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Love You, Daddy

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"Do...do you love me? Because if you don't...Then I'll never see you again." Ever since Everlyn Pitcher never had a father figure, and never had a boyfriend during her early teen years... She wonders if now is the time to find a lover willing to accept her... At the age of 18, surely any man would want her as his. Even if, she was raised poorly metal... Instead, she attracted the one man she couldn't have... Her high school counselor, Michael Russell...

Romance / Drama
Ángel Whitney
Age Rating:


Everlyn Pitcher •

I guess you could say, I was never pretty or ever get a boy to like me.

Because I was always alone in my anxiety and depression.

I just wish I could have a small amount of attention from a guy.

It's just that my mom would tell me stories about her and dad meeting as teenagers.

Like having a lover...falling in love...and always starting a family...

But instead of a happily ever after, my dad passed away when I was 13 years old.

After that, my mom would constantly avoid all boys in my direction.

Because she wants me to succeed in life than fall in love.

Maybe she's scared to admit that love hurts and afraid to accept that dad's gone...

"Ms. Pitcher? Are you alright?"

I nodded, sadly smiling at her.

"Well okay, also here's a note from your counselor."

"Thank you..." I whisper softly, but enough for Mrs. G to hear me thanking her.

Then I look at the note in front of me in my hands, where my counselor wrote his written words.

"Everlyn, Today after school, we're gonna have another talk about your relationship with your mom. 5pm sharp at my office. See you soon, Evie."- Mr. Russell

I blush slightly from his nickname for me.

Ever since I arrived in high school as a freshman, I was only focusing on schoolwork than talking to my classmates. Heck, I didn't even bother to smile anymore.

So, when I met my counselor, Michael Russell, during lunch.

He asked me if I was okay, but I just nodded in response.

So, he invited me over to his classroom.

Turns out, he was a counselor rather than the teacher I thought he was. Although, he did look cute, even at his age of 47 years old...

I sigh to myself as I finish realizing we have another "talk" about my relationship with my mother again.

I silently groan to myself in distress and a small amount of anger.

I just hate talking about my mom.

It's just, I don't know. We never had a good relationship after dad passed away.

She's just tiring me out telling me how I should succeed in life as a doctor.

But, maybe I don't want that future. Maybe I should focus on my dreams to become a street artist or an author...

"Hey, Everlyn!"


"How are you today?"

I shrug, but nodded "feeling good".

My code signals are literally nods and shaking my head as responses. Also, shrugs are for "idk" and hand waves for bye or hi.

Yeahhh, I literally want to scream and run out of the school's torment.

"So, we're having a party at my cousin's place. Would you like to join us?"

I shook my head furiously in denial.

"Oh, okay. Well, text me if you changed your mind. See ya."

How in the hell do I attract my classmates to invite me to their parties??

I'm basically a loner at school, not to mention unstable in mental health.

I'm gonna die here...


I don't really wear nice clothing, usually, I'll be wearing a gray sweater, a plain shirt, black sneakers with socks, and black skinny jeans.

Plus, I'm not really pretty so like why bother to have attention at school?

Maybe because of my red hair?


"Everlyn?" Someone said as I enter his room.

Mr. Russell, my school's counselor, and-

"Hello," I whisper to him, softly and wave at him. Blushing and hiding my happy smile.

He was sitting at his desk, waiting for me...

"How are ya?" He asks, pulling a chair from the table near him and putting it in front of his desk.

I shrug.

Eh, I don't know really.

Mr. Russell has never been married, and sometimes I wonder why...

"Well, have a seat. For now, we're gonna talk about your feelings." He starts, as I gently and slowly walk towards him and sat in front of this desk.

I hate feelings.

"So, let's start with your mom." He states, but I felt my anger and frustration getting the best of my thoughts.

I shook my head, refusing to talk about it again.

"Okay, well what would you like to do?" He says, softly changing the subject.

"Kisses." I softly answered.

"Sweetheart, you know we can only kiss after school." He says, but I whisper slightly from the rejection.

"One kiss?" I ask, looking at him with my teary eyes.

Mr. Russell looks at me with doubt but then nods gently as if holding back his struggle to kiss me.

"Okay sweetheart." He murmurs, admitting he wants me as his.

He gets up from his chair and stepped toward me, and then gently laid his hand on my cheek softly, staring adored at my brown eyes.

Mr. Russell leans in gently as my eyelids flutter down to close.

Then his arms wrapped around me, pulling me closer to him, and I hold him back with my hands on his chest.

My small body was tightly pulled into his hard chest and feeling his hard groin.

He kisses me gently at first, but I wanted our kiss to go deeper.

So I grip his shoulders, as he starts kissing me with his tongue as it thrusts inside my warm mouth.

I moan in satisfaction, wanting his hands on my skin and being pulled under him on his desk.

But, he pulls away looking at me with concern.

"We gotta stop sweetheart, or else we both get in trouble."

I whimper and nodded.

He kisses my forehead and smiles softly at me.

"Until the afternoon, sweetheart." He says, still holding me close to him.

"Okay, daddy."
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