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The Beta That's Worst

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Saber Raphael is a normal female in the pack. she has few friends and is not a social bird. she lives with her parents since they are worried that since she is twenty five and unmated she will feel lonely in a house all alone. Littel did miss saber know she wouldnt be unmated for long but her mating would not be like anything shes witnessed.

Romance / Fantasy
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The one thing that every werewolf long for.
Crave for.
And was made for.
Living in a pack with nearly eight hundred wolves, there's still a slim chance of your mate being from that same pack.
Nonetheless, you wont ever give up on finding them, cause they're the missing piece to your soul.
The moon Goddess created us in a special way. At the age of twenty, which is the age when a young wolf has matured, you start to feel your mate or you tend to crave the other half of you. Matings are not all the same. Some people receive their mates at a young age, where others have to wait a long period of time before they're blessed with their soulmate.
As much as it is frowned upon to lose your innocence to a wolf who is not your mate, some wolves find that the waiting period is to long and so they entertain relationships with others. In turn when you find your mate, he or she won't be happy but will come to understand later on.
Hosting balls and cookouts and parties are also a good way for the unmated to find their mates. After finding your mate some people tend to take it slow before going through with the whole mating process while others prefer to seal the deal right away. Having kids right after finding your mate is not surprising since wolves are very sexual creatures. Getting impregnated by a wolf that is not your mate is not something which often happens but it can happen.
As for me, i'm still mateless and just waiting to experience the love and joy of having a mate.
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