The Shifting Beast's Revenge

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This is the second book to The Unwanted Mate!

Romance / Fantasy
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The rain will showers us in its delight, the sun will shine on us until we are bright.

Don't worry my mate, it will be alright. For I am here, and I'll never go anywhere.


In the last two years I’ve been waiting for a sign, a noise, a heart beat, something that told me that my mate was still alive. Something that would help me escape from this reality of hell that I was living in. Everyday her face haunted my dreams, every dream I relived her death. And when we finally put her coffin over the open fire, I finally received my sign. I had jumped into the blue fire and allowed the flames to lick my skin as I pulled the solid wood coffin off of the branches. It easily gave out and fell towards the pack that was standing behind me. My Alpha held disappointment in his eyes as he looked down at me.

Tonight, I was supposed to say goodbye to my mate and become Alpha of the Blood Moon pack. Tonight, I was supposed to make peace with my beautiful Lania’s death. But, here I was pulling her coffin out of the flames. My soon to be beta John quickly grabbed my right arm and pulled me back, while my daughter’s mate and my best friend grabbed my left. My pack looked at me as if I was weak, but I knew better. “She’s alive!” I screamed loudly as I pushed my hand towards the still coffin. The smell of decay and burnt wood filled everybody’s senses as they took a step back.

“Clay, Robert, help me.” The Alpha said.

My mate had been through hell and back. Her father was an evil werewolf and her mother was a witch. No one would have expected their child to be a shape shifter. Their beautiful daughter had mastered how to half shift and had taken down the men she deemed evil. But, because she used her half shift so much she knew she would die if she did it again.

But, to save the Alpha of this very pack she accepted her fate. She died in my arms by the hands of her father’s pack. The Erlin’s pack has been tormenting us long enough, and since they took my mate’s life I was ready to attack. But, still I was held at bay. The same way I was being held at this very moment. But, I knew she wasn’t gone. And I was ready to fight to prove that fact.

“NO!” I screamed as I pulled Zack and John off of me, but all too quickly they tackled me back down.

“Charlie!” Amelia shouted as she rushed towards me. Her eyes were filled with utter shock as she lifted my head off of the grass, “Charlie, you need to-”

“Amelia, she’s alive!” I screamed and squirmed against John and Zack, “Your mother is still alive!” I screamed loudly.

“Charlie I don’t want to hurt you, damn it stay still!” John said as his hand fell against the middle of my back.

From the corner of my eyes I watched as the two men threw the coffin back in and instantly I screamed. A scream filled with agony as I pushed against the ground and the men that held me down. Slowly I could feel the fire licking against my skin just once more. I shook my head, this couldn’t be happening. Something deep inside of me shifted as the strength I never had before appeared. The two men cursed under their breath as I threw them away.

Amelia quickly went to aid Zack as Alyssa, John’s brand new mate rushed towards him. Her eyes shifted to a brighter blue as she growled towards me. I growled back, but this growl was deeper and with more authority. The pack stared at me with wide eyes as I stood taller than before and let out another growl. Quickly their heads bowed as I turned around towards the fire. My hands reached for the coffin, but this time I was pushed back by a rush of air.

The rush was powerful, and surprisingly it flew me back on the ground. I wasn’t expecting the force or the movement. The coffin opened and my heart stopped beating as a hand touched the side. Around me I could hear cries and gasps. Lania slowly lifted her body as she turned to look at me. Her heartbeat was rushing, the healthiest heart beat I ever heard. Her skin glowed in a way I’ve never seen before. She slowly twisted in the coffin and allowed her bare feet to touch the burning logs, she didn’t flinch or wince as she walked through the blue fire and stepped out on the cool grass. Her eyes were always green and blue, but now only a bright green filled them. The hazel color was gone, except for the gold around her iris.

Her hips swayed as a breeze pushed her back. Her beauty was enticing, it was almost too much as she kept her stare on me. The black dress she was wearing seemed to fly behind her as she walked towards me. I don’t understand how, but her body seemed to gain weight, her face was full. Her plump lips separated as her nostril flared. She was smelling me, her thick long eyelashes then shut. Quickly I stood up, “Lania.” I said breathless. Her eyes opened back and took a breath, finally she was back.

“Charlie!” Her voice cried.

My arms opened as she rushed into my body. Her arms tightly wrapped around me as her face fell in the middle of my chest. Her body tensed for a moment, but I couldn’t focus on that, my mind was rushing around. The scars on her body were gone. Along with the tail, the talons, and the ripped out chunks of muscles on her back. Everything seemed to fade except my bite mark, where I had claimed her. Tears fell down my eyes as I wrapped an arm around her head. Her hair was always black, but now I could see a light brown, almost the color of wood was highlighting around the waves of her hair. Her hair looked healthy as it fell in large waves to frame her body, the ends resting against her hips. She looked up to me as her lips fell against mine. I wrapped my arms around her lower back as I pulled her closer to me. I could feel the confusion of my pack behind me as I crushed my lips against Lania, her breath was warm, and her lips were filled with life. She was back. ’Mate.’ My wolf softly cried as we held her close to us.

“Mate.” Lania’s voice cried. She slowly looked up to me. “I heard you.”

“I can hear you as well.”

“And we can hear both of you.” John said.

Slowly I looked around to my pack who stared wide eyed at Lania. She gasped loudly as she looked at Alpha Sean. Without wasting another second she rushed away from me and then moved towards him. Her arms wrapped around his neck. He quickly obeyed as he hugged Lania back. His arms held her closer to his body as he tried to wipe away the confused look off of his face, “You look like you’ve gotten older.” She chuckled in his ear and pulled back to touch his chest, “What happened, are you okay?” She asked and chuckled, “It’s only been a few days and you were ready to burn me?” She asked as she then looked at Alyssa. Alyssa’s face was filled with pure shock, along with Kylie as they stared at my beautiful mate’s transformation.

“My love.” I said and offered my hand. She quickly came back to my side and looked up to me, “It’s been two years.”

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