After Shattered

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Four months down the line, the Terrible Two were making life no easier for Terrence. Despite the fact that they were in an official relationship, Yvonne wasn’t giving him any preferential treatment at Paxell. Mike was over the moon about the prospect of being a father and had grounded Flora, altogether willing to pay for the expense of keeping her home until the baby was born.

“You better be,” Flora warned, happy enough to have a ring on her finger and a good man. “By the time the baby is born, I will be too fat to fly the skies. I’d be bumping into the passengers every way I turn.”

Still, he was reluctant to call it love, although the two people closest him, Yvonne and her man Terry, both said he was ‘whipped’ oh so completely.

Terry was going through what he commonly called an hour of horror as Yvonne walked into his office only to pass him by with a brief ‘hi sweetie’, while making her way to Mike’s office where she stayed for a good fifteen to twenty minutes before returning with a ‘mwah’. Another half hour later, Mike would be heading to Yvonne’s office with a humorous ‘hi sweetie’ in his direction.

“If I didn’t know you were due to marry Flora, I’d be seriously alarmed, man.”

Mike just sent him air kisses and stepped in to Yvonne’s work space.

That night, at the bar, Terry complained again. Jean-Luc laughed. “Her man might be you, but they’re the Terrible Two.”

“Must everything rhyme?” he protested.

“Yes,” Yvonne kissed him apologetically. “As much as I love you-”

“We’re the Terrible Two,” Mike finished with a guffaw.

Terrence smiled and the others at the table laughed good-naturedly.

Later on that same week, Yvonne thought Mike was being terrible all on his own. In a single hour, he managed to enter her office six different times with documents for her to sign or read.

“Where was this the last five times you came in?” she finally growled.

Mike cackled. “In Terrence’s office.”

“Thanks a lot Terrence,” she shouted as he walked past the door. He stopped and blew her a kiss.

She resisted the urge to flip him the bird or stick out her tongue. Mike exited once more.

It was twenty minutes before she heard his voice again. He began mockingly, “Hi sweetie.”

Yvonne smiled now because she knew Mike was just pushing her buttons, but she didn’t even look up. “What is it now?”

“Terrence asked me ever so nicely to ask you to look this over and tell him what you think.”

She looked up, expecting a sheaf of papers.

Instead she found herself staring at a velvet box. She took it, still expecting a classic Michael Zimmerman prank.

She found a gold and emerald ring, frosted with diamonds. “Stop playing, Mike.”

“I’m not, I swear,” he said, obviously enjoying the moment.

“Quit f-ing with me, I’m serious.”

Then her phone rang. “Hello?”

It was Terrence. “Are you going to marry me or not, baby?”

Forgetting Mike and the ring, she ran to Terrence’s office barefoot.


“Super.” He walked toward her, where she stood with shining eyes in the doorway.

Mike was right behind her. “Congratulations. Here’s the ring-”

Yvonne reached for it, her other hand already curled around Terry’s neck. At the same time, he reached back and closed the door in Mike’s face. “Thanks, dude.”

With a ring on her finger and Terry’s arms around her, Yvonne couldn’t think of anything more perfect than that.

“I love you,” she said softly.

He grinned. “I know. And you know what?”


“Now Kendo won’t sound like a confused child when he calls me daddy.”

Yvonne laughed and figured everything had worked out better than she thought it possibly could.


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