My Mother's Husband

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MY MOTHER'S HUSBAND - BOOK FOUR IN THE FORBIDDEN LUST SERIES “How do all men's troubles start? With a woman.” We've all met that girl, right? The throw punches now, ask questions never girl, the one your mama told you not to play with? Maybelline Parker is that girl. Nicknamed firecracker for a reason, May has spent her whole life being the witty, quick tongued, fiery sister of Westbrooke's main characters. Now she's stepping out of their shadows, leaving behind everything she's ever known whilst running from the darkness that threatens to consume her... Only to go crashing straight into the arms of the one man who wants her to embrace it completely. Terrifing, sexy, dangerous and arrogantly headstrong. He is not a man to be f*cked with, and neither is his family... In many ways he is May's ultimate counterpart, carrying a darkness even greater than her own. Fire and passion, control and resistance, power and submission. Everything she fears and craves wrapped up in one man. He could be her perfect match, if it wasn't for one tiny detail... ... He's her mother's husband. BOOK FOUR OF THE FORBIDDEN LUST SERIES! MAJOR SPOILERS FOR THE FIRST THREE BOOKS AHEAD! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU READ BOOK ONE: MY FUTURE STEPBROTHER, BOOK TWO: MY TWISTED LOVERS, AND BOOK THREE: MY BEST FRIENDS BROTHER, FIRST! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Romance / Erotica
Monroe Thirty
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Authors Note

⚠️ Authors note and warnings ⚠️

Hey my gorgeous beauts 🥰❤ Just a little bit of info before you start My Mother's Husband ❤️

1) This is book four of The Forbidden Lust Series! Although you could read it as a stand alone if you're an absolute crazy person, I wouldn’t recommend it. To understand this world and these characters please read the rest of the series first in this order:

- My Future Stepbrother
- My Twisted Lovers
- My Best Friends Brother
- My Mother's Husband

2) All my books contain sensitive and triggering topics, they are listed eighteen plus for a reason: Sexual content, violence, dark themes etc. I don't really give trigger warnings in order to avoid spoilers but if you have any concerns/subjects you need a bit of time to prepare for, then please drop a DM to my insta @MonroeThirty and I'll make sure you're aware of anything that could be upsetting to you ❤

3) My books are REAL, that means the characters in them have trials and tribulations just like everybody else. If you want to read something where everything is always happy and nobody ever makes you want to cry, then sugarplum my books are not for you. As many members of The Beaut Army will tell you - they love me but they hate me because they love me 😂 Expect to develop an unhealthy, bordering on Stockholm syndrome, relationship with me 😂

4) My books always make room for growth. If you're looking for perfect princesses and princes who never make mistakes, then walk away now. My characters are flawed just like each of us, do not expect them to always make the perfect choices.

5) There's a fuck-tonne of swearing. Like a serious fuck-load. Sorry not sorry... and smut. Lots and lots of dirty smut. Although I know that's why half of you are here, we all know nobody does a fire scene quite like Monroe 🔥🥵

6) Constructive criticism is always welcome but mean/hateful/being a cunt comments are not. My Beaut army will come at you and these bitches have claws 😂 You have been warned ⚠️

7) I adore my readers, they are why I do this and I'm proud to call so many of them my friends 🥰 I'm a hoe for the comments so let me know what you're thinking as you read, I am indeed using you to get the attention my parents never gave me 😂

8) Make sure to follow me on Instagram @MonroeThirty for all my character aesthetics/book music playlists/crazy inner ramblings etc. It's our little family over there and a safe space for us to be our crazy selves 🥰

Okay I'm done. That was a fucking mission and I appreciate you taking a second to read it ❤

So without further ado, let's see what trouble our girl May has got herself into now... You guys sure you're ready for this?

I'm not even sure I am 😬

Ah fuck it, what's the worst that could happen?

Oh wait, it's one of my books isn't it 🙈 ... Awkward...

Happy heartbreak followed by pissing your pants laughing day everyone! 😂

Oh and one more thing...

Welcome to The Beaut Army 😉

Monroe xx 💌

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