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A Story Without The Villains Is Boring

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I died because of a car accident. And when I opened my eyes, I couldn't move my body at all. ‘Am I crippled?’ Turns out that I didn't die, but I was inside the novel <Protect me, Kyle> A story that my friend once created. The worst part was, the person who I was possessed in was Sabrina Collin Elsteel. She was one of the famous villains inside the story. ‘And……… I transmigrated before the story started. In short, I was inside the body of a ten years old Sabrina.’ In the original story, Sabrina died because of the murder she tried the attempt to kill the female lead. But looking at the current situation, I’m still a child and I had a lot of time left before the original story started. So I prepared myself for any problems to come. At first, I tried to act like a naïve and kind child, but— “Fufu, Lady Sabrina is so plastic! I bet even if the dog were to eat her, the dog would vomit and throw her up. Her attitude can't be eaten, not even a rat can.” I was the main topic of the gossip. Even a peasant and servants bad-mouthed me. No matter what I did, it seems that the world treats me as a bad person and that won't change. Never. She swallowed her dry saliva, then she lifted the corner of her red lips and narrowed one of her crimson eyes. “It’s not that bad if I became a villain right?” She mumbled to herself. “A story without the villains is boring afterall.”

Romance / Humor
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An Ambulance’s sirens can be heard throughout the whole town. A college student was there lying on the ground full of pain and beside her, was a book. She was hit by a car driven by an old man.

The ground she was lying on was full of blood. Her eyes were wide open. She was facing the night sky unable to move.

“Little girl, don’t give up yet.” The owner of the car told her. “The rescue is coming now, just hold on a little bit.”

The old man was forcing himself to smile although tears were forming in his eyes. The old man doesn't seem to know what to do next. He was trembling with terror as he saw the lady lying on the ground full of blood.

Although he was shaking, he tried to move his hand to touch the lady's bloody head. He did it even if blood got through his hand. He then patted the lady and caressed her cheek.

Every touch from his finger, the old man could feel the cold temperature of the lady's face; It's like a body that needs to be buried soon.

‘Hurts…. It hurts so much’

The lady wanted to open her mouth, but he couldn't. All she can do is to roll her eyes and feel the endless pain.

‘Am…. I going to die?’

As time passes and ticks, she can feel her temperature dropping near zero. It was like death was coming near her together with his scythe.

‘How could this happen?’

I just wanted to have a good long life. I can't believe I'll find myself in a car accident scene lying in the ground covered with blood at the age of seventeen.

[ I was just a college student who loves reading romance novels. ]

That day after my friend gave me a romance book, I couldn't believe misfortunes would come to me after I read the novel that my friend gave me.


I was in the midst of the crowd in the school. Someone took my hand and pulled me. It was my bosom friend Peter. He gave me a book. It was the size of a notebook and a bit thick too. He said that I'll read it after I come back home.

It was night when I read it. I felt hungry so I grabbed my jacket and wallet to go out. I had goosebumps after I left my apartment. I was holding the book and I started to flip the pages.

When I was about to cross the pedestrian, I felt something strange again nonetheless, I still continued to read the book. I was on page 86 when a sudden flash of light appeared out of nowhere together with a car's beeping horn.

‘No wonder I felt strange that time, I should have listened to my gut.’

Now the rescue team was carrying me using a wheeled stretcher. Next to me was the book.

My eyesight became even more blurry. My eye lids also feel heavy.

The last tears I have, forms then drops in my cheek. I regretted it. I shouldn't have brought the book with me.

After that, my vision became black.

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