Bought By The Mafia

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Dmitry Smirnov, at the age of twenty, took over as head of the Russian Mafia. In ten short years, he became the most feared among all Mafia families, no one dared to disobey him. He could destroy them in a blink of an eye. He feared no one, not even death. He never understood how a man could give up everything for a woman he loved. He had no heart and used women only for pleasure. But there was one thing he wanted, and in order to get it, He had to find the right woman. It was just by chance that he came across a young woman who could give him what he wanted. What that is we will have to read to find out. He had everything, good looks, money, power and respect from everyone who knew him. He wasn't looking for love or a wife, but we have to wonder if there's a woman out there who will be able to melt his cold heart. He was in for a huge surprise, one he would never have thought was possible.

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Chapter 1

Dmitry Smirnov, tall, has dark hair and a complexion that had all the women drooling and dying to be in his bed. At the tender age of twenty, he took over as head of the Russian Mafia when his father was murdered. In the following ten years, he had built an empire, acquiring businesses and homes all around the world. He was cold, and ruthless and some would say he had no heart. Dmitry was feared by everyone and if one dared to stare him straight in the eye they could face death. He moved to America a few years before his 30th birthday. He learned to speak English, Italian, French and Spanish. Even though he spoke them fluently he still had a thick Russian accent. His mother was Italian but died giving birth to him. So he was raised by his father who taught him to be tough, to fight, and even kill. His reputation was known all around the world and it got to the point where there wasn’t much need for acts of violence, it just took one look from him and people did as they were told. A lot of the properties he acquired were from men who needed a favour from him. He enjoyed the company of beautiful women, but only for sex. There was no time in his life for love, not that he believed in love anyways.

Friday night he was feeling restless so he decided to go to a strip club that catered to the rich and famous. It was one of those underground clubs that the cops didn’t know about, one where anything goes. They had private rooms where the women did whatever the men wanted, from private dances to sex. He often indulged in the pleasures that the women offered, and tonight he was in need of some female company.

When he arrived with two of his bodyguards he was taken to his table, the one the club kept just for him. After being served his scotch he sat back and watched the stripper on stage. His eyes were glued to the one who was performing. She was young, slender and had long, brown hair. There was something different about her. It was obvious that she was new to stripping, her moves were clumsy and she looked scared as hell.

He waved the manager over.

“Mr. Smirnov, how can I help you?”

“That girl, what’s her story?”

“I’m so sorry, she’s new and is having trouble getting with the program. If she doesn’t take all her clothes off this time we’ll have to get rid of her.”

Dmitry knew what that meant, it meant she would be taken for a ride, never to be seen again. “She looks young, why is she even here?”

“Rudy acquired her from her stepfather the other day.”

“Remove her from the stage and have her taken to one of the back rooms.”

“Mr. Smirnov, you don’t want her, she’s new. Let me get you another girl, one with more experience. Perhaps, Sylvia. You had her before and I’m sure she satisfied you.”

Dmitry turned his head to look at the man who immediately avoided looking into his eyes. “Are you questioning me?”

“No, sir.”

“Then do as I say, now.”


Danica Burke, slender, brown hair with brown eyes lived a life that people only read about or seen in movies. Finally, at the age of twenty, she was out of her step-father's home, the house of horror. He never sexually abused her, but he did mentally and physically. From the age of ten, she was forced to cook and clean and wasn’t allowed to go to school or have friends. Her mother disappeared a long time ago. Her step-father, Lawrence, a bald, overweight man was a drunk who tied her to the bed at night so that she couldn’t run away. The few times she did try to run away she would be beaten, and starved for days. She learned quickly not to talk back or disobey and she longed for the day she could be free of him. Little did she know that what she wished for would be her worst nightmare when she was sold to an underground nightclub. Forced to strip she knew it was just a matter of time before she was made to work the back room.

She was scared, weak and didn’t want to live so after being taken to the club she tried to slit her wrists. But Rudy, the club owner got there in time and stopped her. The first night she had to strip she refused to take off her clothes, earning a beating. She didn’t think that life could get any worse, but then she met him. Dmitry Smirnov, he was tall, dark and handsome with a body that could stop women in their tracks. But he had this look about him, a cold, evil look that scared the shit out of anyone who was unfortunate to cross his path. Then when he made her a ludicrous proposition she had a big decision to make. But could she go along with it? It was either take him up on his offer or stay at the club, either way, it could destroy her.

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