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Chasing Dreams

By Angela Gray All Rights Reserved ©



Jolie Storms was tired of fighting with her family and friends to leave her alone. After a traumatic event nearly left her dead, she no longer wanted to be famous; being a professional singer was now the furthest thing from her mind. She would just be happy to have a simple job with a simple life. After meeting Hunter Damon Rose she was certain he was who she would settle with and live out the life she now wanted. Hunter Damon Rose had his life mapped out, graduate college, save up his money and open his architect firm with his partner. Even being a part of a motorcycle club wasn't getting in the way of his dreams. Now, everything he worked for was just around the corner and then she came into his life. From the second he met Jolie, he knew she was special. Not just to him, but to the world. Not only does she have the purest vocals he had ever heard, she was also so natural with crowds. People flocked to have just a glimpse of her otherworldly beauty and voice. He wanted nothing but to forget his dreams and follow her through her stardom. But, how could he be meant for her. Sure, her old man was president of his MC, but an angel like her deserved better.


All she could see was darkness, and the cold that touched her, seeped right through to her bones, but at least the pain was fading. Her heart was no longer pounding like it was earlier and her breaths were coming shorter now, even though the fear and panic remained. The same panic that started when she figured out that she wasn’t ever going home. That she would never see the light again. God, she was cold. If she wasn’t so cold maybe she could sleep.

She wished she was home in her warm bed. A bed she would never be warm in again.

She never should have gone with him. Her parents warned her she was too young for him. She should have listened to them. But she was certain he meant every word he said. Everybody loved her, why wouldn’t he?

“Over there Lou, it looks like a body,” she heard faintly from the distance.

They were so loud, she wished they would be quiet so she could sleep. What were they doing out this early anyways? The sun was barely rising in the sky.

She heard some splashing, then some stomping, then she felt some someone pulling her blankets from her. Wait she didn’t have blankets. It was something else she was wrapped in.

“My god, she still has a pulse.” The man said.

Sleep finally consumed her.

When she awoke this time, she was being wheeled fast through a bright hallway.

At some point in consciousness, she promised herself to never sing again. If she could sleep in her warm bed again, she would never get back on that stage. It just wasn’t worth it. Nothing was worth this pain.

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