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This was supposed to be a fun family vacation they said. It was supposed to be the first trip my family had taken to Vacca Planet together. One of the vacation planets in the nearly galaxy. Well this trip was not fun. We crushed. Our pilot is dead and we have no idea what galaxy or planet we are even on. We have landed in the middle of the desert in the middle of nowhere. All seven of us stranded. That is until they found us, and now they want us to be their women or suffer from the desert heat.

Romance / Scifi
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Chapter 1

A wave of nauseous bubbled up inside me and I resisted the urge to throw up the contents in my stomach. I took a swing of water. I would not puke my guts out until my I was alone. I did not want my family finding out about my little surprise until we we landed on Zorack, the vacation planet we were traveling too. My hands unknowingly crawled down to my stomach and I felt a smile grace my lips, the only good news since Colton had died in a explosion. I knew the government would cover my expenses since Colton had been apart of the upper tier. He was higher ranked then me in the middle tier as a peerage, but the child would inherit his position in life since positions in society were based upon the father's rank.

Dizziness tore through me and as a response another sip of my water was swallowed. I sighed as I stared at the long line in front of me. I just hoped that this line would move faster because I wanted to get on our ship as fast as possible. I needed to get to the privacy of my own room and be able to throw up in peace before my family found out I was pregnant.

"This line does not seem to be moving," My mother stated.

"I wonder why?" My youngest cousin Dayanna questioned.

"It seems, a few elite are holding up the line. Most likely angry about some discourtesy to them." My mother replied.

"I hope the line starts moving soon, I am so tired. I want to enjoy this vacation and not sit here and wait all day just because a few elite want to throw a fit." My twin Neriah groaned.

As soon as those words left Neriah lips, my aunt Thyra slapped a hand over Neriah mouth.

"Neriah!" Thyra hissed. "Do not speak such words where people can hear or else you will have the entire family executed!"

Neriah removed Thyra hand and glared at the floor. "I am sure no one heard me."

"Alura!" Thyra hissed. "Talk sense to your daughter please!"

"I would," My mother responded. "Bu-"

"But what?" Thyra cried out in disbelief. "You both will have us killed!"

"But, as you can see no one has said anything. So I doubt they heard Neriah." My mother claimed. Before my aunt Thyra could response, my mother turned to Neriah and she glared. Her amber eyes fuming with unsuppressed anger. "However, do not say such things out loud again. Your aunt is right you can have us all killed for such words."

Neriah huffed and she casted the same hazel eyes we passed onto the ground once again. A soft, "Sorry," tore from her lips. We all stayed there in silence as the tension thumped furiously in the air around us. This was not how I envisioned our vacation starting and I hoped we would be boarding our air craft soon because the sooner we got to Zorack the better.

"The line is moving now." Brenda said. Her voice slicing through the silence.

I blinked surprised she even spoke. Brenda was not one to speak often and sometimes I wondered if that had more to do with her being a halfway. As she was ranked lower then majority of her mother side of the family in the middle tier.

"Oh! It is! We can finally get on the ship soon!" Daniella responded joy present in her voice.

I felt the urge to throw the contents of my stomach on the floor and as a response I drank more water. I really hope this line hurries up. I need to lay down. I thought.

"Are you alright cuz?" Daniella asked. "You do not look so good."

"Just tired and stressed." I declared.

"Really?" Vanina my youngest sister asked. "How could you be tired? The only work you do is setting people up to visit the vacation planets? Are you sure you are not sick?"

"Doubtful." My oldest cousin Brienne replied.
"Sickness does not run in our ranking system."

Brenda let out a sigh. Brienne turned towards her chocolate brown eyes to Brenda and narrowed them. "What is the sighing for? Sickness has long since been erased from the peerage ranks and even the halfway ranks."

Brenda sighed again turning her stormy eyes to her shirt as one of her hands twirled a lock of her honey brown hair. I felt bad for her because she was constantly reminded she was not the same rank as us often enough. Brienne was the main one reminding her and sometimes I wondered if that was personal vendetta against Brenda. Since Aunt Thyra got together with Brenda father right after the death of her pervious husband.

Thyra turned towards Brienne her eyes amber eyes burning with anger. "Do not talk to your younger sister like that! What is wrong with you?"

"What's wrong with me?" Brienne scoffed. "What's wrong with you?"

Thyra ran her hair through her ebony braids and snapped. "What is wrong with me? Brienne describe to me what is your problem is?"

Brienne huffed. "Nothing."

Thyra eyes narrowed and she started to say something else when my mother said. "We can move guys."

I frowned looking forward and saw there was a huge space in front of all of us in the line. My mother grabbed her bag off the floor and moved forward. Everyone else followed and the quietness ate at us once again. This was already starting out to not be the best vacation. Whatever Thyra, Brenda, and Brienne needed to work out. I hope it could be worked out before we ranked on Zorack. Although, I am sure I had a feeling and everyone else besides those three knew what the actual problem could be.

My eyes zoned in on Daniella, she looked a little stressed out as she watched her mother sisters. She was looking back and forth between the three of them, before her inky eyes landed on me. I guess she felt me staring at her. I turned my head and moved forward in the line. I was glad that my mother was the next person to be checked. It meant I could finally get away from all this tension and lock myself up in my own chambers on our spaceship.

I watched as my mother went through the scanners and finally it was my turn. I walked through the machine and stopped as my vision filled with red. My hearing picking up on soft beeping sounds as it scanned me for my rank, what family I belonged too, where I was going, whether I had any illegal weapons or substances, and finally if I was a danger to the societies off colony eight. It took a few seconds before the lights went blue and a chain bracelet materialize out of thin air. This meant that I was accepted to pass through security and travel to my destination.

I moved passed the security machine and stood next to my mother. Her hair was done in elaborate honey brown twist that fell to her back. Her eyes amber eyes watching the rest of the family walk through the security machine.

"When is uncle and his children meeting us?" I asked.

My mother turned to me. Her hand placed on her chin that grew into a oval shaped face. "They will be meeting us three days after we arrive on Zorack."

"Is Kamal coming as well?" I questioned.

"Yes," Thyra answered as she came to stand next to us. "My son will be coming with Silas and his twins."

"So the whole immediate family will be here?" I mused.

"From my knowledge Alenna will also be coming." My youngest sister Vanina spoke.

"Really?" My mother wondered. "I thought that side of the family did not associate with us. I am glad to see our second cousin joining us."

Brenda was the last person to join the rest of us and my mother smiled. "Alright, everyone we are station nine. Just follow me, and we be boarding soon and leaving for Zorack finally!"

We all proceeded to follow after my mother so we could board our spacecraft.
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