The dark lords love

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It was fate that brought these two complete opposites together and gypsy magic that turned their lonely and dishonest lives into a whirlwind of lies, lust and a love neither ever imagined possible. Gypsy magic and fates grand design bring together two people from different worlds in a love story like no other.

Romance / Erotica
Leloo Pair
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It was a warm spring Friday morning on the Greystone estate and young Xavier watched as his father Sebastian saddled his horse Thunder, he was in a good mood and was whistling a happy tune as he worked. “Well, boy about time for me to head out if I want to make it to Lyle’s before dark."

Trying to act big Xavier followed his father through the stables trying to mimic his walk. “Lord Hunt says he has a surprise for me, I wonder what it is?”

His father laughed at his excitement. “You’ll just have to wait until I get back to find out. Now run and get your mother, I have some important business to discuss with her before I leave.”

Xavier quickly ran back to the house halfway dragging his mother back out to the stables behind him, making his father chuckled, “Damn fine job, Xavier.”

Looking at his wife with a flirtatious smile he beckoned her toward him with the crook of his finger. “Now about that important business.”

His mother Elleanor, a dark temptress, gave a throaty laugh as her husband pulled her in close, kissing at her neck “I thought we settled all that last night or are you hankering for some more.”

Xavier watched as his father lifted his mother up into the air and passionately kissed her. “After last night I’d rather not go to Lyle’s at all, but duty calls and I won’t be gone long you’ll have to save all your kisses for when I get back.”

Elleanor leaned in and gave her husband one last kiss then licked her lips as she watched him hug his son. “Take good care of your momma boy, you’re the man of the house while I’m away, I’ll see you both on Sunday.”

Both Xavier and his mother watched as his father swung up onto his horse, then watched him ride away waiting until he was out of sight before turning and going back inside. “So momma what was the important business?”

Elleanor laughed, “That’s strictly confidential; when you get older your father will tell you all about it.”

Xavier shrugged then ran upstairs to play; the house was quiet and empty except for Xavier, his mother Elleanor, her lady’s maid and best friend Autumn, and their doorman Monty of course. The evening after Xavier’s father had left went well enough, everyone seemed to scatter after dinner, most retiring to their beds having had a long day doing the spring cleaning of the house.

As Lady of the house, Elleanor always chose one day of the year, usually at winter’s end to get all the deep cleaning done. From the cleaning of the chandeliers to the dusting of all the books in the library, and the opening up of all the doors and windows to air out the entire place letting in the fresh scent of spring.

Around midnight that evening, Monty woke to the sounds of men talking and laughing, as he was getting dressed to go investigate he heard the front door being kicked in. Grabbing his rifle he ran toward the front of the house, but before he was able to reach the front door he was stopped dead in his tracks and shot in the chest. The first shot was what woke the house, and the sounds of shattered glass and overturned furniture coming from downstairs followed soon after.

Within seconds Elleanor was up and out of bed and running across the hall to Xavier’s room. Hearing heavy footsteps on the stairs she woke Xavier in a panic telling him to stay quiet as she pulled him back into the hall and into a closet. Hearing Autumn cry out, Elleanor peeked out to find her struggling with a large man as he pulled her from her room and into the hall ripping at her bed clothes as she struggled to get free. “Well look at this boys’ I have found something sweet.”

While the men downstairs continued to tear the house apart, a man on the stairs heard her screams and rushed upstairs wanting a piece of the action for himself. The first man dragged her toward the stairs kicking and screaming while the other two closed in around her each taking hold of one of her legs to hold her down. Autumn’s struggles finally came to an end as the first man slammed the butt of his pistol over her head causing her to go limp.

With a wicked laugh, he tore the rest of her clothes off, when she woke up the men were holding her down as they painfully groped her taking turns watching each other violate her, freeing a hand she clawed at the man raping her scratching his face. With a groan of annoyance, he hit her again before finishing and tossing her to the next man impatiently waiting for his turn.

Confused and scared Xavier watched on as his mother quieted her sobs into her nightgown, her fear seeming to lessen as her anger grew watching as her best friend got beaten and raped, unable to stand by, she told Xavier to wait then quietly left the closet and grabbed a heavy glass vase. Unnoticed she ran at the first man still buttoning his pants and slammed the vase over his head knocking him down onto the ground, picking up a broken shard of glass she swung at him slicing a line across his neck and down his bare chest. Seeing the pistol in his waistband she grabbed it and pointed it at the man still raping Autumn, her own hands stung from being sliced up, the weight of the gun causing her hands to shake. “Get out now before I shoot.”

Choking on her sobs she turned and pointed the gun at the third man who stood with his hands up. The second man pulled out of Autumn and slowly stood up pulling up his pants. “Don’t try anything, stay where you are.”

When Autumn woke up in a daze, Elleanor reached for her, giving the second man time to knock the gun out of her shaking hand. “Stupid woman, did you really think you could take both of us?”

Standing there he and his friend laughed, mocking the woman’s cries. With more power than Elleanor knew possible, Autumn lunged at the men, a crazed roar escaping her, without a second thought one of the men shot her in the head then gave an amused grin as he watched her crumble to the floor and Elleanor fall to her knees beside her. Both men stood above them and watched with pleasure as her blood pool around their feet, in a rage Elleanor screamed then charged them only to be shot herself. Hearing the second shot Xavier ran back to his parent’s room and grabbed his mother’s pretty silver letter opener.

When he returned to the hallway the men stood there looking down at Autumn and his mother’s bodies, his mother was still alive and clenching onto her friend’s lifeless hand as death took her as well. His heart fell and he cried out in fear and fury holding the letter opener up in front of him he slowly moved toward them slashing it back and forth. The men laughed as they watched a crying Xavier step over the women’s bodies and approach them.

When he reached one of them, he tried to cut the man but was just laughed at then backhanded with the butt of his pistol before having his limp body thrown down the stairs. A bit broken and a bit bruised Xavier woke up hours later lying on top of Monty’s cold and bloody body.

In a blind panic he climbed the stairs to his mother her eyes were open yet empty and she was covered in blood, her clothes had been ripped off her during the struggle and she had a gunshot wound in her chest, Autumn lied next to her raped and exposed the blood from her head had bled through the carpet and puddled around them both. Xavier sobbed as he ripped off a piece of his mother’s nightgown and put it in his pocket then closed their eyes and covered them both with quilts, unsure what to do and still in a horrific daze he walked outside and sat in the grass looking down at his mother’s blood still staining his hands.

Sebastian was in good spirits as he headed home earlier than expected. When he approached the house he saw the front door open and Xavier sitting alone in the grass, taking out Lord Hunt’s gift for him he approached him, the closer he got the more frightened he became.

Xavier looked beat up and was covered in blood, calling out to him he received no answers as if Xavier didn’t hear him at all, falling to his knees he tried to shake Xavier out of his daze. “What happened boy?” Xavier choked back his tears “Men came last night to rob us.”

He paused as he wiped his nose “They raped Autumn daddy and momma tried to fight them off, she killed one but they just laughed at her and shot them both. I tried to get them but all I had was momma’s pretty knife, the man laughed and hit me in the head with his pistol then threw me downstairs, I woke up lying on top of Monty.”

Sebastian felt sick as he almost gagged “My Elle is dead?”

Xavier sobbed his small body shaking uncontrollably “I covered them papa and shut their eyes.”

Standing up on weak legs Sebastian turned to walk to the house, shattered glass covered the walkway, taking a deep breath he walked in hoping deep down it was all a mistake, a nightmare anything but what it really was. Monty was the first person Sebastian saw lying at the bottom of the stairs, a gaping hole in the center of his chest, all the furniture was overturned and all of the paintings had been tossed around. Unable to stop his tears he slowly walked upstairs, Autumn and Elle were lying side by side, their hands joined and both were covered with blood-soaked quilts.

Raising one quilt Sebastian found Autumn naked covered in blood and she looked to have been violently raped. Unsure he could even handle it he raised the quilt over his Elle to find her clothes ripped and bloody, she had been shot in the chest, her once bright complexion had turned cold and gray. Lifting her limp body Sebastian cried begging her to come back, begging her forgiveness for him not being there when she needed him the most. “No Elle, no please not now, not ever.”

Before laying her back down he sobbed over her as he gave her one last kiss before going in the search of Xavier. Xavier hadn’t moved “Xavier” wiping away his tears he sat at his son’s side pulling his little boy into his arms and hugging him tight never wanting to let him go. As the days of mourning turned into weeks and the weeks into months and months into years Sebastian’s hate grew and revenge started to take over his heart, yet his love for Xavier remained strong.

Xavier could only watch as his father changed into something dark and dangerous and took him along for the ride.

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