Fleeing The Scene

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They say houses can hold a lot of secrets, the only way those secrets get revealed is if you're brave enough to open the door. Paige and her group of friends decide to buy a house together, they settle on a older looking home that would need a lot of work. They were living the dream, until that dream turned into a nightmare. Enter to the stage, John Rickman. A huge drug lord who had been hiding his money in the older looking home, who doesn't take too kindly to discover all his money missing. The group have to go on the run to save their lives, but trouble somehow always follows. They settle down in a off the grid type of village, where they were about to learn why it was so off the grid. Lies, murder and pain consume the village they thought would be safe. Forcing the friends to make decisions they would regret for the rest of their lives. They wanted a fresh start, but it was far from the start they were expecting.

Romance / Mystery
Beth Venning
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Chapter One

I love running it makes me feel free, it's a time where I can just forget about all my problems to focus on where I'm going and the people I'm seeing. Running down the familiar roads and paths brings me so much joy.

Once I arrive at the park, I slow my pace to a little jog where Mrs Sutton, sat on the bench feeding the birds, I slow my pace once again to a walk, pulling my earphones out my ears.

"Having a nice run Miss Bryant?" She asks holding a full water bottle up with a lovely smile, I take the bottle returning the smile sitting beside her on the bench.

"Not my best time but it's been okay" I smile taking a sip of the water, while she throws more bird seed to the little birds who quickly eat it.

"Don't focus on time my dear, trust me that goes quickly without you keeping track of it" she smiles looking over at me, with a smile I look to the floor as she places her hand on my knee "aren't you moving into the huge house today?" She asks making conversation, I'm actually meant to be there helping right now, but I can't start my day without my run.

"Yep, my friends are already there" I smile looking down at my watch, I should have been there 20 minutes ago, let's hope they're not too annoyed.

"What did I tell you about the time?" She asks with a little smile but leans back into the bench "I better let you get off then you have a busy day, same time tomorrow?" She asks but she already knew the answer, I nod thanking her for the water before continuing my run out of the park and towards our new house.

Once I arrive, I see the moving trucks and men lugging the boxes of our things into the old new house my friends and I brought. We all wanted a fresh start and figured why not buy a house together? It took us a while to find the right one or one in our price range, but surprisingly, this was dirt cheap which was shocking for what it was. I stop as I make it to the trucks, where Cameron and Brendon were looking through boxes, Cameron not looking happy from afar and as I got closer, it only confirmed it as he spoke to Brendon annoyed.

"I had my books packed in alphabetical order, so when I move them into my bedroom I can put them onto my bookshelf easily, but you have gone and mixed them all up, my hours of packing have been wasted by your incompetence!" he shouts looking through the cardboard boxes on the floor and the truck, Brendon just stood there telling him it wasn't a big deal, which makes Cameron even angrier.

"Cam what's up?" I ask pausing my music to stand next to him, he looks over still annoyed dropping his books into the boxes.

"Well Paige, my day has not gone to a very good start, I ordered everything in these boxes so when I get to my new bedroom it would be a swift and easy sort" he starts pointing at all the boxes on the ground, he had a ton of books which he's collected over the years "but this man, just threw them onto the ground mixing them up and causing my hours of work to be ruined" he finishes pointing towards Brendon who holds his hands up in surrender, not many people know how to deal with Cameron.

"Okay calm down, how about you put all these boxes in your room and once everything is taken into the house, I'll come in and help you sort it all out, two pairs of hands are better than one" I suggest placing my hand on his shoulder with a soft smile, he looks down nodding picking the boxes up.

"I don't know why that man has even moved in, we don't know him, he's just Danny's irritating older brother" he mutters to himself, as he walks away with his mixed up box of books.

"Sorry about him, he just likes to have things done the way he likes and if they're not, he gets rather annoyed" I say to a dumbfounded Brendon, who just stood there holding one of Cameron's books in his hands.

"You're telling me, I moved one box out the truck and he lost his mind, he kept saying I was just an incompetent fool who didn't know how to handle other peoples property" he exclaims surprised, as Danny runs out the house picking a box up waving at me.

"Paige you're here! I was wondering where you got too, my bedroom is huge much bigger than the one at my parents" he smiles standing in front of me but stares at the book in his brothers hand "you didn't touch Cameron's stuff did you? I should have given you the Cameron talk before" he sighs looking over at Brendon, while Cameron makes his way out the house and towards us angrily.

"Yes, maybe for both of our sakes you should have, some people don't know how to treat antique books" he remarks taking the book out of Brendon's hand with a hard look, picking a different box up walking it into the house.

"Wow it's gonna take you a while to get into his good books, good luck bro" Danny laughs walking the box in his hand towards the house, leaving Brendon and I by the trucks.

"Just ask Cameron what books are good to read and you'll be straight into his good books" I say picking my box up off the ground with a smile "and for the record, I think it's great you're moving in, I mean none of us would know what to do if the power ever went out" I smile trying to make him feel better, walking towards the house leaving him alone by the truck.

As I walk in, Annabelle was on the phone walking up and down by the entrance of the stairs, she sends me a little wave but puts her finger up pointing to the phone.

"Yes daddy the house is perfect for us, no daddy I don't need one of your men to set up high tech security, it's a safe neighbourhood" she says but rolls her eyes at me, I laugh a little as she continues, her dad is insanely rich! "okay daddy I better go to settle in, yes I know bye I love you" she says quickly hanging up before he could say another word, she's always like that towards her dad, unless she wants something.

"Your dad still not down for the whole, moving into a old house with your friends thing!" I ask while we both make our way up the stairs towards my room, she shakes her head dumping her phone in her purse.

"No he can't, I only rang him to confirm the 50 grand he's giving me to fix this house up to new" she shrugs which make my eyes go wide, why the heck is her father giving her that much money for nothing?! "then he goes on about is the neighbourhood safe as it's not gated? Are you sure there aren't no rats around?" she says annoyed as he make it outside my bedroom, she still continues to list things but a mover walking up the stairs with a huge box stops her.

"Will you be careful with that, that's worth more than everything you own" she stomps annoyed following the poor guy to her room, telling him how he should be doing his job.

I shake my head opening my bedroom door to see my new room, it's much bigger than any other room I've had in my whole life. My parents didn't really want children, so when I came along they weren't happy, I was always palmed off with nanny's or daycares. By the ages of ten I was living in the box room at the top of the house, where I had to stay for most of the day. I couldn't wait to finally leave home, I think they felt the same.

I walk in placing my final box on my bed, I thought ahead and moved my things in yesterday, that and I just wanted to leave the house, my parents asking over and over again if the house was ready. I walk over to the window seeing Brendon having another heated conversation with Cameron, I just smile shaking my head at the two, I can't wait until we're all settled in.

A few hours go and by the movers have just left, I basically finished my whole bedroom, I didn't have much stuff and I already planned where it was gonna go. I walk downstairs towards the kitchen for something to drink, to see everyone else already standing there. Danny hands me a cold water with lemon while Annabelle was talking on the phone, probably to her dad.

"We're gonna leave the unpacking until tomorrow, it's been a busy day so we don't wanna overwork ourselves" Danny starts jumping onto the work surface, I nod leaning against the table taking a sip as Cameron walks into the room, hands on his hips "hi Cam, wanna a drink?" Danny smiles holding another glass of cold water but Cameron shakes his head, looking angrily at Brendon.

"No thank you Daniel, I'm too angry to drink, your incompetent brother has gone and ruined everything for the second time today" Cameron spits crossing his arms sending a hard look over to Brendon, oh round two I guess "first you mix all my books up forcing me to sort them out once again! But than you go and leave one box outside where it's gotten wet, all of the books it that box are ruined!" He shouts extremely angry, everyone looks over to Brendon who just shrugs drinking his water, he's probably got used to Cameron shouting abuse at him.

"Okay why don't we all calm down, Cam I said I'd help you sort your bedroom out, should we do it now while the night is still young?" I ask trying to break him and Brendon up until they're on better terms, he nods looking down walking out the kitchen towards upstairs.

"Well that was eventful" Annabella remakes from the corner of the room, somewhere in that conversation she hung up her phone, I nod about to speak but my name starts being shouted from upstairs.

"I better go before we see a ton of books flying down the stairs" I smile picking another glass of cold water up for Cam, when he's calmed down he'll probably need a drink.

I make my way upstairs thinking of how eventful this whole day was, but I didn't know this was just the tip of the iceberg of crazy days.
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