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The Alpha CEO

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Xavien Caruso firmly believes that no woman will ever conquer him. This billionaire bad boy might have you on his speed dial, but you will never capture his heart. That is until he meets Mekayla Winters. This mysterious girl captivates Xavien from the moment the lays eyes upon her. Though she is immune to Xavien’s advances, she presents everything that he desires. When Mekayla applies for a position at Xavien’s company, he does not see her as the right fit, but with a completely different plan in mind, he ultimately hires her. His plan is simple. Mekayla has thirty days to get him to fall in love with her, and he will make a secret from her past disappear. Will Mekayla take him up on this offer? Can she prove to him that he is capable of having only one woman in his life?

Tatum Whispers
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The Morning After

Long elegant fingers are running down every crevice of my sculpted physique; with the morning sun piercing through the window, I catch a glance of the blonde lying next to me. She is young, perhaps far too young for me, with curves so hot that you can melt butter on her skin. It is yet another morning, after yet another night of heavy drinking. I can honestly say that I truly do not remember bringing her home, not even to mention if she was worth the effort.

Do I dare even taking her again?

She turns her head to face me. Those deep cherry lips are so close to me that with only but one wink, I would claim those lips.

Then with absolute raw desire, I grab that damn peachy ass and pull every inch of her toned body into mine. I hear her gasp as she prepares to push me away, but as she leans into me, she catches a hint of my cologne and eases into me.

She kisses me gently and carefully, but it is not gentleness that I am after. I knot my fist in her hair, and as I pull her closer, she softly moans. Her arms circle my waist; as her skin lays hot and heavy against me, she is melting into my body.

After a few moments of silence, she kisses me again. It feels as if lightning strikes and the sky breaks open. She steals my breath away and gives it back.

My breath hitch and my body numbs. As she runs her delicate fingers down my spine, the sensations that I feel sends a flush of heat to my core. She makes me believe that touching me so deeply that she desires to be with me in more ways than just the craving that flesh brings. That she accepts that I am more than enough of what she needs.

Then I flip her over. I lock my hands around her wrists and pin them about her head. She squirms and tries to release herself from my firm grip, but I am far stronger. I can see it is driving her crazy, and it flames the desire to take her.

I lean in and kiss her, soft, slow; then I completely devour her. With my free hand, I start to explore her body. My god, she is firm but yet so soft. As I gently begin to caress her, she leans deeper into my touch. Her body is squirming as she quivers.

As I let go of her hands, she grabs my hair and yanks me closer, taking my lips for hers to taste.

Fuck I want her.

I can feel the rush of arousal build up in my core. Strong lust and simple desire take control of my body and mind.

For one brief moment, the words leave my lips in only but a soft whimper, “I want you.”

Then my tongue trails down to her belly; I run it over her navel. Tasting every inch of her glorious body. Moving down toward the elastic of her panties.

She gasps as I move my fingers down her hot, burning skin. She runs her hands through my thick dark brown hair; I growl deep from my chest and whisper.

“I want you. I want to be inside of you.”

I can barely finish my sentence, and her lips crash against mine. Her soft lips move against mine. Then she kisses me hard.

“Oh god,” I moan into her mouth as her tongue grazes mine.

I lose myself completely in the kiss, in the moment. My tongue finds the sensitive parts below her ear. The moan that escapes her lips awakens an even greater longing for her body and soul. The touch of her skin against my tongue sends a fiery passion throughout my core. I cannot keep my self-control any longer. It’s like a battle raging inside of me as she makes my body quiver.

Her hands unlock behind my neck, and they are moving all over. First down my shoulders, then down my chest, I can feel my heart pounding beneath my flesh. Her touch sends my blood racing as she moves further down to my waist. My body freezes, and for a moment, I stop breathing, and a growl escapes my lips.

And the very moment that it escapes my lips, I stop.

Fuck. What am I doing?

She slides her hands through my hair and knots her fingers in it; she slowly pulls me closer to her, so close that our lips almost touch. Her sweetness attacks every corner of my senses. Just thinking of letting myself get lost in her sends a pure ache of craving to my very much throbbing erection.

Her entire body quivers beneath me.

“Fuck, I want you.”

She moans in my ear as her lips tremble, “Then take me.”

I press her back even further on the bed. She lets out another shattering moan. Every time I kiss her deeply, she makes the most glorious sounds, delicious noises of pleasure as I continue to plunder her with my tongue.

Then I stop…yet again.

Fuck. What am I doing?

I never, and I say absolutely never do I have a woman twice, even less than twice in a row.

So as I slide off her body, highly aroused and beyond frustrated, I only but glance over my shoulders at her, “You know your way out.”

I slowly make my way over to the shower, making agonizingly sure that she catches one last glimpse of me. With one rather satisfied yet still frustrated smirk on my face, I turn the water on before I step in. The water is running down my hair, all over my body. The droplets from the showerhead do nothing but accentuate my strong shoulders, glistening off my arms and trickle down my sculpted chest. I watch as it travels down over my rippled abs and further to my semi-erect length.

I grab a bath sponge and lather it with body wash. I rub it down over my chest…my shoulders…my neck. I slide it over every inch of my toned body. I close my eyes and rinse the shampoo from my hair. Every second, every minute, my body is still raging. I can feel the tension build up; my semi-erect length is now full and throbbing. A throbbing I would love to conquer with.

Once I am done, I wrap a towel around me and head back to my room to get dressed. I slide my toned legs into black designer pants, a dark button-up shirt. In precisely twenty minutes, I flip my suit jacket over my shoulder and make my way downstairs.

As I reach the bottom of the steps, my driver, Sam, only but smiles at me, “The girl ran out of here so fast; what on earth did you do with the poor thing?”

I only but shrug my shoulders, “She must have expected something more.” With one burst of laughter, I reach for the coffee that he is handing me, “I guess the poor girl has never seen…well let us just say that I ain’t small.”

Sam shakes his head at me in complete amusement, “You are going to meet that girl that will sweep you off your feet, then I will be the one standing here laughing.”

With one wave of the hand, I point at my watch and make my way towards the door, “We are late; I have an interview this morning.”

As I sit in the back seat while Sam is navigating his way into town towards my building, I cannot get rid of this nagging irritation that still has the heat consuming my skin. It was so close, and I would have broken all the rules with the perky blonde; why blonde? I do not know, for I do truly not take them as preference.

Yet, back to pushing the limits, I have set them firm, and they are not meant to be broken. The first and most important of them all, do not get attached. Then if you find yourself in a situation where there is a need to exchange numbers, you just firmly turn around and walk away. But the last and one rather crucial one, never set your foot in their home, and when they find themselves in yours, well, honey, it is in and then out.

And with that said, we drive into the underground parking; this is where everything disappears; my mind never occupies itself with any woman while I find myself here, running my empire. There is no place for a woman here, so for now, this beast must take his leave and wait until we venture out when evening comes around.

As I get into the elevator, while pressing floor fifty-two, I check my tie in the mirror, smooth my hands through my air and give myself one rather overconfident smile. Then as I step out into the reception area, I am met with the scent of lily and vanilla that attacks my senses.

Immediately my eyes go in search of the bearer; she is seated only but a few steps away from where I have come to a complete halt. She is young, yet she carries herself with great confidence as she sits there watching me from the corner of her eye. Well, at least I have captured some sort of attention.

So as I stride past her, the very thing I find my eyes laying on is her long slender legs, but not only that is what captures me the most, red stilettos. I am a man that is a complete sucker for them and this beauty, with long locks of brown hair that is partially covering her deep sparkling eyes. How I wish I can slip my finger around a tiny strand and place it gently away from her porcelain skin.

Then from underneath her breath, I hear her softly whisper to herself, “Don’t you want to eat me up with those hungry eyes?”

There is a flush of heat that shoots to my core for what seems to be too many times today; I need to get away from any person that resembles a woman today. It is with absolute haste that I give her one last glance and disappear into my office, firmly closing the door behind me.

Not even a minute later, I have Janice, my Assistant, buzzing my phone persistently. Without showing my complete annoyance, I slowly pick up the receiver, “Yes, Janice.”

“Mr. Caruso, your interview for nine is already here.” As I take the time in, I am surprised to see that it is still another half an hour to go. Now, do I let the man wait, or do I get this over and done with. So, as I try to find the file with his details, I call after Janice, “You may send him in.”

Then, the door slowly clicks open, it creeks open with each ticking second; with total anticipation, I wait to see who will be my new Marketing Director. The door finally flings completely open, and I am at a total loss for words. Yet, all I can utter is, “You?”

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