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Wanna Stab Something In The Dark?

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She was once a wealthy girl but now, she's a college student in the morning and a cashier at a convenience store at night. “I can do anything as long as I can get money in return.” She responded to the man who was in front of her. “Are you sure you can do anything?” “I can as long as It's not Illegal and within my reach.” With her answer, the man in front of her lifted the corner of his lips and smiled. “Pretend to be my sister for a year and half.” She desperately needed money and she had no choice but to agree, pretending to be a sister seems to be easy for her. “My sister doesn't keep secrets or something right?” The young lad in front of her was nervous talking to her. He might have picked the wrong person instead. “I don't know?” She closed her mouth and smiled. “Wanna stab something in the dark?”

Romance / Drama
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“How could you do that? We are your family!”

Haileyn, a middle aged woman around thirty of age shouted to her husband.

I’m afraid I don't have to tell you a reason anymore.” The man responded with a stern look, he was expressionless

“How about your daughter?”

“You’ll take care of her. I still have some money left.”

A married couple was having a feud in the dining room. Their daughter, Asylene was sitting in front of them listening to their argument.


She's just a thirteen years old kid yet she had to witness her family fight at the table. Her food wasn't even touched and she already lost her appetite seeing her parents quarreling in front of her.

Why did they even get married and give birth to me if they're just going to argue again and again?’

The company his father handled was on the verge of bankruptcy and the only way to save it was to divorce.

【Divorce— The legal dissolution of a marriage by a court or other competent body.】

Her father needs to divorce her mother and marry another woman with a higher standing in the society and status.

They said my mother and father were fated one. They said my mother and father were a perfect couple.

‘Where is that?’

At this time, I can't even see a smile on their faces. Father was standing with a cold expression at mother who was shedding a tear in front of him.

Mother used to tell me that father was her first love and both of them loved each other.


There was no love that could be found in the scene I was seeing.

Is crying what they call love?’


Mother was in anger so she threw the plate in front of us. The plate shattered into many pieces on the ground. It was like her heart, it broke and shattered into hundreds of pieces.

“George, you can't just leave me and your daughter like this!”

“I’m sorry but, I choose the company over my family.”

With father's words, mother lost her balance and fell on the tiles. Mother cried so much and she started to beg my father not to leave us. But my father was rather selfish.

“Haileyn, you are the love of my life but the company is what I needed.”


The sound of the chair being moved with friction came from the chair I sitted at. I stood up and moved my chair and came nearer to my mother who was kneeling with a face full of tears.

With a face as cold as my father, I gaze my cold eyes at him.

“How cruel you are, Father.”

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