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The Nice Girl

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Having a curly short black hair does not help Everleigh Alexander to get through her high school without bullying but her attitude sure did .What will happen when she meets Maverick Johnathan the school's badboy hunk? hey guys if you guys are looking for a good girl falls for badboy kinda story this one is for you . I bet this story will keep you entertained. I will try to upload the story once every week. Hope you guys like it.

Romance / Humor
Sarah Erutan
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First day

Hey guys this is Sam the author. This is my first time writing my own story which is not a fanfiction. I like to keep the clićhe scenes out as much as possible but please cut me some slack if you see a few thrown here and there. Please enjoy my story and comment down your thoughts.

Hey guys it's not edited so if you guys find any mistakes please forgive this author. I shall edit it when I feel like it hehehe


June 3rd , the first day of Everleigh Alexander a.k.a Eve's high school. Lincoln high school is a public school situated in North Pasadena . The day started with her phone's alarm blasting her ear with her once favorite song which turned into a nightmare just by making it an alarm sound . And that is the reason why ladies and gentlemen, you should never put your favorite song as your alarm sound. You would hate the song 🎵 🙄 I mean literally! While turning of her phone groaning and rubbing her eyes Eve pushed herself out of her king sized bed into her bathroom. She done her daily routine and jumped to the shower. She did not want to go to her first day of high-school without a shower, with her looks itself she got plenty of name calling from her classmates and others and she did not want any name with smelly to stick to her. She wore an oversized black t-shirt with mom jeans took her bag not forgetting to apply her vanilla smelling perfume. Everleigh did not smelled bad but she certainly did not smell like flower blossoms or spring so she constantly used perfumes or cologne to atleast try to smell nice.

She jumped through the steps and went to the kitchen to make herself a nice breakfast. Her dad was probably up and doing some workout while her mom was still sleeping. Her mom Amelia Alexander a.k.a Amy worked as a cop and had a night duty the previous day while her dad Alan Alexander is a general surgeon both were busy so Eve always took care of herself and her two younger siblings Ellilah a.k.a lilly and Elliott a.k.a Leo the twins .
Everleigh went to the twins room and wake them up ." Hey, sleeping beauty and the devil. It's time to wake up" . They both got up and asked whom she was referring as the devil to which Eve just showed a smirk and made her way to the kitchen. It was some kind of psychology trick that Everleigh used on her sisters to wake them up and it worked without fail everything leaving Ellilah and Elliott in a constant argument of who the sleeping beauty and who the devil was. Lilly and Leo was taken to their middle school by their sister Eve. As Eve finished setting up the table the twins sat at the chair with a frown on their face clearly upset at Eve for not clarifying whom among them was the devil. "Works like a charm every single time" Eve muttered to herself grinning and helped herself to another bowl of cereal and milk. After the three of them finished their breakfast and telling their dad that they were off to school , they all walked towards Eve's car . Eve sat on the driver's seat while both of the twins sat on the back seat , an agreement that they all took to cut the fight for the passenger seat everyday.

After dropping Lilly and Leo to their school Everleigh paced up to her high school. She did not want to be late nor did she want any unwanted attention from anyone. After parking her car near the faraway tree which definitely was not the best parking spot but always had a spot to park there were also shade by the tree branch if you neglect the occasional bird poop and fallen leaves 🍂 it was not that bad of a parking place .
(Sam/author: ofcourse girl way to be positive. The bird poop is easy to clean and the fallen leaves are no biggie . People definitely won't stare at you trying to get rid of them by frantically moving your hands through the car - sense the sarcasm guys)
Yeah definitely not the best!
(Sam/author : *scoff * you think?).

Gradually taking her steps Everleigh entered her high school. "First day here I come" . She went to her locker and placed all her books there and took her schedule to confirm her class and went to the dean's office to get the leaflet of where the scheduled class will be. After thanking the dean she went to her classroom.The students have not arrived yet as there was 10 more minutes till the bell rang. Eve sat in the farthest bench from the teacher in the extreme back. Everleigh did not want any unwanted attention especially from the teachers and especially in her first day. After the bell the students started to walk in like swarm of bees and seated to the seats they like. An excited kid who looked nothing less than a model came near the back bench next to Everleigh. Everleigh was hoping she can be friends with this beautiful goddess like girl. But she had other things planned the girl asked Everleigh to move to somewhere else because it was apparently her and her boyfriends assigned seat. Everleigh did not want any drama so she just went and sat in the next free place available which was just to the front of the girl who literally took her seat. Eve just sighed and sat in the empty seat next to a red haired girl. Even though she wasn't as gorgeous as that beauty goddess who literally took her seat away from her she was damn fine . Her deep green eyes complemented her red hair which was tied to a ponytail. When Everleigh sat next to the red hair she faced Eve with a warm smile and complemented her dress. Eve was beyond shock , it was the first time that anyone had ever complemented her other than Cameron she couldn't hide the blush that formed in her cheek. She then heard the red haired chuckle and say "wow zee you blush real quick." Which only increased the redness in Everleigh's cheeks . " Hey, I am Scarlett Anderson. Nice to meet ya benchmate " the red haired said with her signature warm smile. "E...Eve... I mean Everleigh.. Everleigh Alexander. " shuttered Eve mentally face slapping herself. Scarlett let out another chuckle which made Eve's face so red that it almost became purple. " Hey, I think we are gonna get together just fine . " Scarlett said with a small smile and grabbed the book and pencil case from her bag. " oh ! and don't mind Sandra , she is technically a bitch" Scarlett whispered pointing towards the back not letting anyone else hear her other than Eve. Eve nodded and smiled while the teacher entered the class and the class went instantly quiet .

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