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Don't Let Her Fool You

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I had just gotten back to the club from a run. I had been gone for one month. My name is Gene, but they call me, Danger. I am the president of the Wild Rider MC. My brother Page is my VP, and my cousin, Dog is my enforcer. As I pulled into the compound, I turned my bike off and looked across the street. "So, they sold the house. "Sure did, two women bought it., they also bought the property behind the house clear to the woods." Seems like one of them is into racing and derbies." "I think they are sisters. One that is into racing and derbies seems much more quite than the other. We looked back over and notice that two women were walking to a race car. The one with her hair on her head climbed into the car and started it. She climbed out and did something to the motor and started it again. Now it was running smooth. I looked at Shawn and grinned. "I know you want to, go ahead and take it through the field." We watched at the other one clapped her hands, climbed into the car and headed out behind the house. We walked over to the house, and she turned so fast I caught her leg in my hand. "Hey, we came over to introduce ourselves does not me for us to get kicked in the head." I stood there glaring into his eyes. "Let go of my leg." I slowly let go of her and told her my name and my brother's. "Ok, you introduced yourselves you can leave know.

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Chapter 1: Shawn and Luna Look for a house

I was laying on the hospital bed with my laptop across my lap. I knew we had to leave. If I stayed here, he would eventually kill me. I can't take another beating like this last one. Shawn and I were the only ones left here in Florida. We decided to move to Kentucky. I found three houses that looked good, but only one of them is just outside town.

I liked the fact it had 10 acres. We can drive the race and derby cars up and down the field. We want that room and a three-bedroom two-story house.

We want no neighbors if we can help it. We don't want to be around a lot of men. Not after what we both went through. The abuse, the rapes, the beatings. No thank you.

I looked up as the door opened and Shawn walked in. "How are you feeling, Luna?"

"I am feeling much better. But I was thinking. We need to get out of this state. We need to find somewhere as far away from here as we can get."

"What are you thinking, where are you thinking?"

"Here, look at this. I found three houses in Kentucky. See which one you Like, and I will show you the one I like."

I smiled and looked up at her. "That is the one I like as well."

"Why don't you go see, Jim and ask him to sale our house fast, for as much money as you can get."

I watched Shawn walk out the door. Jim is like a brother to me. He is going to hunt that bastard down and make him pay for what he has done."

When I get out of here, I just want to leave and never look back. I don't want to feel pain anymore. Mental, physical, or sexual. It is better off living single. Being under a man's thumb is something I never want to be again.

I hate them. I hate all of them. Every man on the face of this earth is not to be trusted. They enjoy hurting women. Forcing them to do things they do not want to do.

The doctor came in and told me I could leave. I signed the papers and walked over to the closet and grabbed my clothes. I can't wear these. They are covered with my blood. I looked up and I saw Shawn with a sack. I smiled as opened it. After I dressed, I was made to sit in a wheelchair.

Once outside I was helped into Shawn's mustang. She drove to a motel where she helped me inside. "We are to wait here for Jim. He and some of the men are coming to ride with us to his clubhouse."

Soon we heard the bikes. I looked over at the door from the side of the bed. As Jim walked in, he walked over and kissed my forehead. "I will find him. Don't worry about that."

I looked at him and saw a very good-looking man standing behind Jim. I looked down and saw his name was New Yorker and he is a VP.

"Jim please tell me that Knife is alright?"

"Knife is fine. He has become President of his dad's clubhouse."

"This is my new VP, New Yorker."

He reached his hand out to shake my hand. "No, don't touch me."

"I'm sorry, it is not you. I just don't like to be touched. Accept by Jim. He is like my brother."

"I forgot to tell you about that, New Yorker. She has gone through enough shit she should be dead. I am surprised he has not killed her yet."

"Jim, I want to talk to you about something, but right now I can't keep my eyes open."

We all watched as she fell into a deep sleep. I moved the blankets off her and lifted her in my arms. I saw a member looking at her legs. "Eyes off my sister before I rip them out of you."

I carried her to the van and watched New Yorker open the doors. I gently lay her down and watched Shawn open her car door. I turned back around and walked toward my bike.

"Listen up. We are transporting two of the most important people in my life. We will kill any fucker that tries to stop us or take them. Got it!"

"We understand boss."

"Then let's ride."

I did not wake up until the next morning. I did not see the anger in many of Jim's members when they saw what he did this time. There will be no more chances for that bastard. Right there they decided it was time he pay.

I didn't feel the soft bed beneath me. It is the first time that Shawn and I ever stepped one foot inside this clubhouse. We were safe. They would not hurt us. They never would have. But they had their orders. We could stay outside and when we got what we wanted we had to leave.

I kissed her before walking out and shutting the door. I saw two guards at the door when I turned around. "Let me guess, New Yorker?"

"Jim if he really thinks any one of us would hurt those two, he is out of his god-forsaken mind. We would never put one hand on those two. We have known them for a long time."

"Granted they couldn't come inside, but we have all been outside when they would come. So, he can shove it up his ass. We would hurt him first."

"We will do as ordered."

I walked over to the VIP table where; Shawn was sitting at one end and New Yorker on the other. I sat down on my chair and looked at both of them. Shit, what has he done now?"

"Shawn, you look like you are about to kill my VP."

"Your VP doesn't know shit about my sister. He thinks because she didn't shake his hand that she is better than him. That is not true." "Right behind Shawn she heard; "I can testify to that. She doesn't care what color your skin is. I should know. She introduced me to Jim when I had nowhere to go and no one to turn to."

"Johnny," Shawn yelled. We all watched as Shawn jumped up and hugged him."

"It is so good to see you. I have not seen you in what? 5 years?"

I sat and glared at the man she called Johnny. She let him touch her. "This is my adopted cousin, Johnny. Johnny this is Jim, he is my adopted brother, that is his new VP, New Yorker, and of course, you know the enforcer already."

"How have you been brother? Johnny asked."

"Johnny is your brother, New Yorker asked Norman."

"Yes, my parents adopted him when he was 12. They raised Johnny from the age of 2 to however old he is now."

"Shut up Norman. Stop being a smart ass."

"I don't see your ass doing any tricks. Norman."

"I just might surprise you, brother."

"I have no doubt about that. Now, what the hell are you doing here?"

"I am looking for a man. A man, I intend on killing."

"This is about, Luna, isn't it, Johnny?"

"Who else would it be about? Do you know of any other cousins that got the hell beat out of them?"

"I don't."

"So, where is Luna at?"

"Her bedroom."

I turned and walked toward the hallway and down to her bedroom. I was stopped at her door. "If the two of you do not move, I will move you."

"We can't let you in. We don't know you."

"I am, Luna's adopted cousin. Norman's adopted brother."

I was leaning against the wall watching them. "Let him in. Everything he said is the truth."

I opened the door and walked over to the bed. I sat down next to Luna. "Baby girl. Johnny is here, I will make sure that bastard pays."

"Johnny, he hurt me really bad this time."

"I know, baby girl."

I watched as he kicked his boots off and climbed onto the bed. She lay her head on his chest. "I should have listened to you, Johnny. I wish I had. I'm sorry."

"Baby girl, you have nothing to be sorry about. It was not your fault. It was his. He was a really good con artist. He had a lot of us fooled. But I have his number now. That son of a bitch is dead when I catch him."

"Johnny, Shawn, and I can't stay here. We found a place in Kentucky. Jim is going to ride down there with Shawn to check it out."

"Good, that way he will know what security system you need."

"Johnny, where have you been? We missed you."

"I was in Indiana for club business. I heard you had been in the hospital and why. I told them I had other business more pressing that had to be dealt with. So here I am."

"Now, you go back to sleep. I will stay right here until you wake up again."

"Can you give me a pain pill? They are on the dresser. After taking one of the pills, I lay down. I love you, Johnny. You always kept Shawn and me safe."

"I will always keep my little cousins safe. You know that. And I am not the only one. You are the only two women in the family. We boys refuse to let anything happen to you."

"Johnny, I need to tell you something. You won't like it."

"What is it, Luna?"

"He did worse this time, Johnny. He let 20 of his friend's members take turns with me. I am so dirty now, Johnny. No decent man will want me now."

"You are not dirty, baby girl. You are a survivor. You will make it through this if every last one of your cousins has to hold you day and night."

I closed my eyes and fell into a deep sleep. I knew that New Yorker was leaning against that wall listening. He now knows more might be coming. And since Shawn and Luna are the only two girls in the family, we will all kill to keep them safe.

I listened to what he told her, and she told him. I got even madder hearing what really happened to her. I walked down the hallway to the table. As I sat down, I glared at her, sister.

"What crawled up your ass?"

"Still looking at her I said, Jim. She didn't tell us everything about what happened to her sister."

"What are you talking about?"

I heard Luna tell Johnny what happened. I also have a feeling more men will be landing on our front porch. "That is why I sent the whores over to the hotel to clean the rooms."

Two hours later the front door opened and about 30 very big men walked in. "Jim, where is Luna, and how badly was she hurt?"

"I am right here."

We all turned and walked toward her. Each and every one of us looked her over. We all kissed her and walked to grab tables around the VIP table. Johnny carried me over to the table and sat on a chair holding me.

I glared at the other cousins. "Don't even think about taking her from me. Not right now. I will discuss everything later."

I held her close to me. I was so angry about what that son of a bitch did to her. I wonder if his president knew what they had done. The one thing I knew for a fact was the president did not condone the rape of women.

I also knew his men would be raped if he doesn't know. I smiled and looked over at Jim. "Hold Luna, I have to make a phone call."

I walked over and sat her on Jim's lap. I walked out the door still grinning. I am going to call the Raven MC and talk to Falcon. He is the president; his best friends are his VP and Enforcer. After they hear who raped Luna, there will be hell to pay.

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