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Don't Let Her Fool You

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Chapter 2: Falcon

"Johnny, good to hear from you. How are things going?"

"Not good, Falcon. He hurt Luna really bad this time. He let 20 of your members rape her in every way they could. Then they cut their initials in her back."

"Johnny, I have known you for a long time. I can't believe my members would do that."

"You are welcome to come to Jim's clubhouse. That is where they brought her to keep her safe. And Falcon. You know I don't like being called a liar."

I hung the phone up. I knew that he would be here in two hours along with his VP, Steve, and enforcer, Bill. I threw my cigarette on the ground and walked back inside. I noticed that Luna lay sleeping in Jim's arms.

I looked at Jim and nodded my head. He knew I called Falcon and that he would be here soon. I looked across the table and saw Jim lift the back of the tee shirt she was wearing.

I saw that her whole back was covered with a really big bandage. I want to see for myself what is under there. "I can see you want to know what they did, New Yorker. They all cut their initials on her back. There are 21 of them."

"She took a whole lot of pain. And I bet they all enjoyed it. That little woman can take the pain. That has to tell you something. When I cleaned and stitched her, she didn't even whimper."

"I told her to scream that you men know about pain. She refused. She just gritted her teeth and to tell the truth, she bent the bars on the bed."

"She refused to show any pain whatsoever, But I have to tell you, they made sure and made her scream. Some of those are pretty deep. They wanted her to feel everything they did to her. To show her she is just another woman, nothing but a whore, and slut, and to be used anyway men wanted to."

"I can tell you this. She is never going to let them get away with what they did to her. I have known her for a long time. In fact, I held her after she was born."

"You are related to her too?"

"Yes, I am her uncle. Her mother's brother. I have not seen her since she was 12 years old. What I know is she will sneak behind her cousin's back and go after them one by one, until she has them all locked in a cage. Then she will get her revenge."

"That girl would have made a good president or VP's woman. But now, I can't see that happening."

I looked from her uncle to the girl laying asleep in Jim's arms. I don't understand what they all see in these two women. At first, I would agree with those men. But, what they did I would never do to a woman. Not ever.

We all looked up to see, Dee walking across the room toward, Jim. "Jim, what did he do to her now?"

"How bad did he hurt her?"

"20 of his friends raped her in every way they could. They beat her, and then they cut their initials in her back."

"Why the hell would they do that?"

"To remind her of the men that broke her."

"You are going looking for him, aren't you?"

"We didn't have far to look. They are members of Falcon's clubhouse. He is on his way here to see her back for himself."

"He better not send those fuckers away."

"She is your sister."

"And all these men are her cousins. They want their share of those bastards."

"And we will get it. Even if we have to go through Falcon to get them. Make no mistake. He has gone too far this time. This we can't let go. And we won't let go. They are all going to die."

I opened my eyes to hear a man yell, "I want proof. I want to see her back. Right now."

Jim looked down at me. "Sit up Luna. Show that son of a bitch your back."

I leaned my head against Jim as the doctor removed the bandage. Every man in here lined up to see my back. One member said. "I know that son of a bitch C.L. he is mine."

Then I heard the man that said he wanted to see my back. "I can't believe that any of my members would do this. "They have to pay for this."

"You are dam right they have to pay, Falcon. We told you they were all no good. Now, you see why we told you to get rid of them."

"Bill, Steve. I should have listened to you. I wouldn't have all of them breathing down my neck. And those bastards will be in for a shock."

"Jim, you are welcome to send some members to my club with me. I will hand every one of them over to your men."

"I will send her cousins, and two vans to get them. All of them. And Falcon. Take a good picture of their initials. That way you can show it to your members."

I want them taken to the big building on our new property. No one will hear their screams for miles. And save that bastard for me. I want them fresh, no beating on them.

Chain them into cages and watch them until we decide what to do. I looked down at Luna. I could tell she was in pain. The doc handed me a pill and I handed it to Luna. I watched as she swallowed the pill.

I want a grilled cheese sandwich and a cup of coffee, Jim. I don't think I can eat anything else. I ordered a prospect to make the sandwich and coffee for her.

The prospect can cook. I helped her turn and face the table. There was a soft pillow between her back and my chest. After she ate she leaned back moaning.

"Jim, your VP doesn't like me. I don't even know him. He doesn't want Shawn and me here."

"I am the president, not New Yorker."

I watched Luna and Shawn. I could tell she had been raped as well. But she was not as hurt as her sister, Luna. I still think that Luna is in trouble. She should have stayed away from the man that did this to her.

I don't like her. I don't want her near me. I looked up to see my brother watching me. He was grinning from ear to ear. The more I glowered at Luna. The more he grinned at me.

I stood up and walked across the room and out the front door. I lit a joint and started smoking it. The door opened and my brother, Viper walked out and lit a cigarette.

"So, you like Luna."

"No, I don't. I don't trust her. I don't want her anywhere near me."

"Why is that, New Yorker? Now you think you are better than she is?"

"I am better than she is, Viper. She is dirty. She is not someone I would take home to meet our mother and father."

"You are wrong, New Yorker. You are not better than she is. She is not dirty. And she is someone I would take home to meet our parents."

"That woman was used. Those men did things to her that no woman deserves. But of course, you wouldn't know anything about that would you now?"

"The way that I see it. She is too good for you. She knows you don't like her but she doesn't know why. I pity the woman you decide meets your requirements for a wife."

"That woman will never be the match for you like Luna would be."

"Just let it be, Viper. Who I choose for my woman is my concern, not yours."

I could not believe that my brother was acting this way. I shook my head and walked over to my table. I sat down frowning. I saw that Luna was not in the bar now. She must have been taken to her bedroom.

I also noticed several members, and her cousins were gone. I bet they went to Falcon's clubhouse to take those bastards to the new building and property the club just bought.

I soon stood up and walked out of the bar and went to my bedroom where I showered and lay in bed watching TV. I soon turned the TV off and fell asleep.

The men had been dragged out of Falcon's clubhouse and handcuffed to a bar in the Vans. Once they were going Falcon explained the proof he saw that these members raped Luna, and Sara but cut their initials on Luna's back.

I need to start doing background checks on prospects. I do not want rapists or women beaters in my clubhouse. That is not what we are about. We like women. We don't hurt them.

I thought about my woman. How I met her. How long it took me to get her to trust me? How long it took for her not to shake when I would touch her. Now she is strong. A fighter. Hard headed.

If she doesn't like you she doesn't hesitate to tell you to go to hell if she doesn't like or trust you. My woman wears scars as well. And sometimes she will have nightmares. But those have started to decrease to about once a month.

I watched as she would look at the babies. We have been together for three years and she has not become pregnant. The truth is. I don't want a kid. I changed her vitamins to birth control pills.

I also know that once the doctor does her physical and takes her blood they will find out. At that point, my woman will bring the war to the clubhouse.

She will leave me once she finds out I have lied to her about wanting kids. I will lose her trust. Recently I have caught her watching me when a Valkyrie has a newborn baby. I don't show any interest in those babies.

I looked over at my woman, Cindy and she was glaring at me. Something is not right. Falcon doesn't know that I found out today he was giving me birth control pills. The doc saw me taking one and asked to see them.

That's when he asked how long I had been taking them. When I told him 3 years he sighed. And told me what I had been taking. Now I knew why I was not getting pregnant. I couldn't believe that Falcon was giving them to me.

I also knew she was going to give me hell. What I didn't know was I was wrong. She didn't tell me she knew that I was giving her birth control. Nor would I know that the doctor changed the vitamins and they looked like birth control.

I started checking all the vitamins after a while to make sure that was what they were. I will have my baby. And it will be my husband's. My child will be the next president of this clubhouse.

I sat on the porch watching most of the time. I looked over at the empty house next door to the clubhouse. It has been empty for three years. I understand why. It is a three-story house.

The house needs a really big family to live there. Three months later I knew I was pregnant. I started looking for a three-bedroom house. With a three-car garage, and a fully furnished basement.

A house half country but close to town. I don't want it anywhere near the clubhouse. I don't want to see Falcon or talk to him. He doesn't know that I saw him come out of the motel in town.

He doesn't know I saw the window standing in the doorway or that I saw him kissing her. It's fine though. He can fuck whoever he wants.

Later that night as we sat at the VIP table where Falcon drank beer, I drank coffee. We just finished watching the new Black Panther movie when the door opened and that woman walked in.

She walked over to the table and looked at Falcon. "Falcon we need to talk."

"Say what you have to say."

"I am pregnant. You promised if I got pregnant you would divorce your wife and marry me."

I started laughing. "You are in for one hell of a shock lady. And it really is funny that his wife and his whore are pregnant at the same time."

I looked over at Cindy in shock. "That's right Falcon, tell your whore the truth. First, you don't want children. And second, you never planned on claiming her."

"And let us not forget. That since you are married that kid will never be the president of this clubhouse. And that our child will be the next president."

"Is that true Falcon? She asked him."

"It is true."

"If that is the case you will not mind if I get an abortion. I never wanted to raise a child as a single mother. And I refuse to do that."

We watched as she walked out of the door. I thought about getting an abortion myself. But, I, however, do want to be a mother.

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