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Love Again

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Maddox has been in love with Rose for a few months now. Just like an angel, she has captured his heart, yet seems so out of reach that he keeps his feelings a secret. Deciding to finally ask her out, Maddox is too late because Rose disappears, leaving him trying and failing to move on. Maddox doesn't think he'll ever see his angel again, but when he does one year later, she seems like a whole different person. He finally has his second chance, and he's determined to not make the same mistake twice. This time he won't let her go. Rose has made a grave mistake and fell in love with her best friend's older brother, the one person who warned her never to, despite their unique relationship. Blinded by her love for him, she's certain that he feels the same way. However, when she learns he doesn't, she has no one to blame but herself as her life crumbles around her. Left alone to pick up the peices of her broken heart, Rose struggles to do so. After a long year of trying her hardest to live through the days, Rose is still as miserable as she was the day her heart got broken. But a handsome football player shoves his way into her life and seems determined to help her back on her feet. The demons inside her are too loud and too strong for her to fight, but Rose soon learns that one smile from Maddox is all it takes for them to hide. ** All rights reserved to Farah Fekry **

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Hello, everyone! Thank you so much for choosing to read this book!

Normally, my books are romantic comedies. Light reads, really. This one is a little deeper though.

The main theme is self-love. It's quite emotional, but very cute and romantic it makes me AWW all the time.

I really hope that will be your reaction too! Let me know. I'm super excited!!

Let's go through some important points briefly and quickly.

1. Don't hate my characters because I consider them a part of myself. If you feel the absolute need to hate them, do that silently.

2. Don't be rude, but please do tell me your honest opinions because they always help me learn and see things from various perspectives.

3. Don't be silent, because it makes me disappointed and literally melts my enthusiasm away.

4. This story is already written, so I'll be updating it regularly and editing it along the way. Feel free to point out any mistakes.

5. English is not my first language. I don't know why I feel the need to say that but yeah.

6. I feel old because I don't know how to do those aesthetics thingys that authors do all the time but if you have any tips for me, help an old woman learn? (I'm 24, y'all)

7. This book, just like most of my works, is rated mature. Because there will be some spicy scenes by the end, but not too much and not too detailed. I'll try to keep that to a minimum and put a warning before. So if you're not of age, you can still read this book, just not those parts that I'll put warnings before. (The characters swear a lot too)

8. This book is fast paced. So don't freak out on me, yeah. (Those who have read Perfect Fate know what I'm talking about, lol)

And that's about it! Please read and please enjoy! Don't forget to vote and comment too!

Love you,

Farah Fekry.

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