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Mated to a Demigod

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As the Ashwoods and Alosies travel to South Korea for the internal Werewolf Council, their lives are turned upside down when James Ashwood finds his fated mate, An Jieun. She is no ordinary Wolf half of her is not a wolf or a human but a nine-tailed fox god. Will An Jieun be able to accept her wolf side and become the future Luna the Ashwood pack needs? What does her Demigod existence mean for werewolves and supernatural beings? Can James protect his mate from outside forces? Can he finally accept his birthright as the next Alpha and Alpha Council Chairman?

Romance / Fantasy
Jessica Bailey
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Kiss of Death

Chapter 1: Kiss of Death

An Jieun

“Ugh. Another one is coming.” I smelled the distinct scent of a dirty dog approaching my cabin.

“Maybe we can convince them to leave this time?” Kwan, my wolf, was too optimistic. These pests kept coming. I roll my eyes and don’t answer her. Honestly, it was annoying to share a being with her most days.

I sat down at the table to drink the tea I had just prepared and waited for the door to open. It wasn’t this bad before, but now that I’m 18, some of the unmated males of the pack come to find out if I’m their mate. Of course, I’m not. Why would the goddess give a half-breed like me a fated mate? I have a wolf, but unlike my father, I do not have a human side; my over half is Gumiho, a nine-tailed fox god. Well, depending on who you ask, they might say that a Gumiho is a demoness, not a goddess.

“An Jieun, I think you are my mate. I’m coming in.” My door opens, and a giant male steps over the threshold.

I click my tongue when I see he doesn’t take off his shoes. How rude. The smell of dirty dog fills my home, and I groan inwardly because it will take hours to air out. Well, I guess I should get this over quickly—no sense in prolonging it.

“Oppa, you found me! I’ve been waiting for you.” I give my intruder a sweet and innocent smile. “Come and sit with me. I’ll pour you some tea.”

The burly young male stumbles over and sits on the cushion next to me. He takes no time at all in trying to bury his nose in my neck. I feel my blood boiling with the invasion of my personal space. He starts grabbing and grouping at me, and I feel vomit rising in my throat. Telling them to stop or getaway never works. They just get mad and become more forceful. They go crazy thinking their fated mate will reject them.

“You smell like cherry blossoms.” He hums out. The cherry blossom scent is part of my Gumiho side.

I stopped being scared when this happened now. I used to try and fight them off, but I found it was easier to soothe them before ending it. This one is worst than the others. He hasn’t even told me his name, and he rushed in here without taking off his shoes. Then he tries to take my body.

I settle my stomach. I honestly hate this part, and he smells worse than the others. I take a last deep breath out. “Oppa, aren’t you going to kiss me?”

“I’ll kiss you every day for the rest of your life.” He shoves his lips to mine. So rough and unpleasant.

I waste no time. I open my mouth slightly and start breathing in. He tries to pull away, but this is the only time I’m stronger. I grab the back of his head, forcing him in place. He is strong and could have been ranked. A valuable life to increase my internal yeo woo guseul or fox marble. The strong ones always smell and taste bad, but they give me more power. They have a more vital life force. He struggles to breathe, and soon his arms go limp, and I am holding him up by his hair until there is nothing left. His body falls limp to the floor, lifeless.

I wipe my mouth with a napkin and sip my tea. Now I just have to wait for my father to show up to take care of the body. It won’t take long. I stand up and start by opening the windows to air out the smell. I grabbed the broom and cleaned up the floor since he didn’t even take off his shoes. I guess he was never housebroken.

“You shouldn’t have done that.” Kwan started fussing again.

“What should I let him rape me? You aren’t strong enough to fight them off? I’m only strong once I have them locked in a kiss.” She should be loyal to me, not this pack which we are a prisoner of, not its princess.

“The Alpha would have stopped him,” Kwan whined.

“My father! Please, he would have barely reprimanded him. Also, how would he have stopped him? He’s not here, is he? I can’t link with him. You’re just as dumb as the rest of them.” Blind faith in an Alpha and father who have never shown affection for me is ridiculous.

“We could join the pack?” Kwan’s stupidity was getting on my nerves.

“Never! You know what they did to mother and what that scum has done to me. Locking me up like I’m the worst kind of evil. Maybe I am because one; I will have my revenge.” I growl back at her.

Then I caught the familiar scent; I would know that dirty dog smell anywhere. It’s my father. Ah, what’s that? Oh, my little brother, Han Yong-rae, is with him. Well, this will be interesting.

“An Jieun! What did you do? I told you to stop killing my pack!” Father burst through the door with my brother close behind him.

“Well, hello, father and little brother. Thank you for coming to take out the trash that’s lying on my floor.” I smile sweetly and point to the corpse.

“I told you not to kill any more of my pack.” Father scowls. Little brother bends over the body on the floor.

“Tell your pack not to come here. This is the 5th one in the last two months. Do they all have a death wish, or are they just as stupid as you, father?” Father raises his hand to hit me. I just smile. “Please, do I enjoy seeing you inflict pain on yourself.”

With my mother’s dying breath, she cursed my father. Any harm that comes to me, he feels tenfold. If I die, he dies too. I hated him and hated being tied to him, but the pure agony of this Alpha not having the control he wanted was exhilarating. He lowered his hand and just glared at me. Seeing the disdain in his eyes made me giggle because the feeling was mutual.

“Yong-rae, get the body we need to make it look like a rogue attack.” Father never takes his eyes off me. He pulls something out of his pocket and throws it on the ground in front of me. “Put it on.”

“No.” I look down to see what he’s tossed at my feet. It’s an ankle tracker.

“Do as you are told.” He growls.

“You already have me locked away in this shack. Now you want me to wear this? No.” I kick the ankle tracker at him. When I do something in, him snaps.

“Yong-rae, hold Jieun down.” He yelled out. My brother came back inside from dragging the body out.

“Don’t touch me. You harm me, and you’ll feel it too.” I scream out, but they are backing me into a corner.

Yong-rae grabs me and quickly locks my arm behind my back. He whispers in my ear, “Unnie, don’t fight it. It’s almost over.” He was right. No matter how much I fought, the tracker was going on.

That didn’t mean I wouldn’t make it as difficult as possible. I aimed for my father’s face and landed a heel on his jaw before he grabbed my leg and tucked it under his arm. I soon feel the cold metal and plastic tighten on my skin. They drop me once it’s on, and I crumple to the floor.

“AAAAHHHHHH!” I scream just to scream.

“Yong-rae and I will be away from the pack for a few days. You won’t leave this cabin until I get back. No one will come here. I’ll make sure of that.” He huffs and turns to leave.

“You can’t do this to me. I’m your daughter!” I scream and throw a teacup at the back of his head.

“You are a mistake I have to live with the rest of my life. A monster I can never let loose on the world.” He didn’t even turn around and say it to my face. The door slams shut behind them.

If you think you can control me anymore, you are mistaken. Leave, I won’t be here when you get back.

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