gets intimidated by the way Augustus’s eyes bore into Julian’s soul.

At seven years old, Augustus was not the typical, naughty kid his age. There was an aura of maturity that surrounds him, especially if the boy is around the family, but Julian is an exception. Augustus does everything he needs to get Julian’s attention, and it made him feel superior whenever Julian chooses him over anybody.

At twelve years old, Julian grew to be more beautiful. His silky, jet-black hair and his light-brown eyes were Augustus’s favorite sight. Julian was slender and fair-skinned, and utterly submissive. All Julian wants is to serve his one and only master. Kids of Julian’s age were also whispering how they find Julian attractive, and that irritated Augustus.

Even Augustus’s English tutor was attracted to Julian. That’s the main reason why the tutor religiously goes to the Riviero’s to teach the most difficult child he had had ever met.

“Master...” Julian scooted closer to Augustus and combed the latter’s hair to to tidy it. “Is there a problem?”

“I don’t like that that English tutor. He only comes here just so he can see you, Julian. Fire him!” The young master gritted out, startling Julian.

“But Master... I’m a boy.” Julian has a feeling that his master could be wrong, but Augustus was never wrong.

The young master stood up and turned his back against Julian. “If you won’t do it, I will.” Julian gasped out loud and got on his feet, as he followed Augustus with hurried steps.

“Master, please wait!” Augustus ignored Julian and entered the mansion, his feet leading him back to the library where the tutor was at.

Augustus slammed the door open, startling the man who was busy writing notes for his next lesson. “Young master.”

“James, your job is done. As planned, everything will be taken care of.” Augustus could hear Julian’s footsteps getting nearer, so he nodded at James.

James nodded and his gentle expression turned harsh and angry. “How dare you?! You’re just a brat! What can you do? Fire me? Huh. As if you can,” James said with a smirk while Augustus rolled his eyes.

Julian was able to hear James’s loud voice and his heart filled with so much worry. “No.
Master!” Julian picked up his pace and ran to the library, right in time for Augustus to be slapped and falling on the floor from the impact.

“Master!” Horror filled Julian’s expression, as he rushed to Augustus’s side, his eyes watering when he saw his master’s cheek turning red from the hit. With tears in his eyes, Julian snapped to James with the coldest glare he could muster.

“How dare you?! Get out! Before I ordered the guards to kill you on the spot.”

James blanched and almost tripped on his way out, but not without giving Augustus a side glance.

Julian kneeled in front of Augustus and silently cried, his head bowed down, and his hands clutching his pants. It was his fault. If he knew beforehand that this was going to happen, then his master won’t get hurt.

Augustus sat straight and winced when his cheek stung. It was a very hard hit, and Augustus is not invincible nor numb. The young master heaved a deep sigh and stared at Julian blankly.

“Julian.” Julian flinched and more tears flowed when he heard his master’s neutral tone.

“I’m s-so sorry. If only I believed you, none of this would happen. I’m so sorry, master. I am unfit to be your servant. I thought that it would be better for you if someone other than me took charge of your academics. I should’ve known. I’m so sorry, master,” Julian cried out in between sobs, feeling so guilty about the whole situation.

What happened was a huge blunder, and that would mean that Julian could be replaced by another servant. Knowing that breaks Julian’s heart. He will not let that happen. His master is only Augustus Riviero, and he will do everything to be beside him.

“Julian. Look at me.”

Julian shook his head and bit his lip to stifle his sobs. “M-Master. Please don’t throw me away. I will do everything. Please,” Julian sobbed and was startled when Augustus’s hand grabbed Julian’s trembling ones.

“This is an order. Look at me, Julian,” Augustus ordered. Julian hiccuped and roughly wiped his tears using the sleeves of his coat, then bravely lifted his gaze despite the loud thumping of his chest.

“I won’t throw you away, Julian. You are mine, and I am yours. No one can take you away from me. I, Augustus Riviero of the Riviero clan, give you my word.”

Julian gaped and more tears flowed. That’s the highest form of commitment one can ever receive. The Rivieros have one word; that one promise basically cemented Julian’s place in Augustus’s life.

“M-Master! You scared me!” Julian was not able to contain his emotions and bawled out of relief. Julian rested his head on Augustus’s shoulder and cried so hard, with Augustus rubbing Julian’s back.

“I will never leave your side ever again, Master,” Julian promised with a sniffle, and let go of the tension in his body.

“You’ll be my tutor again, right? You don’t want to see me getting hit again, right?”

Julian lifted his head and leaned back. With a look full of determination, Julian nodded and locked his gaze with Augustus’s gray eyes. “I promise, Master. I, Julian Russo, swore on my life never to leave Augustus Riviero, my one and only master.”

Augustus subtly smirked and reached for Julian’s hand. Julian might be taller by a few inches, but Augustus promised to himself that he will grow taller and stronger, so no one can take Julian away from him.

On the other hand, Julian swore to himself that whatever happens, he will never leave Augustus’s side, even if the latter decided to throw him away.

“Master, let’s ice your cheek. Is there anything else that you would want to do today?”

Julian stood up and shook his head. “Just let me lie on your lap, Julian. I would be satisfied with that.”

“Of course, Master!” Julian’s somber expression was replaced with a cheerful one, as he led his master, hand in hand, to his master’s bedroom.

Augustus examined Julian’s expression and smiled victoriously. His plan was, after all, a success. There are no more bugs flying around Julian.

“Father is right. I need the power to keep you by my side, Julian; and the place beside me is right where you should always be,” the young master whispered and smiled. A genuine one.


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