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A Billionaire's Tale: Time wasn't in our favour

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Alex is a billionaire who fell in love with Esther and they were happy until Fate and Time decided to play mind games. Esther is a simple middle class lady who hoped in finding a job, but instead found love. Will they overcome it? Will Alex forgo his past and face his future? Will Esther be understanding enough now that her class her changed? Find out.

Romance / Erotica
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How we met..

A Billionaire's tale: Time wasn't in our favour.
Chapter 1.
How we met.

Alex's Point Of View.
Hi, my name is Alex, I am a billionaire and the Chief Executive Officer of Bond Empire.
Well, I am exactly twenty-five. You might be surprised as to how it is that I am a billionaire and this young.
Well, let's say my grandfather left a fortune to my father and he did the same to me, at the age of twenty-five. Of course, in the family of Bond, the age of twenty_five, is the age of being a grown up, so they say.
Anyway, I am single and not ready to find a suitor for now. In all honesty, I really like single life.
It's all business, enjoying life and you know being yourself.
And that's a wrap, Daniel, the television director, said. This is the segment of Tea and Talk with Tess. It's one of the most popular television shows, and the host is extremely beautiful. She is married though, happily married with her twins and her supportive and blessed partner. I just feel they were made and picked for each other.
That aside, the little thing I just did there, was just one out of the million things I have to do today.
"We are so glad you honoured our late invitation", Daniel said.
"For a television show like this, I am also honoured" I replied to him as I went back to my phone.
"Sir Alex, we have a board meeting in less than forty-five minutes, the car is ready, please wear your mask and the glasses, some fans are outside", Louis, my assistant said, as he walked up to me.
"Alright, wait? The old folks?" I asked Louis as I paused and sighed
"Yes Sir Alex, the old folks" Sir replied and I grumbled.
As soon as I left the meeting, these old folks didn't know the business world was changing and so was the fashion label. Sometimes I wish they would understand, but I know they don't want to change easily, they are so many Sanguine among them.
I was just leaving the door and I was about to enter the elevator to my office. It's the last floor out of the sixteen floors. We made it possible and achievable to have all our sectors in the same building. I am talking about entertainment, fashion and the delivery segment, one of the biggest in the country.
It's just one of the perks of being a billionaire, and yes, I like the title a lot.
The door was about to close and a lady in her mid twenties came running and asked if I held the door, which i did.
"I am so sorry" she said, panting and exhausted.
"It's not a bother" she replied.
I doubt she knows that this is a private elevator for shareholders only. Hold up. I didn't make it a rule. My father did, he in quote "didn't like mixing", another old rule I would abolish soon.
She had her files looking scattered, I was forced to have a conversation with her.
She knelt down to adjust her hair and arrange her files and I got a glimpse of her name.
"Esther, her name is Esther. I really wanted to start a conversation. I felt drawn to her. And i think it is mainly because of the fact that she didn't know who I was and she wasn't bothered.
She is applying for a marketing job. I would really want to see her get employed. That's if they give her a chance.
Esther Point Of View
Today will be a new day, I said as the alarm woke me up. Boy did I jump up.
I have an important interview today.
I stretched, went to the kitchen and I saw Lisa already drinking her morning coffee. She is employed and i am not, at least for now.
At seven pm in the evening, Bond's Empire, one of the most popular companies in the country, announced it's search for new employees. They do this periodically. Only the employees know the cheat code of this.
Lisa is my best friend. She works at a television station a few miles away, she has her own car and, for someone at twenty-five, she is successful to me. She works as a manager at Tea and Talk with Tess.
"Get ready, you don't want to be late for the interview, do you?" Lisa said as she went to the dining seat." It's just a set of a table and two chairs.
"Yes ma'am" I said as I sang to the bathroom.
Lisa had already prepared the toast, I came out of the bathroom and went straight to dress up and i ate.
This took me roughly thirty minutes and the interview was scheduled for ten am.
Lisa drove me straight there and we had some traffic along the way but thankfully i got there a nine thirty, i rushed to the elevator.
Phew, i sighed relief as he stepped out of the elevator. I was so embarrassed at the fact that i was once again clumsy and messy in front of a dashing man like that, in my defense, actually admiring his looks. I was so shy when i saw him.
And i couldn't believe it. I am twenty-two years old.
fresh graduate who has faced a lot of professors and some trashy princes and bratty princesses, but all of a sudden, a man in printed red sleeves, black trousers and a rolex.. I will make sure I find out who he is.
I was brought back by the elevation sound. I adjusted my black skirt and white top. I also made sure my files were complete and then, i walked to the waiting room. You might be wondering how I knew where the waiting room for those who are to be interviewed is. Yeah, this is my second time applying here. The first time, i was a little bit unprepared, but today will be different, I am sure of it.

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