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If I Could Melt Your Heart

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Two boys, destined to fall in love, scared to fall. They find themselves in trouble, always around each other, always together, without a choice. These boys are reluctant to love each other, even if they both know the truth. Love isn’t a choice, who they love isn’t a choice, and their hearts chose each other.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter One

It was a brisk Monday morning. Liam was seated at his dining table in a chair right by the window. He had a warm cup of coffee in his left hand and his right was free, so he was able to turn the pages of his 503 page romance novel that he could not take his eyes off of. The chapter was just beginning to get good. ‘As she took his hand, he pulled her in close, his hand moved through her hair and behind her neck. He looked deeply into her hazel eyes and…’
“Liam!” His concentration was broken by his mother, a young beautiful single mother with two kids.
“Yes mom?” He called back to her with a small huff as he placed his book mark carefully in between the pages and shut his book. Standing slowly, he bent his neck from side to side, popping it, he took a sip of his coffee and walked outside the front door, grabbing his backpack on the way out, since that’s where his name was called from. He saw his younger sister, a sophomore in highschool named Caroline, jogging to the car, her long wavy red hair keeping up gracefully. Caroline, different from her brother,while he was tall and skinny she was short and curvy. She was also smart and had a personality that was not for everyone. She tended to be more disliked than Liam.
“Liam, You’re going to make us late, maybe you should put your books down and pay attention to the time for once.” She huffed at her brother. Caroline was OCD and needed to be perfectly on time or, better yet, early to everything. Liam just rolled his eyes and opened the front passenger door taking his sweet time getting into the car before shutting the door. Liam did have his license, yes, but he preferred for his mom to drive them to school because he hated having to find parking in the mess of people trying to drive and park.
As they pulled to a stop in front of the school where the kids got dropped off Caroline jumped out quickly and sped into the building trying to get to class on time. Liam shook his head and smiled at his mom. “I’ll see you later mom, I love you.” He said with a sweet smile as he shut the door, waved, and went on his way.
Walking into the polished place he called highschool, he observed his peers and brought a nice smile across his lips to seem kinder. He pulled out his cellphone and checked the time. His smile faded when he realized he was about to be late if he did not get to class in two minutes. He looked up and the people quickly dispersed, heading to their classes, mingling on the way. Liam began walking quickly to get to his first period, U.S. History II.
When he got there he did what he always did during his daily routine. His day was inconveniently uninteresting until he was walking to his fifth period. He had his book in his hand, his eyes glued to the page he was reading. Liam had become a master at walking and reading; he nearly never ran into someone, until today.
“Watch it je-” his ‘victim’ muttered as their eyes met while they picked up their own things. Liam was in the middle of saying his apologies, but as their eyes met they both fell silent.
His eyes rested on a young, good-looking, man who he had never seen before. The boy had forest green eyes that had every shade of green you could imagine with a small hint of gold, he had jet black hair that was messy and looked a lot like he ran his hand through it and decided it looked fine.His hair was considerably long, it got long in a diagonal form and framed his face parting in the middle. His front part began at the bottom of his nose or the middle of his ear and the back ended two and a half inches above his collar bone. He had a soft but sharp jawline, which may sound confusing but that was the only way Liam felt he could explain it. The boy’s skin was light, but had a tan that faded from summer being over three months ago. He covered his body with a black hoodie with roses and written words about broken promises on it. He had thrown a leather jacket over that hoodie considering it was 36’ fahrenheit in the middle of November. Living in Montana had its perks, but the weather wasn’t always one.
“I’m sorry...I don’t normally run into people..I- '' Liam began to apologize again when the other boy’s huff cut him off abruptly.
“Stop. It’s not a problem...just..” The two began to stand at the same time and the mystery boy looked Liam up and down before slowly continuing his sentence, “look up more than one or two times when walking and…” he pointed at Liam’s book, “...reading.” The mystery boy nearly sounded judgy. Liam lightly scoffed and shook his head with a small quiet laugh. “Thanks,” He looked the mystery boy up and down as well, “new boy.” He said with a small
snarky tone to his voice.
Liam was familiar with nearly everyone at the school considering the highschool he attended only housed 364 students (now 365). In addition to only having a handful of students, they rarely ever gained new students. So with all that being said Liam was very aware this mystery boy was new, unfortunately that was all he knew.
He made eye contact with the boy once more before walking past him continuing on his way before he was late to class. The mystery boy scoffed and went on his way as well, closely examining the paper with his classroom numbers on it, trying to find his way to his fifth period.
Nothing extremely interesting happened during his fifth period. Liam’s sixth period class was right across the hallway so reading and walking there was basically pointless, so he just walked over with his hands in his pockets. He nodded at his teacher as a respectful “hello” and found his way to his seat, the back corner by the window, of course. As the kids piled into the classroom he was in, a boy he recognized well walked in, a look of lost unsureness covering every inch of his face. Liam tilted his head, ‘New boy…’ he thought, a soft gaze came from him as he made eye contact with the new boy's lovely jade eyes. He examined his features and smiled softly at him before turning to the seat next to him to observe that it was empty. Then without looking back at the boy he turned to the window and watched out into the trees that surrounded the school, keeping it hidden from strangers. He noticed a squirrel quickly scurrying up a tree. Just as it reached the branch it was going to rest upon, the late bell rang and Liam slightly jumped as he heard the desk beside him get moved and make an awful scraping noise against the linoleum floor. He looked looked over, a piece of his wavy ginger hair, that was as long as as the bridge of his nose and started at his widow's peak like the top of a heart, fell in front of his eyes and he brushed it away, observing that the new boy had taken the unspoken offer to sit beside him.
As the teacher began talking about something not very important, Liam tuned most of it out, knowing how unimportant it was. At one point, he glanced at the boy next to him, who was still unnamed. The boy was watching Liam with a side glance. As soon as the new boy caught sight of Liam's golden brown eyes, he quickly looked to the side, knowing he was caught staring. Liam tilted his head slightly and scoffed jokingly. The boy looked at him cautiously and Liam leaned closer to his desk and whispered while watching the teacher, hoping not to get caught talking during the teacher's lesson, “will I ever get to learn your name, new boy?” He asked gently.
The boy looked over to him and shrugged, “uhm… Carmin..” He said, a soft mumble covering the deepness of his voice.
“Carmin…” Liam repeated. The name was sweet on his lips. A faint flutter in Carmin’s stomach made him look away from Liam's eyes, that never seemed to happen when someone would say his name.
“Well, Carmin, I’m Liam.” He gave Carmin a quick smile before turning away to the window again before he got caught not paying attention.
Carmin just nodded and looked away tired of having to interact with a stranger he thought he had no care for. The teacher was talking about something pre calculus related and neither Carmin nor Liam were listening. Carmin never bothered to listen, his grades were the least of his worries. Liam, on the other hand, was not listening because Math was one his best subjects, and listening to something he already knew was completely pointless.
After staring at the wind0w for almost the entire class period, the bell chimed and Liam was broken from his spaced out state. He looked away from the window and grabbed his bag. He looked over at Carmin who was grabbing up his things as well.
“Hey..Carmin? What’s your next class period?” Liam asked, causing Carmin to look up, fumble with his hands and drop his pencil.
Carmin looked him up and down with his eyes, bent down, picked his pencil up and stood back up, turning his back to Liam and ignoring his question.
Carmin was not the most friendly, as you can see, he had no business trying to make friends with people he could care less about, he was only at school because he had to be.
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