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Alphas Of Anarchy

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Avyanna Tate left her small-town home of Jackson ten years ago in pursuit of a modeling career in the big city. When a tragedy strikes in her family, she is forced to return home. Years ago, she left the Xavier brothers behind her, they not only destroyed her life but broke her heart. Destined to only one of them, she could never make the choice and decided to run away instead. Now she is back, and her path is bound to cross with Niko, Slater, and Kage once again. But the boys have done some growing up. If she thought then that one choice between them was not easy, this time around it is going to be near damn impossible. Ten years ago, they were only boys, but now they are the Alphas that run Jackson. The Xavier brothers known for their reign of anarchy have waited in anticipation for Avyanna’s return and this time there is no escaping them.

Romance / Fantasy
Tatum Whispers
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The Beginning Of The End


It has finally gone too far.

If I ever thought that having all three of them was an option, I have never been more wrong than I am right now.

Kage is starting to suspect things; I saw the way he looked at Slater when I ever so subtly brushed passed him just now. I just could not help myself; I have been craving Slater’s touch for days now, but he has been avoiding me. He believes that he is doing the right thing by Kage, but he is only pushing me into the arms of Niko.

And Niko…

His touch drives me to want that of Kage even more.

Why can Kage not just be enough?

Why did I have to fall in love with them all?

The Xavier brothers have brought me to my knees. I would like to believe that they have been my undoing when it is only myself that I have to blame. For far too long have they all safely shared my bed… Kage none the wiser, Niko and Slater not even suspecting that I was playing them both of them.

Well, that is what I believed.

Until today…

“Avyanna,” I hear the voice of Kage creeping over my shoulders as he locks his arms around my waist. “What is going on?” His voice begging, yet I can sense the anger lurking underneath, “Is something going on between you and Slater?” He leaves his breath lingering down the bare of my neck, he knows his presence is only but rising my burning passion. Still, he continues, “Or is it Niko?”

For a fraction of a second, my breathing stops, and as I close my eyes, I turn to face his questioning eyes, “Kage,” My voice drops to that of a whisper. As he stares down at my parted lips, he lays them hungrily against mine, “I belong to you.” Giving him the access to what he desires, he slides his tongue inside. “Only to you, and no one else,” with a soft whimper escaping from my chest, he finds mine and we intertwine.

His kiss is begging for the answers that he is so desperately seeking though he has been so afraid of asking for such a long time coming. With each stroke, the battle is raging not only between our bodies but in my mind. I need him to believe that there is nothing, that it is only his insecurities that are taking shape again.

For the briefest of moments, I open my eyes and beg him to stop, “Kage…” Though he only continues to devour, sliding his hands down my ass, he digs his fingers deep into my flesh. “Kage…” ignoring my please, he wraps my legs around his waist and lifts me onto the counter.

His gaze falls over my body, trembling at his touch, then as the oceans in his eyes flood mine, he finally breaks the silence, “I will fucking kill the man that lays his hands on you.” Pulling me deeper into his chest, I can feel it rise and fall, “Promise me that nothing is going on between you and my brothers.”

My heart cannot bear to tell this lie anymore.

I cannot lie to him.

I cannot lie to the man I love.

The fact is, I cannot lie to any one of them.

I love them all.

But I can also not be the one that breaks them.

So as Kage continues to beg for the truth, I have no other option but to, “Kage, I promise you. I love you and only you.”

There is a hint of a smile that returns to the corners of those soft lips, “Good.” His voice growing into a rumble. “I will destroy you if you ever come between me and my brothers.” With that, he steps back and leaves me cold, not even giving me an inch of his touch. “I do not fucking share.”

Turning his back on me, I watch as he walks out of the room, leaving me with a new fear that is with each beat of my heart slowly starting to consume me…

I have to end this.

Not only with Kage, but with Slater and Niko too.

Even if it means that I remove myself from their lives…

But this thought only lasts for the ticking of five seconds for next I see Slater making his way through the door. The moment he sees me still sitting motionless on the counter, he glances over his shoulder…

I know exactly what he is thinking…

Not hesitating for a moment, he picks me up and pushes me back up against the wall, and as his hands roam down my cleavage, he only but hisses, “God, Avy. I have missed you.”

With him only but tormenting me with his fingers while he runs them in circles over the bare skin of my stomach, I can hardly form a single word, “Then why have you been ignoring me?”

“Kage came to me,” he only but mumbles, pinning my hands firmly above my head as he starts to devour every inch of my bare skin with his lips. “He asked me what is going on between us,” and much to my own agony, he stops.

“He asked me too.”

His eyes grow even wider, yet the fire in them still raging, “What did you tell him?”

“Nothing,” my breath hitches as he nips at my earlobe. “I will never tell him.”

Then, in almost the blink of an eye, the fire within him dies, “And you will never be mine.” Letting go of my hands, he steps away from my body. “You will never love me.”

And with that, he turns and makes his way to the door, yet another one of the Xavier brothers leaving me cold.

I cannot help but curse at myself, “Fuck.”

Why are they making this so hard for me? Slater knows that I am fated to be with Kage whether I like it or not. He was always going to be the brother that I would end up with.

But then again, whoever decided that?

Not me!

There is only one thing left to do…

I need to get away from them.

And is with this very intention that I drag my sorry ass upstairs to my room, the desire to have Slater not leaving me once yet the burning for Kage not dying either. Both of them know exactly what they are doing…

They are playing me…

Kage is testing me to see if his suspicion about his brothers is true, and as for Slater, the man is doing it on pure purpose in the attempt to gauge if I will ditch his brother and take him as my alpha instead…

Well, I am not playing…

But if I thought that would be the end of it, I am sadly proven that things are always bound to get out of complete control…

As I get into view of my room, I am snapped back to the present as my eyes fall upon Niko that is ever so goddamn casually standing leaning against the door. My first instinct is to scan the hallway, yet, he only chuckles, “Don’t worry your pretty little head, Anna, he has gone out.”

“But, Sla…”

The syllables do not even leave my lips and Niko is pushing me through the door, and as he slams it shut, he spins me around, pushing me down onto the bed, “You can scream my name, he is not here to hear either.”

“Niko, we…”

“What? You have been teasing me the whole day, we are definitely going to finish what you started.”


But it is absolutely futile…

Niko cages me between his arms as he slides his legs over my body, straddling me, he only but growls. “I am going to show you once and for all that I am the one that you want, not Kage.”

Slowly he starts to crawl his hands up my thigh, finding the edges of my shorts, he scrunches them between his fingers. All reasoning that has ever existed leaves my mind, my words begging him as they escape from my trembling lips, “Niko, please take me.”

“Fuck, don’t beg me twice,” he only but grins as if asking was the only thing that has been stopping him from ripping every inch of cloth from my skin.

But instead, he slides from my body, him too leaving me cold…

With nothing but confusion settling in, I listen as the door clicks open…

There is a chill that settles over my spine…

Forcing my eyes to look in the direction, I see Kage come walking into the room…

Though that is not the end of it… Next is Slater, following behind him…

Both of them are mad as hell…

This was a trap…

They fucking set me up.

And as I try to find the words to say to Kage as he comes to stand in front of me, he only raises his finger to my lips, “Get out.”

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