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Charlie- The summer had come and the school's yearly paris trip was coming up and me and Nick thought it would be great to join but the pain of my mental health got in the way. Nick- The school's trip was coming and I wanted to go so I forced charlie but we learnt alot throw that trip mainly on how need one another and how charlie is and I'm glad but really sad it was a mixed emotion. Writer: This is not my story heartstopper is a real book writen by:Alice, Oseman she is amazing and you should go read her books now or watch her show on Netflix(Heartstopper) ⚠There is a warning to this book mental health,eating disorders,self harm read carefully⚠ //Hope you like//

Romance / Drama
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Chapter,1-School meeting

It was early in the morrning and me,Tori,Mum and Dad where at the school I rushed in racing to Nick's arms before finally seeing Jane standing there with a smile on her face I was happy to see her as last night I only saw Nick and a stange man in the house.

Charlie"Jane how are you I didn't see you last night"

Jane"working hard both boy's home I need the money charlie and David wont help so"

Charlie"david? who's David"

Jane"nick didn't tell you David's his older brother back from uni he's a mess and he needs a job"

Nick"but it's ok don't worry about him as I have a job and I have you two and David will be leaving after summer so there's no problem"

I was confused wonding why Nick never told me about his brother but I guess he had his reason's.
We headed up stairs to the meeting and saw the teachers circle around with blank looks on there faces until I saw Toa sitting on a table with Isaac and a few girl's I grad Nick's hand and rushed over excited to meet everyone until we finally sat down and Toa started going around the table explaining who was who and what was going on about them.

Toa"ok so guys this is charlie and nick there dating um Charlie is gay but Nick is bi and guys that's:

Year:12(A levels same as nick)
Year:11(last year of high school same has Toa and Charlie and Isaac)

Toa"there coming to the trip and there going to join our group ok"

Charlie"yea no problem"

Tare"say what about you Charlie"

Charlie"well me and nick meet last year I was still 14 but I turned 15 a couple weeks ago an now I'm year 11 my last year while nick is year 12 a levels you know"

We all talked for a while until Mr,May stood at the front with some teacher from the girls school nexted to him it was strange seeing him again after the thing with Ben a couple months ago but I was fine hoping it would be ok.
We sat there listing to the teachers talk about what was going to happen and how we we're even going to get to Paris until I got bored and started to look around the room I saw many year 12 and 11 coupling up until I turned to one table seeing one girl with split dyed hair staring right at me and that's when I saw him my skin peel back as it went as pale as a ghost but there he was creeping from behind some random girl.

*whispers to one another*
Charlie"Ben and some girl not Annie"

Nick"omg that Katie"

Charlie"Katie? Who's that"

Nick"she kind of likes me and hates you after we posted about us on Instagram we went to middle school together it's nothing"

Charlie"I really wish she wouldn't stare"

I turned back to our table seeing every one smile but I could feel her eyes burning holes in to my head until Nick leand his arm over me holding me tight .He pulled me in and that's when I realized it wasn't just her burning me it was also Ben.
The meeting was quickly done and we were out side while our parents signed up for us but I noticed one thing Tori wasn't having any of it.
I walked over to her giving her a huge hug until Jack walked over with blue flower in his left hand and chocolate in his right.

Charlie "what's going on"

Tori"he's saying sorry"

Jack"I don't want to go on the trip and she did we can't leave with out one another"

Tori"I really wanted to go"

Jack"well I have something better I got my license and we can drove any where you wish to go"

Tori"omg camping in Scotland and a beach in Newcastle"

Jack"our summer baby"

Seeing there love remind me of mine but as I turned to see my boyfriend I saw that stupid girl standing there but nNick is the best and turned around leaving her with many questions spilling out but they were all answered as I ran to him falling into his arms and kissing his check I saw how she looked but I didn't care I was in my happy place.

//Hour's later//
We were back at Nick's house just chilling, watching a movie and eating some dinner, Jane rushed back off to work. It was fine for a while until Nick rushed of to the bathroom leaving me and Nellie(Nick's dog) to finish spider-man at first it wasn't my choise but that actor Tom,Holland well I don't mind anymore.
We were sat there for a bit until Nellie sat up in shock I had no idea what was going on until I saw a pale hand creep throw the door I sat up staight as Nellie went to her feet and started to growl but that pale figure didn't stop ,it carryed on moving until I could see his face he was so different from Nick, he had dark brown hair with dark tones of giner and he stood tall with bright blue eyes I wondered where he got those from as Jane was the same as Nick with golden brown eyes and bright firey hair.
I sat there silent as he just walked in no words were said until he noticed I was sat in Nick's hoodie and Nick's favorite cup in hand.

David"that's funny I mean he doesn't even let me is them"

Charlie"yes very funny oh well... So you must be this kid in the photo kissing my brother"

I was stund no words could even fall from my ears. I didn't say a ything about me and Nick as for all I knew Nick friend's, and mum only know about him.
It was painted listening to him talk about me and Nick like a shock it I didn't care I sat in silence until Nick walked but in with box of popcorn and a bag of M&M's.

Nick"what are you doing here"

David"um stupid I love here"

Nick"no ass hole why are you in my room... Leave"

David"why... Plus I'm not here for I'm here to see the kid who made Nichols,Nelson gay"

Nick"what? How did you know"

It was a moment to our self's until David pulled out the photo and that's when I felt terrible as it was the ones from the beach day we had all those times ago.
I stood up grading the stuff from Nick trying to help him calm down but it was impossible as he was raging... Like a god.
I tried standing between them but it kind of made them worse as David had more questions and Nick is very over pertective it was so hard to keep the peace between them and it got worse as soon as they started to shout.

N-leave my room now-

D-why? Oh your little fav ass can't handle me-



C-fine but I'll find a way to talk to him... Bye bye char-

N-you read my diary you dick-

I was all peace as soon as David left I sat back down and Let Nellie jump back on my lap but I could see the pain laying in Nick's face.
We sat and talked for a bit until we finally fell asleep.

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