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Stolen chocolate box

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Kim is an actress and an influencer. She is a sweetheart to everyone around.She never lets her fame gets in her head.Then one day her favorite chocolate box is exchanged. The culprit turns out to be her newly moved neighbors. It started with a stolen chocolate box which leads to stolen hearts.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

She woke up, stretched her arms and yawn. She turned her head in search of her phone. Eyes catching the mauve with glitter covered phone case, she picked it up. Having turned it on she went to her v-live - eager to greet her fans. The live was on and 20k people were watching since this was their usual routine. Placing her head back on the pillow after washing her face - not wanting to scare off her fans - she angled her face not too far from the camera but not too close either.
Smiling she sang," bongola bongo chacha" after which she laughed.
"Good morning guys" she chirped.
"there's our ball of sunshine 😘" she read the comment and laughed.
"you are the only best thing about mornings" she continued reading and replied to some of the comment.
After some time she said,"gotta go, see you guys soon. I have a surprise for y'all. Eat healthy and exercise when u can. love y'all muah."
Remembering her manager nagging her on not being late she hurriedly went to the bathroom to get ready for the photoshoot.

She had on a yellow floral bare shoulder dress paired with a golden dance shoes which had stiletto heels. She removed her phone from her denim purse to check the time as she entered the 'Rising Star Entertainment Industry' building.After greeting, signing autographs and taking pictures with many she finally reached the elevator in which she pressed some few buttons to get to her manager.
Reaching the 10th floor she got out of the elevator. Just when she was about to call and ask where her manager was, she heard, "there you are, Kim.". At the sound of the voice she turned to her manager who had a slight smile on her face.
Lily Tanner was a middle aged woman who had a blonde hair. A little chubby but with curves. She was wearing a white sleeve shirt which had a floral design in front with a high waisted jeans and a white Nike shoes. Even for causal but business she looked like the sophisticated woman she was.
The first meeting between Kim and Lilly — as she allowed her to call her that — Kim thought she was one of those mean managers in movies with her stern face but once you get to know her, well she's still a little strict when need be but a softie to those close. She was the type to give tough love instead of sugar coated words. To Kim, Lilly was like an auntie figure in her life — since her mom doted on her dearly.
Kim smiled back cheerfully at her.
"I thought I had to turn this building upsidedown to find you." she said with a pout
"Drama queen. By the way you look beautiful dear."
Kim smiled brightly at the compliment.
"the dress is working it's charm".she replied.
"nope, I think it's the model".
Placing her hand on Kim's shoulder, she guided her to her to where the dressing room to get ready for the main event.
Kim was asked to change into the brand clothes for the photoshoot. She had changed into a black long sleeve, double breasted plated dress that stopped at her mid thigh . She had her long blackish brown hair down in a waterfall braid style. Silver diamond earrings were on display. She finished the look with a knee-length black boots.
"Are you done?". Lily entered the room to check on her client. She looked at how the black dress compliment her olive skin and how her hair do has left her face on display for her beauty to hit full time. Lilly internally patted her self on the back for founding this jem a few years back.
"okay you're ready, let's go." Lilly smiled at her.
Kim grinned back and followed her.
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