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Her Unforeseen Marriage

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Yamuna, loves her family a lot. They are her everything. Her only goal in life is to make them proud. She doesn't like to hurt others and doesn't like the people who hurt others. Arjun, the one who married Yamuna's sister Maya. Theirs was a love marriage. Maya and Arjun were the perfect definitions of couple goals, they married and had a baby as their symbol of love but fate destroyed their every dream by taking away Maya's soul in an accident. Later on, as for the love his baby boy Tarun had for Yamuna, Arjun agreed to marry Yamuna. But will he love her? Will he open his heart once more to let in someone again? To know, dive in!

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

Arjun's Pov:

"I love you, Maya!" I shouted at the top of my voice standing outside her house. Don't get me wrong! We are going to get married within one week. I just love to tease my soon-to-be lover to wifey. She came out of her house angrily. "Lucky you, my parents are watching serial so they didn't hear you yell, now just go!" She pushed me further out of her house.

"Arjun just go!" She frowned."One kiss snd I will fly away" I showed her my cheek but she gave me a peck on my lips and stuck out her tongue running away. That was unexpected but highly appreciated.
I got on my bike and drove to my home with a dreamy smile on my face.

I tossed my bike keys on my small sister Meera's head once getting inside my home and she started shouting like a maniac. "Ma! see this! He is always disturbing me! How did you raise your son!? He has no manners." She stomped her feet on the floor and got up from the chair.

"What's your problem ARJUN!" She shouted coming towards me. All the while I stood there with a smile. She probably thinks that her words would hurt me. But little did she know I love getting her annoyed and angry.

"Nothing" I grinned widely at her fuming face and ran to the kitchen. "Hey, mom? What's for dinner?" My mom turned around with an annoyed expression. "Human's bones and Alien's skin" I looked at her wide-eyed and began to laugh at her. She lost her hard demeanor and laughed with me after a while.

Getting out from the Kitchen, I saw my dad watching the news with a creased forehead. "What's up dad?" I asked sitting near him. "Ah, this politics-" I interrupted him"Oh dad no! I hate politics" he gave me a blank face and resumed watching the news.

After a few minutes, we all had dinner together and I smacked my sister's head before going into my room. I flopped on the bed and took my phone from my pocket. I dialed Maya and she attended after a few rings. "Maya, you had dinner?" I asked running my hands through my hair. "Having ya" I can imagine her eating and talking. "And you?" She asked me and I hummed a yes.

"I will call you later Arjun" with that being said she disconnected the call. She is a real foodie and I love it. I love her soo much. And getting married to her seems like a dream for me till now. We are going to get married just in 7 days!

I never knew that my silly crush on her in my third year of College would bloom as love and end up in marriage. We were in a relationship for more than 5 years. We both were in the same department in our College years. We both completed our MBA and now in our 26 we are gonna get married. I'm freaking excited.

I shut my eyes and imagined me and Maya in the mandap. Our eyes meet as I tie mangal sutra (nupital chain) around her neck. We will finally be together and happy! With that incredible imagination, I was sucked into sleep land.

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