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Room 346B

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" He talked for the first time since she was in the room and she was amazed by the roughness of his voice. Deep and dominating but pleasing all at the same time but her eyebrows frowned when she realised what he just said. "Sorry to disappoint you Sir and with all due respect... but I would rather not. If you like sleeping around like this I would much rather be poor but without any STD's." Her voice was small but serious. She would not sleep around with beautiful strangers. Not anymore! He was surprised. Shocked to say the least. Did she just refused me? He thought. She gave him a smile then with a last look she left the room going back upstairs waiting for the clock to tick number three so she could get home. Home to my daughter. "

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

“Sex is the consolation you have when you can’t have love.” -Gabriel Garcia Marquez.


“Shit! This is the best decision I’ve ever made Sebastian. Bringing you here was the best thing ever!” The drunk voice of Sebastian best friend screams loudly over the slow sensual song that suddenly started radiating from the big speakers of the strip club he was dragged to.

His dark eyes followed the pink and purple lights on the small stage being stopped by the almost naked body of a women.

Her legs are spread open while sitting on a wooden chair behind the silver pole where her hands sat in a tight grip, using it to lift herself up. Her long hair is reaching around her buttocks and his mouth waters instantly when he observes her entire body.

Full and rounded breast, slim with a little bit of chubbiness around her waist and hips and nice thick juicy thighs, makes his body react instantly having a mind of its own as he watches her almost as if hypnotized by her Slytherin body, removing the see trough dress and throwing it to the public. Men cheer and whistle making her lips curl.

Her legs are long, covered in some knee length latex heels, leaving some of her tattoos visible on the pale skin of her thighs and when her hands are slowly touching her body on the slow rhythm of the music, he swallows dryly feeling himself getting aroused just by looking at her. His fingers wrap tightly around his scotch glass never once leaving his eyes travel somewhere else.

“Who’s she?” He asks his friend while all of his men are watching the scene in front of them from the first-floor balcony instantly feeling himself getting angry at all the horny bastards watching this mysterious woman.

“Oh she? She’s known as Candy. She’s quite a catch, isn’t she?” His friend reply’s laughing happily not really paying attention to his boss that has caught an interest in the woman with golden eyes.

The building is covered in darkness the only light source coming from the stage where the woman has made every men’s mouth water and watch her with lustful filled eyes.

He leans forward, his elbows resting on the glass railing his hands still wrapped around the glass taking, now and then, a big gulp from the strong alcohol feeling himself getting more and more frustrated while watching her.

Candy hmm?

He thought to himself. His eyes follow her every move. Every hip sway, every body stretch, every leg touch, every hair flip and every wicked smile she gave to her public. Her eyes were having a mischievous glint to them while her lips were always displaying this playful smile. She had no makeup, just a little bit of lip-gloss and highlighter on but, that’s all she needed anyways; everyone was looking at her glittery body anyways.

The black laced underwear she was wearing made her incredibly confident and when she started taking slow steps towards the LED covered stairs that lead to the public where every men stared at her excitedly wishing they were the ones to enjoy her company for the night but her eyes were on one. One single man out of everyone.

Her walk was slow, cat like and made all men grunt while she was passing their table. Nonetheless, they were putting money wherever they could reach. Her underwear strap being filled with 10, 20 and 50 dollar bills. Her red hair was pushed backwards, small waves tickling her tattooed covered back.

She stopped when she reached the table, she weaved, watching the man playfully. He pushed his chair backwards, leaning on the back of it relaxed, waiting to see what she is going to do, one hand on the table, one on his lap, giving her free space to play.

She throws the other men a wicked smile then one of her legs slowly lifting, her latex like black heels touching the suit dressed men thigh then partying his legs even more she walks between them, looking down on him. She grabs his glass from his hand placing it on the table, then grabbing his arm she directs it on her hips while his eyes scan her body in front of him. His lips are in a smirk still wrapped around the joint, smoke coming out of it. Her one leg goes over his thighs followed by the other one, now straddling his lap grinding her hips up and down on the rhythm of the song. Her hands on his broad shoulders, she leans down, backwards, leaving free view to her full breasts feeling his hand moving from her hips to her back holding her in place. She smiles riding back up her hair flying around one side of them. Her head settles between his shoulder and chin brush her glossed covers lips over his skin feeling him pushing his hips upwards, his hard on touching her inner thigh. She chuckles, licking the skin under his ear then with her free hand, grabs the joint from his mouth then wrapping her lips around it inhaling a good amount of the toxic smoke into her body.

His eyes are big, mouth slowly open his hands still on either side of her waist and when she looks back at him while exhaling the smoke between his lips everyone started cheering while they both are stuck in their intense moment. She gives him a small peak on the cheek lifting herself off him when the song finishes smiling at them men that are sitting around the same table as him. Her eyes meet the two women that accompanied them, staring her down but she smiles kindly to them, looking back at the older man that she just grinded on.

“Thank you for this Sir.” She said pointing at the almost finished joint between her fingers her red coated nails standing out nicely.

He only nodded not believing that this just happened.

His first time here and he already gets grinded on and out horny as hell.

She turned around, her eyes looking around when the lights went back to normal smiling here and there to the people complimenting her while she walked backstage but she stopped in her tracks when she lifted her gaze locking eyes with a tall, good built man. She gave him the best smile she had waving at him slightly then continued her walk.

Sebastian followed the scene in front of him with fisted hands, frowning eyebrows and clenched jaw. He could feel his teeth squeaking against each other due to the strong tension he had in his jaw. His one glass of scotch became a full row of shots and when he felt a soft touch on his bicep he turned around instantly. His eyes feel on a short woman with dark black-blueish hair and red coated lips. Her outfit was similar to the women on the stage but the only thing she had different was the red skirt and high red heels.

“I saw you here alone and bored and I thought I could keep you some company... What do you say? Would you like me to keep you some company Mr. Romano?”


Her outfit changed. Her matching underwear set was now replaced with a orange leather skirt fitting perfectly on her thick thighs with a zipper in the front and the same black lace bra cupping her perky double D sized breasts. Her knee length latex heels being replaced with still high heels but this time some leather boots instead. Her red hair was let free and her lips were covered in another layer of lip gloss.

“Candy! Will you find Arianna and call her over, her moment it’s about to start every second from now!” The older men scream in the girl’s locker making the red head women mumble under her breath.

She always had to go after that crackhead.

She grabs the glass of martini from the table drinking it all dry then, with a last look in the mirror, she exists the bright lighted room covered in bright pink velvet walls.

She smiles and reply’s to comments here and there asking all together if they’ve seen Arianna but up for no reply. She sighs realising she has to go to the private rooms and that’s the last thing she wants to witness tonight.

She wasn’t in the mood for that, not anymore.

Her heels click on the black and white marble of the stairs that lead underground to the private rooms covering the background music that was played upstairs.

Richard stood at the entrance giving her a small nod making her smile in reply.

“Good work Ricky! Have you, somehow seen Arianna around here?”

“Oh why, thank you Candy Cane, she’s with some important business men, room 346C.”

She bids goodbye passing the black glass doors walking all the way to the room the bodyguard has told her and with another heavy breath she knocked at the door. Three times to be exact but all she heard was Arianna’ s heavy screams of pleasure.

What men could possibly make her scream that way?

Oh well what men couldn’t? She was like a broken record when it comes to sex. She enjoyed being heard by people.

Mumbling some heavy curses on Arianna’s name, she grabbed the doorknob pushing it down opening the heavy oak door. In front of her, on red lights a naked Arianna was riding fast, on top of a tattoo covered men. His chest had a big dragon on his chest his arms being covered in what looked like Spanish and Russian quotes and other drawings that she couldn’t make sense of.

She leaned on the door frame keeping the door open for anyone to see while looking at the lust filled scene in front of her.

It’s not like anyone here does anything else besides sex.

She thought to herself.

“Umm... sorry to break the waters but this pretty lady here has to be on the stage in less than two minutes.” Her voice is the only thing heard in the room now, all of the moans and grunts stopping instantly.

“Ahh damn you cunt, you always get in before the best part!” Arianna’s voice harshly snaps making the red head chuckle amused.

“Not my fault you’re always on top of a dick before your moment.”

The men just stood there, leaning back on the headboard of the bed, hands folded over his chest watching her. She gave him a wink then proceeds to apologise for stopping whatever was going on in the room before she came.

“You are going to pay for this you bitch!” Arianna says while giving her a kiss on the lips leaving the room laughing.

“Crazy women.” The women commented laughing back at her, slapping her ass at the same time, then turning her golden gaze to the men still naked on the bed, still... fully hard. “Sorry about that Sir, but the manager is a really strict men, he gets good money out of us for every dance and scene we create she had to go or she would get in troubles.”

The way she spoke was so mannered and respectful and Sebastian found himself even more intrigued.

How is a stripper so full of manners?

He looked at her from head to toe scanning her body in detail not leaving anything out. From her now covered thighs that hide away her thigh tattoo to the nice cubby but slim waist to her big breasts. Her hair is a bright shade of red same with her eyebrows just a tinge of dark brown found in them. Here pale face is softly covered in tiny freckles making her even more beautiful. Her lips are plumb, rose and really tempting but the main thing that caught his eye were her eyes. A really bright shade of brown and green, golden like. He was captivated.

She looks breath taking.

While all that happened, the women watched him closely as well.

Straight nose matching perfectly his facial features. Hazel dark green eyes with small tinge of orange in them. Small but nice contoured lips surrounded by newly grown facial hair. Long lashes that made her feel envious of him. Dark brown thick eyebrows nicely shaped same colour as his hair, nicely short cut on the sides fading nicely with the long mop of wavy hair at the top of his head roughly placed around his face due to the intense activity that took place before her eyes not too long ago.

His neck had a weird tattoo on it like a cross and infinity sign all together with some writing under it but she could understand it. It was a Latin language that’s for sure. His good built body was on full display for her eyes to travel memorising each little detail of the beautiful black and grey peace of art covering his body. Board shoulders and long figure.

He was drop dead handsome.

“It’s alright, why don’t you join me and finish what your friend had started. I can pay good money; you seem like a really special ride.”

She was shocked to say the least.

Drop dead handsome until he opened his mouth. UGH!

He talked for the first time since she was in the room and she was amazed by the roughness of his voice. Deep and dominating but pleasing all at the same time but her eyebrows frowned when she realised what he just said.

“Sorry to disappoint you Sir and with all due respect... but I would rather not. If you like sleeping around like this I would much rather be poor but without any STD’s.” Her voice was small but serious.

She would not sleep around with beautiful strangers. Not anymore!

He was surprised. Shocked to say the least.

Did she just refuse me?

He thought.

She gave him a smile then with a last look she left the room going back upstairs waiting for the clock to tik number three so she could get home.

Home to my daughter.

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