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A Billionaire's Tale: Time wasn't in our favour

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The Interview

A Billionaire's Tale: Time wasn't in our favour
Chapter 2
The Interview.
Esther's Point Of View
I had all the hope in the world and I believe that I will get in today. I am optimistic. I sat down and adjusted myself, I took out my airpod and placed them in my ears to watch my favorite motivator, Steve Harvey, i love that man. He inspires me so much.
I listen to podcast, well.
I know that even if I don't get picked, I mean I know I just got out of college and all but I am sure I can be something.
I took a look around,
The room was arranged with chairs in five rows and five columns, we were a total of twenty five all fighting for five positions.
A marketer
A secretary.
A media personal
A new manager and his assistant.
I applied for the secretary, and marketer.
I can do one of those two perfectly well.
Soon, twenty minutes had passed, I placed my phone back, I listened to a podcast about being oneself and being real, and the background soundtrack is just everything.
Just then, an employee came out.
"Good morning, we are glad you came here to apply for positions, here at Bond Empire.
" Some of you might be aware and some of you might not, either way, I will say it so pay ultimatum attention
This company is very strict, selective and disciplined, we pride ourselves with our employees and we are the best, simply the best, in less than 10 minutes you would be called in.
Soon, I paid attention to the television and something caught my attention, I saw a familiar person, I just couldn't place my hands of where I saw him or how i knew him..
I decided to pay attention to the words and not just his looks.
"Hi, my name is Alex, I am a billionaire and the Chief Executive Officer of Bond Empire.
Well, I am exactly twenty-five. You might be surprised as to how it is that I am a billionaire and this young.
Well, let's say my grandfather left a fortune to my father and he did the same to me, at the age of twenty-five. Of course, in the family of Bond, the age of twenty_five, is the age of being a grown up, so they say.
Anyway, I am single and not ready to find a suitor for now. In all honesty, I really like single life.
It's all business, enjoying life and you know being yourself"
"ouuuu, Sir Alex is so cute, you know the secretary job vacancy is to be his secretary, imagine your office, opposite his and watching him all day, Girlllll" I heard one of the girls say that and they were really happy and giggling.
I wasn't really bothered, I just really wanted to know where and how I knew him.
And it hit me as I was arranging my files, the flashbacks came.
Elevator dude!!! as soon as I realised that, I dawned on me.
Wow, I was brought back when my name was called..
"Miss Esther, come in"
The old lady, who seemed to be in her sixties; wearing some recommended glasses sighed and said.
"I am sorry, Esther but we are a big company, not one for internship or for people who only quote their role models, it's a nice thing to do but, common just quoting them alone, you should have your institution too and you seem young, come back in a year time, And maybe you would have more experience then, I won't lie and say we would get back to you, that's not going to happen, gain more knowledge"
She pulled her glasses down and said please upgrade your fashion sense" I heard my heart shatter..
I turned to go out, unfortunately the doors weren't locked, there were opened, and everyone had heard everything.
I heard laughs as I left with my files and my bag. .
"Well, she seemed so confident, ha! she don't belong here"
"That was really harsh, a simple No, thank you, try again would have sufficed, I wonder why?" I heard voices.
I went on head high and not missing any steps, I got outside and it started raining.
A famous person once said, "never show people your weakness, I knew I would cry at home but the rain poured and thundered so loud, I cried and cried.
I saw a cab after staying at the shade.
"Ma'am, do you need a taxi?" The driver asked..
"Yes" I said with a shaky voice.
I sat in the cab, he saw my eyes and his lit up.
"it's alright, you can cry, I understand, tell your address and we will be there" He said and I started sobbing, i passed the address in a paper and I cried.
"There we go, miss" He replied.
Alex's Point Of View.
I got off the elevator and went straight to my office, i greeted Linda, my secrectary. She is pregnant, almost at nine months now and well, she will resign soon and i don't want that, we agrued a few times about her simply taking all the break, maybe four to five months, and I always assured her, her job would always be here for her, but she wouldn't budge
and time i scouted for a new secretary.
As soon as i sat in my office, i sighed and i called for louis, my assistant.
I pressed the office phone button, and reached louis
"Louis, order me some coffee, iced mint chocolate with latte and extra foamy and some jelly donuts from Downtown bakery, and get me the list of the people that were interviewed and those that got the job"
" Okay, Sir Alex, I will do that and I will get back to you in twenty minutes" He replied and I hanged up.
I stood up and went to the window side to look at the View, it was really cloudy and soon it started drizzling and I saw her, the girl from the elevator, she didn't have an umbrella or anything.
It started pouring, I wanted to call but i knew I had to get to her at least, and give her an umbrella, my heart kept drawing to her.
She stood in the rain and I went to the elevator to catch up with her and ask if she got the job, at least.
I got there rather too late, she entered a cab and left.
I was worried about her then I remembered I already asked Louis for the information, my phone rang and it was Louis.
"Sir Alex, I already got everything, I am in your office now" He said.
"I will there now, I went downstairs for a while" i told him.
I went on to the elevator and i heard my employees
chattering, about a certain Esther, I didn't a lot of attention to it but soon, I wish I did.

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