The Enemy's Ex-Wife

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A Mafia Story Leila Romano is Giovanni Russo's wife.. until she runs away from home after secretly getting divorced from him. She had been abused for some years and finally had enough. She decided to go to the González's in New York for help, and there, she meets Demetrio González. * * * What happens when Leila intentionally runs to the González's to seek refuge and safety, knowing that the González's & the Russo's are in war? ©️Copyrights, Senoradenna. All rights reserved

Romance / Mystery
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* * *

All I could hear is my breathing.

I kept running like there was no tomorrow. My home…or my ex-home, was in the middle of the forest. No houses or shops surround it. If someone wanted to commit murder, that was the perfect place because no one would find out. That’s how empty the forest was because it only belonged to one person and that’s my ex-husband; Giovanni Russo.

No one has found that I had escaped…at least not yet because no one was following me.

I kept running, and could hear its growls coming from animals that I have never seen or heard in the forest, as I was always locked up inside the house, not allowed to go anywhere unless instructed to.

I was so scared, but believe it or not, I was more scared of my ex-husband finding me…than those animals.

* * *

— 2 Hours Earlier -

“I will miss you,” Alberto said, hugging me.

“I will miss you too, Alberto,” I cried. “I don’t know why you’re doing this, but thank you. I apologize for whatever shit comes to your head because of me.”

“I cannot sit here and do nothing. You were abused. Your skin is full of scars. Deep scars, Leila. I will not forgive myself for not stopping him before.”

“Don’t say that it's not your fault Alberto,” I replied, as I wiped the tears away.

“Now take this money and wait for me to get the papers signed. Don’t forget to take a sandwich and a pair of clothes,” he instructed, giving me a small bag of money.

I nodded, taking the money from him.

He strolled out of my room and I quickly packed a small backpack and put everything in it. My passport wasn’t with me, of course. Giovanni hid it because I tried to escape before, but failed, so he took it. But, I found it. He thought that I am naive and stupid, but I pay attention very well. I found it in his office, hidden between the books on the shelf that no one touches.

I waited for 30 minutes when suddenly the door opened and Alberto walked in.

“Did you get it?” I stood up, putting my hand on my heart, scared of his answer.

“Yes. You are finally divorced,” he replied with a smile and I ran to him and hugged him.

“Thank you so much, Alberto. I will forever be debited to you.”

“Don’t worry about it-now go, Leila. Go and never look back,” he said softly, patting my cheek.

“I will help you get out of this,” I said.

“Save yourself and forget about me.”

I gave him one last hug and left.

I slowly made my way outside the house without anyone noticing. I am an expert now, but Alberto helped me by informing the guards; who stood in front of the house, that there was an intruder in the garden. They all ran there so that I have the opportunity to leave.

I looked behind me and found no one, that’s when I ran so fast before anyone saw me.

I kept running like there’s no tomorrow. All I could hear is me breathing.

After an hour of running and walking fast, I arrived at the main street. I saw cars come and go. I quickly saw a taxi and hailed it.

Once he stopped, I quickly opened the door and hopped in.

“Where to, ma’am?”


I was going to New York. I wanted to be safe, but also wanted revenge. That’s why I am going to the Gonzalez’s. They used to live in Spain, but they moved to the U.S. Only Valentina & Gabriel Gonzalez; Lorenzo González’s parents, stayed in Spain.

Lorenzo and his family lived in the US. I was going there to talk to them. I needed their help. I knew at first they would not believe me, but I had to convince them someway. I wanted to do anything to make them help me because I was so desperate.

Desperation makes a person do crazy things.

After half an hour, we arrived. I paid the Taxi driver and stepped out of the car.

I walked into the airport and made my way to the check-in. There’s a girl sitting behind a desk, talking on the phone. Once she saw me standing in front of her, she immediately ended her phone call and paid attention to me.

“Salve, come posso aiutarla?” She asked.
(Hello, how can I help you?)

“Ciao, vorrei prenotare il primo biglietto per New York.” (Hello, I would like to book the first ticket to New York).

“Certo, solo un secondo.” (Sure, just a second).

“C’é un aereo tra 30 minuti, ti andrebbe di prenderlo?” (There’s a plane in 30 minutes. Would you like to take it).

“Sì, per favore” I gave her my passport and then paid for the ticket. (Yes, please).

“Grazie.” (Thanks)

I made my way inside and made my way to the gate. I looked at my ticket, and it said, ‘22’. I was the last to enter the plane since it is going to fly in 30 minutes.

I stepped into the plane and found my seat.

“Please fasten your seat-belts, the plane is getting ready to depart,” the flight attendant said. I fastened my seat-belt and settled in.

It will be a very long ride, but it’s a worthy fucking one.

* * *

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